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could someone help me with my question by giving me a free tarot reading?

could someone help me with my question by giving me a free tarot reading?
i have a friend that i’m close with and were both water signs with things in common and he told me i was pretty and i think he is very attracted to me and we have know each other for the past 5 years. i wanted to know if we will be in a new relationship this year. my birthday is november 16 1987. and his is july 7 1988. i just wanted to know if someone who’s a phychic or a tarot could answer this free with no charge.

Suggestion by chriszchris
I don’t need a tarot to inform you that this relationship will not work out.

Try a Haj..you’ll fit in better.

Suggestion by karen s
cool, my sister is a scorpio and my nephew is a cancer. check this out, its not a horoscope, its a compatablity thing based on your signs. but the website has horoscope stuff too.


btw, he might be clueless that you are even interested, might want to make sure he knows, think thats all the psychic would do is tell you yes, so I’ll just go ahead and do it….go for it 😉

Suggestion by silverentrantress
Using Astrology and your sun signs only, you being a Scorpio and he being a Cancer tells me that you both are very compatible as friends and more. Be warned, however, that Scorpio’s are very possessive (to the point of extreme jealously) people and Cancer’s are very walled up, they don’t let many people “in”. They are very emotional people, and with men – because society teaches that men should not be emotional – this can be conflicting. He might not act on his emotions and may sometimes be confused. Tarot reading, I think, would require more personal info to make the reading more personal. Good luck.

Can someone give me a free tarot career reading?

Suggestion by DaniNyko
I bet that there is an Apps for that

Suggestion by interested1208

And it will be just as useful as any other…


Suggestion by Just Plain Bob
free computer generated tarot reading can be found at www.facade.com

Once a month Mother Moon Pagan Monastery hosts a free video tarot reading! Please feel free to put your name in the hat for next months reading!!! Love and Bless Bless, J

How do i go about giving myself a tarot reading?

tarot reading

How do i go about giving myself a tarot reading?
I have the Rider-Waite tarot deck? And is it true that an ordinary pack of playing cards can also be used?
Oh, and it’s a reading for love. ( :

Suggestion by baronvonstrudel
Well I’d imagine that you shuffle and cut the deck, and then lay the cards out in the correct spread.

Ordinary playing cards… eh well you could I suppose substitute them for the minor arcana, but what about the major arcana?

Nice choice in deck, by the way.

Suggestion by Lady Amethyst
You can use ordinary cards, but it makes it hard if you aren’t familiar with the suites. My suggestion follow the instructional booklet.

Suggestion by ~*C☼J*~
ok first u get a lighter and go in a circle around the bottom of the deck then the top and be careful not to burn yourself or the cards and the shuffle them and while shuffleing think deeply about what u want to know then when u feel the need to stop shuffleing u do the lay out that u want and wala u got ur reading if u need more help just email me

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Can anyone help me interpret a tarot reading?
I did two past, present, future readings asking about the status of a relationship.
First Reading: Past 2 of Wands, Present 5 of Wands, Future Queen of Wands.
Second Reading: Past Wheel of Fortune, Present Ace of Pentacles, Future High Priestess.

Thanks so much for your help.

Suggestion by James B
I’m picking up a major balance of power issue in this relationship. One of the people involved (the feminine one, which still could be a male, I don’t know for sure) in the past was feeling either dominated or overwhelmed by the other person, signified by both the 2 of Wands (domination and command) and the Wheel of Fortune (looking for a change in circumstances). In the present I see the struggle has lessened (the 5 of Wands) and the relationship is starting to take root and blossom (Ace of Pentacles). In the future, I’m seeing a need for both parties to speak up and communicate their true feelings to each other (High Priestess) but it definitely seems like there is a good chance that the relationship will work (Queen of Wands).

Hope this helps!

Suggestion by Cherry_Red
Your first reading:

2 of wands in reference to the past: a great deal of independence in your past and leading into your present as a result of the experience you have gathered throughout the years. This card tells of a wealth of resources that have been available to you as well as the self confidence and determination that all you to yield them. Considered to be a peaceful interval before you continue upon your journey. This is a card of choices and decisions as well as struggles.

5 of wands in reference to your present: this card symbolizes competition and suggest a competitive time in your life. Unfocused energies can result in conflict with others or within yourself in which both parties are equally strong and equally blind to one another. This is a trying time in your life that requires strength. However keep in mind that cooperation is the key.

Queen of Wands in reference to your future: The Queen of wands is known to be a woman of passion and intensity who can command attention. People are drawn to her as if by magic. Magnetic and willful she will inspire you to utilize your imagination and always speak the truth. You will use the advice you are given and make reasonable decisions.

Note: The suit of wands tends to generally symbolize work, ambitions, business and/or property. Seeing as your entire reading came out as such, I feel as though your inquiry was specifically directed to those aspects of your life.

Second reading:

The Wheel of fortune in reference to your past: The universal symbol for destiny and karma. The wheel represents luck and chance and perhaps a carefree or hands off attitude in your past. Suggests a major turning point and a time for advancement that requires risk taking that proceed a time of aimlessness.

Ace of pentacles in reference to your present: Symbolizes reward. Any project or situation associated with such a card is assured to be successful. Wealth in return for past efforts. Considered to be the best money card in tarot suggesting a prosperous financial situation.

The High Priestess in reference to your future: This card suggest a time of following your gut and allowing your intuition to guide the way to the right answers. The High Priestess holds a divine power to guide and protect. The card is a lucky one suggesting good things to come in time and may require patience. Go with feelings above all.

This is the best I can do without doing an actual in-person reading. I normally suggest that the person I read for think of a general question or situation for which they are seeking insight. It gives me as well as the reading a better idea of what to look for when doing the reading. Additionally, I personally suggest to do no more than one reading in a 3 month period to avoid discrepancies, so enough for now.

Hope I could help

How does giving oracle card readings differ from Tarot?

tarot card readings

How does giving oracle card readings differ from Tarot?
I’m used to used tarot cards for giving reading an stuff which are usually a 9-10/10 for accuracy on people and I’m only 14 so 🙂
So how do oracle and tarot cards differ? And how to use oracle cards and any spreads that are available for them?

Suggestion by Isis’s Jewel
Oracle cards are pretty much the same as tarot cards except that there isn’t a “standard deck” for oracle cards. Therefore, oracle decks differ greatly: where some decks consist of 27 cards (like a deck I made) while others may have as many as 150 cards. Unlike tarot cards, where the only thing that differs from deck to deck is the artwork. As for spreads, you can use the same spreads you would use for tarot cards I suppose. I’m not really the person to ask about spreads. Pretty much the only spread I use is an elemental spread for when I’m doing a general reading, otherwise I just ask a question and draw a card…

tarot card readings

What sites have absolutely free accurate online live tarot card readings?

Suggestion by Aries Astrum
I saw one on facebook. . .

Suggestion by lala
You can have a complete tarot reading on

www. facade . com


Do not count on it

not to much

The only way you can have a good tarot reding is by [ living ] person and

Yes you wil pay for her service

tarot card readings

does the tarot card readings on msn cost money?
i got a tarot card reading but it didn’t give me and answer because it asked me for my email and they said they would email it to me. does it cost money to get?

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
GIve your e-mail and you will find out. If it costs money, they will ask for a credit card and you can stop it right then if you don’t wish to pay anything.

Are ‘reversed’ meanings necessary when giving a tarot reading?

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Are ‘reversed’ meanings necessary when giving a tarot reading?
I recently purhcased ‘Easy Tarot’, which includes a deck of Tarot cards and a book that explains how to use them. I didn’t feel that the original Rider Waite deck fit me, so I decided upon this one. However, the book doesn’t include reversed meanings, as the author didn’t use them herself. Would it be wrong to ignore the reversed meanings, or should I look them up online and write them in the margins of the book?

Suggestion by Not A Crabby Crab
Some readers use reversed meanings: others don’t. I personally do because I find the interpretation is more personalized to the questioner rather than using a generic meaning. I don’t use the Rider Waite either even though it is the most used and one of the oldest decks out there. There are lots of different decks and the one that I use seemed to “just call out to me” if that makes any sense?

Here is a good book that explains reversals: “The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals” (by Mary K. Greer).

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Ronald Regan didn’t attend Church not even one time in 8 years and Ronnie let Nancy run out country with fortune tellers, astrology and tarot cards !!!

Suggestion by James
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Suggestion by Fear The Boom And Bust
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