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Do you think following your daily horoscope or getting a tarot card reading is bad luck?

tarot card reading

Do you think following your daily horoscope or getting a tarot card reading is bad luck?
Ive heard that people who follow astrology as far as getting a tarot card reading or even just their daily horoscope have had bad luck & it isnt natural…what do you think?

Suggestion by krystal q
I’ve been really superstitious the last couple years
but you have to believe whatever you want to believe
I mean i dont think it is

Suggestion by rovega05
I’m superstitious in sumthings & sum not. I don’t think following ur horoscope is bad luck. It’s just a matter on how far u believe. U can read it & study it, sumx things they say r true or do happen. As 4 my personal opinion I follow my horoscope daily, I get surprised sumx at what it says. Most of the x I read it it tells me exactly what i’m goin through or feelin. It can also mention things that r 2 happen & it usually does. As far as tarot readings I can do it 2x a Yr. I firmly blieve it cause it tells me things that happened in my past & things that r goin 2 happen among health & other things. I blieve in tarot readings. It’s all a matter of how any1 looks at it. But it does not bring bad luck, if it did I would’ve had bad luck most of my life & my life is pretty good right now.

Suggestion by golden sindy
It’s only bad luck if you think it is. “Bad luck” is a trick of the mind, and then we think “that’s true!” when it’s nothing but made-up stuff by the mind. Then the mind will tell us, “the reason you got fired is cause you looked at the astrology column”, and then WE BELieVE IT. Don’t be a sucker.

Do what makes you happy. 🙂

tarot card reading

i need help with a tarot card reading on a regular deck of cards?
my friends and i learned about this and we did it and i got two aces two eights and two fives. i know that the aces mean true love and that the twos mean you only want each other for sex. what do all the other cards mean?

Suggestion by Maria Haagen-dazs
the two eights mean deception and fighting over something.

tarot card reading

How do i get over a bad tarot card reading?
About 5 years ago i went on a website called facade.com and had a tarot card reading the cards meant; death or injury, journey travelling or a mode of travel i.e. a car and sacrificing yourself for someone you love or they sacrafice themselves for you. This has made me really scared of driving and travelling with people! Not so much that I don’t but when I do I’m always thinking about the reading.
Don’t worry too much I am sceptical, it’s just hard not to think about it sometimes when you’ve been made aware of it. If you’re spouse woke up and said, “I had a dream last night you would die on the way to work” you would thionk about it, even if you are sceptical! thanks for the advice!

Suggestion by heimer66
Same way I got over the letter I got telling me I had just won $ 10,000,000. I realized it was total BS!

Suggestion by imadufus72
Go to another one

Suggestion by The_SMeghead
just forget it, it’s all in your head

hell, even if you did believe in that sort of thing, doesn’t a tarot card reading have to be done with a real deck of cards, with a real person sitting across from you to be valid? do you really think a website can predict the future?

What’s your opinion on getting a first deck of tarot cards? Bad to buy yourself or myth?

What’s your opinion on getting a first deck of tarot cards? Bad to buy yourself or myth?
A few people have told me buying my own tarot cards isn’t good while others have told me it’s a myth and it’s a good idea to buy your own tarot cards because than you are comfortable with the style of card.
If you have tarot cards how did you receive them and what do you believe in?

Thank you everyone~!

Suggestion by edaeki
i bought them when i was 10 just for fun they dont really work tho they r just for fun

Suggestion by firefly
Well you can buy them yourself but you should buy ones that you feel are comfortable to you not just the pretty pictures. its not bad to buy them yourself. i have no cards but i believe there is a reason why things happen the way they do.

Suggestion by littlebitch
dont just buy the first tarrot deck you see make sure you go to new age stores and go with the one that you connect with its fine to buy your own when you get it sleep with it in your pillowcase to share your energy with it and make sure you clense them with sage before using them. goodluck!

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Can the Tarot cards tell you which occupation is best suited for you?
How can the Tarot cards be interpreted to give you an idea which occupation is best suited for you?

tarot cards

What is the best book for learning to read tarot cards?
I’m currently interested in learning to read tarot cards and was wondering what is the best books out for learning how. Also if anyone has any advise or tips for learning I would like to hear them.

Suggestion by gutbucket
Try “Tarot Cards for Dummies”.

Suggestion by -Lilith-
It depends on what kind of deck you have. I use one specifically designed for my deck. If this is your first deck, start with one of the beginner guides for tarot, this site lists several. Try to stay away from any silver ravenwolf book, she’s pretty much rubbish. Anything by DJ Conway is great though. Here’s the link .


Suggestion by Li
I have been into tarot cards for years and no book has ever really been that helpful, understandable or great even the dummies one lol. But, here is an awesome website that I use!


It has spreads, card meanings, everything! Its fab!

Getting a true tarot reading online?

card reading online

Getting a true tarot reading online?
Can you really get a true reading of your tarot cards online? If so is anyone out there willing to try my reading?

Suggestion by Winter Thea Bear
NO. That is jibberish and a joke. NO ONE can tell you anything about nothing concerning what will happen to you or when. You are playing with Black Majick and could open very dangerous Spirit Doors that you cannot close. . .

Suggestion by Questioner
I don’t know a good site, however the first comment/answer I saw on here was talking about black magic, tarot readings are not black magic,it doesn’t open any doors. It is simply the reading of the tarot based on certain things.

Suggestion by branbran
your supposed to shuffel the cards while thinking of a question so i dont see how ur going to get a reading online or the phone

card reading online

Where can I get a free psychic reading online?
I have a specific question I want to ask a psychic and I’ve done all of the tarot card stuff online. Do any of you know a good website where I can talk for 100% free (without having to give a credit card number) to a psychic?

Suggestion by Jfig
It will be fake if its online.

Suggestion by Insight
Try here you more likely to get good practical advice.

Suggestion by {{Ɛɱɜɾɑɭɗ Ϙʋɛɛɳ}}
obviously it would be fake. who would even fall for that? ah hah

card reading online

the online mind reading card tricks!?

like the example above, it will know it every time. i have tried to trick it, moving my cursor not saying it outloud, changin my choice at the last min. i cant figure out how it knows. does anyone know the secret?

Suggestion by bethz-iz-ere
all the cards have changed write them all down ull see

Suggestion by SynYster
lol wtf!! thats the weirdest thing! i have no idea how it does that..

Edit: yup, first answer is right. lol thats cool though

Suggestion by Blachsheep249
It couldnt read my mind your too predictable

I keep getting 7 of wands in tarot reading?

I keep getting 7 of wands in tarot reading?
What does this tell me? I’m relatively new to tarot, and not sure what it means that I continue to get this card.

Suggestion by Auroch
Gosh – that’s 7 levels of meaningless.

Suggestion by Mark IX
Oh My God! What you have there is what we in saneland call a coincidence.

Suggestion by cactus p
You are probably going to die.

Edit: You Are Definitely going to in two days to two years; live it up while you can.

What is my future with my bf? Tarot reading help please?
Three card reading using Hanson-Roberts tarot deck. This spread has no positions, it’s kind of like a freestyle reading. I need your input and help to interpret these, thanks.

The Magician – The Lovers – 7 of Cups reversed
I’m already fat and ugly

Suggestion by AMNeSia
YOU MOTHERF.CKING B|TCH!!! Future is not sure, so stop predicting the unpredictable. Stop wasting time!

Suggestion by Alan Turing
You will get married, have seven children and then he will leave you for a younger woman when you are in your thirties and are fat and ugly.

Suggestion by Howard Edwards
Your boyfriend will leave you for someone more rational.

tarot reading

What would be a tarot reading that appears bad, but is actually harmless?
I suppose the death card would be one of them… Maybe the fool.

I’d prefer major arcana cards, but the suit of swords would work too, being that swords can appear rather… likely to impale you.
Oh, I know that.

I want cards that sound like they have intimidating names. E.G death.

I know they’re harmless. I have to make a mini-movie for a class I’m taking, I want to lay down 3 cards or whatever, have them look frightening to mislead the viewer, before it’s revealed they aren’t negative in anyway. You understand?

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru

Nothing about the Tarot is bad.

What is seen as positive/beneficial or negative/harmful is down to a mix of the question/layout/other cards/position cards are in. & of course the reader’s interpretation of the cards.

Death is a card of transition, so what the transition is & how it is received by the individual will determine what type it is, the Fool is new beginnings, being brave, jumping in.

All 78 cards are positive.