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Is it ok to ask frivolous questions with my tarot cards?

Is it ok to ask frivolous questions with my tarot cards?
I don’t use them much, but I picked them up recently and have been asking silly questions. “Should my doll eat broccoli?” stuff like that. I’ve been getting silly answers. Will this interfere with my ability to use them for serious divination?

Suggestion by auntb93
I think it would interfere. You would do well to learn how to clear your deck, as you would if you read someone who turned out to be disrespectful or even evil.

Suggestion by nickie_2free
Sure, why not? They ask silly questions on this site all the time.

Suggestion by froufrou
i would think so
id think its a good way to practice

but then, who knows, i cant say, we dont even really know what or how tarot works specifically, we just kinda, guess

What do the symbols on the tarot cards mean?
What do the clubs, stars, swords, and cups mean?

Suggestion by Mew

my nan can read them & taught me to do readings
Load of crap if you ask me, but when I do the idiots can really relate to it

Suggestion by Will Nickel
There are a good many different explanations, any one of which will suffice. As an earlier answer told you, each pack of cards comes with an explanatory booklet.

Suggestion by jysn_kay

Learn how to interpret the different meanings when put together with other suits.