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I have recently started using tarot cards and was wondering if someone could help better explain?

I have recently started using tarot cards and was wondering if someone could help better explain?
I used a 9 card layout and this is what came out.

Wheel of Fortune (reversed)
Two of Hearts
Nine of Pentacles

The Chariot
Ace of Wands (reversed)
Six of Pentacles

Ten of Wands (reversed)
Eight of Swords (reversed)
Five of Wands (reversed)

Suggestion by COSmic iNsiG NiFiCaNcE
You need to listen to what’s going on in your head.

What meaning do these cards evoke to you?

Tarot is like self psychoanalysis.

Look at the pictures. What parallels can you draw from them to your real life?

Suggestion by pappy12a
Tarot is pseudo science …doesn’t even qualify as religion

Suggestion by _MiR_
In order to help you interpret them we would need to know what the positions are. However, if you just need another source of potential definitions for each card I would recommend. learntarot.com

Good Luck. I hope this helps. 😀

tarot cards

Sometimes we are given a pack of Angel/Tarot cards as a gift, without the manual which explains the meaning of each card. Even if this is not the case it is always important to get to know the cards without the use of the manual. In this video Helen discusses a way in which you can learn to read the cards on intuition alone. Please visit Helen’s website at www.angeltouchcyprus.com and follow her on Twitter at http

Iis tarot card readings or psychic on general considered witchcraft and why to christian believers and explain?

tarot card readings

Iis tarot card readings or psychic on general considered witchcraft and why to christian believers and explain?
Esp why are peopl born with the ability to read minds or other psychic abilities. Someone who can answer with expertise pleases and thank you

Suggestion by WellTraveledProg
Not “witchcraft,” just ridiculous, proven-false nonsense.

Nobody is born with any ability to read minds, or any other “psychic abilities.” Those who claim to have such “abilities” fail every objective test ever put to them. There are no such abilities.


Suggestion by AdamKadmon
The real reason god forbids these are that they are 1) not accurate to any degree and 2) if you do believe in them you may turn to them, instead of to him!

Suggestion by ­
You’re coming to us from another language, aren’t you.

tarot card readings

How do tarot card readings work, is it just for entertainment purposes or do they provide real info?

Suggestion by i really i dont know why im like this

Suggestion by ♂No Chance Without Knuckles™
NO, Borat. You can’t pull that woman over because you want to have sex with her.

Suggestion by ‡Kali‡
A lot of people would (and will) say they are just for entertainment purposes.

I have had VERY REAL experiences with my decks…they have offered a LOT of SPECIFIC insight into my current situation. It was not a matter of “bending” the cards meanings to suit my situation either.

I could do a reading for you if you have a specific question, and you could make that judgement for yourself. 🙂 (just send me an email with the question)

tarot card readings

How does someone do tarot card readings over the phone or internet? Thank you.?
I’d really like to know what the method is if they do it without the person present, and is it accurate? Thanks.

Suggestion by T R
From my experience, the Tarot card reader asks you to think about things important to you while you select a set of numbers. The reader then pulls the corresponding cards and forms the set of predictions from them.

Is it accurate? No, Tarot is not accurate whether in person or over the internet. Like many forms of fortune-telling, Tarot produces very vague and general kinds of predictions that can be true of many people. A Tarot reading therefore is likely to produce at least a few predictions that resonate with the customer. If the customer believes that Tarot reading works, there will be a strong psychological tendency for the customer to fit his/her own personal life into the vague predictions given, making it seem as if the Tarot reader actually made accurate predictions.

So you might find that repeat Tarot customers are very adamant about the accuracy of their readings, but it’s really nothing more than the above.

Suggestion by Peter D
Tarot card readings over the phone or internets are (statistically) *exactly* as accurate as Tarot card readings done in person. Since they are little more than guessing and making purposefully vague generalizations then it doesn’t really matter if you’re in the room with the person or not.

I’m sorry, but Tarot card reading is just another way to separate the credulous from their money.

Suggestion by zachary9351
I actually tried it.The person seemed very nice.The results were generic like astrology or throwing bones.The reading could pertain to me or anyone else.My advice,try it if you want,just don’t take it seriously.

Can anyone explain these tarot cards i drew?

tarot cards

Can anyone explain these tarot cards i drew?
i have been having issues with my friends (of like 4 years) lately, i just feel like they have gotten really shallow, mean, and distant. anyways, i decided to ask the tarot cards about it. i did the past, present, and future reading. i have the psychic tarot card deck and i drew: Past-temptation (usually the devil in regular cards) Present-fertility (usually the empress), Future-harmony (usually the lovers)
what do you think that means?? can anyone decode that for me? thanks!

Suggestion by Rob
Devil means in the past you were in a pretend friendship that wasn’t what it seemed. The empress implies that from the previous card these issues are out in the open and now undergoing a change. Finally, the lovers denoted that harmony is sure to come.

So things will work out for the better.

Suggestion by dunstanthedruid
Ultimately, there will be a reconciliation.

Suggestion by hudsongray
Past–you were in a situation that was not going to grow, the Devil is about internal things, being hedonistic, everything about ‘us/me’. Seems appropriate.

Present — fertility. YOU are growing, this card isn’t about them. The Empress is a beginning and a nurturing, about things that have a future. Pretty good indication you’re well ready to move on and are able to do it just fine.

Future — Lovers. Nearly all the time this does NOT mean sexual lovers, it means working in harmony side by side with others. It can be co-workers, partners, family, anything that requires more than one person doing something (you and others). It looks like there’s good stuff ahead for you once you move away from your old friends, by starting new friendships you have a really nice open path ahead of you.

tarot cards

We probably all know what it’s like to turn a card and find your mind is blank and you don’t know what to say. The solution is to have various potentially-useful questions in the forefront of your mind so you have something to connect to. All is explained in the video. Email bllntr@yahoo.com if you’d like to be informed about the on-line class.

Where can I buy a deck of tarot cards and a book to explain them for cheap?

tarot cards

Where can I buy a deck of tarot cards and a book to explain them for cheap?
Ima have my dad pick them up for me for a late birthday present. So I needa know where I can have him go. I live in Washington state if that helps. And links would be AMAZING! Thank so much.

Suggestion by Love Me Girl
You can buy them from http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords=tarot%20cards&tag=189-20&index=blended&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325

Suggestion by Midnyte
I won’t know any retail stores in your area. But if buying online is an option, check betterworldbooks.com. Not only they have good selection of tarot cards, tarot sets and books on tarot (i recommend Teresa Michelsen’s “complete tarot reader”) but their shipping is free.

Hope you find what you are looking for

Happy belated!

Suggestion by jbear0000
Amazon has them, new for $ 19.14 or used for $ 16.99. See this link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/088079416X?ie=UTF8&tag=daddarblo-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=088079416X
If you buy used make sure you read the description and check the sellers rating. Also, if you do decide to buy from Amazon please use the link I posted, I earn a small percentage of the sale price for directing you to Amazon. Thanks.

Can you ask the tarot cards a description of someone to come in your future? Or what they will look like?
Only serious answers, if your here to say its pointless, or its a bunch of crap, dont even answer. Please and thank you.

Suggestion by Lilith
Sure you can, but you have to be able to read tarots or go to a reader.

Suggestion by Serena
Yes, but you need to be able to understand tarot.

Also, you need to understand that reading tarot doesn’t provide hard and fast answers. It’s like holding a mirror up to the future based upon your present actions, attitudes, your past, etc. But the future is always in flux and can and will change.

Personally, I think it’s best to ask more general/guiding questions.

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
You can ask the tarot reader anything. The responses you get will vary depending on the question and the reader. Some people believe that court cards give physical descriptions of people. Major arcana cards might give you a description of how you will feel about a person… Is there a purpose to this question?


Whats a good site that gives indepth meanings to using tarot cards, with ordinary playing cards?
I already have a tarot deck, and book, but would like to expand my knowledge by understanding the utilization of ordinary playing cards.

Suggestion by Epona Willow
You are speaking of cartomancy.

Ace: happiness, love, friendship
King: fair haired man, affectionate and generous, but impetuous
Queen: fair haired woman, trustworthy
Jack: fair haired young person, a good friend
10: good fortune, happiness
9: the ‘wish card’, desires come true
8: invitations, but also partings
7: someone is unreliable
6: unexpected good fortune, generosity
5: jealousy, indicision
4: changes, possible travel or postponements
3: need for caution
2: success, friendship


Ace: conflicts, a difficult love affair
King: dark haired man, ambitious, usually successful
Queen: dark haired woman, seductive or unscrupulous
Jack: dark haired young man, well meaning person
10: worry
9: bad luck, can mean delays or quarrels
8: disapointments and opposition
7: a warning against possible loss of friendship
6: an improvement in the person’s life
5: anxiety, setbacks, interferences
4: jealousy, business troubles
3: partings, possibly due to faithlessness
2: scandal, gossip, danger of deceit


Ace: money, a ring
King: fair haired man, stubborn and powerful
Queen: fair haired woman, flirtatious, sophisticated, witty
Jack: a relative, someone not quite reliable
10: journey, changesm usually bringing wealth
9: opportunities and surprises, usually financial
8: late marriage or new relationship, unexpected money
7: a gift
6: a reconciliation, a warning against a possible second marriage
5: successful meetings, particularly in business
4: an inheritance, a change for the better
3: legal or domestic battles
2: a love affair becomes more important than it was


Ace: harmony, property, achievements, love
King: dark haired man, honest, open
Queen: dark haired woman, strong, helpful, attractive
Jack: a reliable friend
10: money from an unexpected source, good luck or a gift
9: a new romance
8: opposition, danger of recklessness
7: prosperity, though a danger of romantic interference
6: business success
5: help from a friend or spouce
4: bad change of fortune
3: good marriage or alliance
2: disappointment and opposition

Suggestion by lala
Go to a book store where they specialized in New Age books and you will have lots of choice . The above answer is quite correct about the meaning of each cards ;but there all the combinations who are VERY important ; like 2 kings or 3 Jacks and so on ;;

any good websites that explain how to read palms?

how to read palms

any good websites that explain how to read palms?

shut up al-eto!!
keep ur smartass comments to urself!

Suggestion by El Ateo
If you give me $ 1000, I’ll give you 5 personal lessons.

Suggestion by laluzimperfecta
There’s one I looked at some time ago- probably at least a year. I’m sorry I don’t remember what it is, but you can always Google it.

Suggestion by dwnjhl


Good luck!

how to read palms

I can read palms for fun. How can I expand this to a full service fortune-telling?
There is some group claiming to open the third eye. It is kaballah or something like that. Can a group like this help me out. I am a bit apprehensive because I do not want to attract any evil you know. It is scary. I cannot see ghosts or auras. And I have tried yoga, but it is extremely boring. My sister put me up to it, and she swears that if she went further with it, she will learn astral projection. Major scary and I really do not see the point of separating from your body. That happened to me by accident, and that is another story.

Is there a way for me to be a real fortune teller? And is this safe? I am asking this because plenty of people ask me for advice. Most of these people though are actually just looking for reassurance about the future, to be secure about their lives. They are also sad, and looking for a friend. They want to know someone cares. So perhaps I will expand to something not necessarily in fortune telling, something like a retreat house or wellness seminar?
First of all, thanks everyone for the quick response. Another question, How then should I call this thing, so that I will not offend people? I do realize now, that it is hardly fortune-telling or telling the future, It is telling people’s strengths and weaknesses, and telling them how to maximize potential. Then what is it?

Suggestion by Magic Happens!
give it up.

Suggestion by Jilan A

tomorow, start build a web page


Suggestion by kkmc06

i dont believe in that stuff so i doubt it…

how to read palms

Can someone please teach me or give me a site that will teach me how to read palms and do tarot card reading?
This is her daughter and things like Wicca, Paranormal, religion, palm reading, and tarot cards interest me.
I’m Christian but I believe in learning a variety of things. For those of you who bash Wicca, have you ever researched what it actually is? It doesn’t teach evil, or harm or any thing of that sort. Its actually a pretty interesting, and very nice. equal religion.
P.s. I didn’t ask opinions, and I didn;t ask anyone to tell me what I should practice and what I should not.

Suggestion by norteno14porvida
real talk i just think that stuff isn’t real god says no onw can predict stuff

Suggestion by Dan Dempsey
Llewellyn.com has books about such things, as well as an on-line free tarot reading.

Suggestion by j h
Sure! Here’s one: www.creationworldview.org

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