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How do I channel My Tarot Cards? How do I input my energy in them? Can someone give me a basic tutorial?

tarot cards

How do I channel My Tarot Cards? How do I input my energy in them? Can someone give me a basic tutorial?
I need to understand this. Please help me.

Suggestion by vid
If they are YOUR deck–brand new–just sleep with them under your pillow for a few nights, and during the day shuffle them here and there not really thinking about anything. Seriously, just do that and make sure to sleep with them under your pillow for 3 or 4 nights and you should get VERY accurate readings.

What do these tarot cards mean?
did a tarot card reading on me and a guy that I like.

How he feels about me: Empress
How he sees me: Empress
How I feel about him: Lovers reversed
How I see him: Page of Pentacles
The outcome if we dated: Magician

And I also drew cards on how certain people see/feel about me. I always get the Empress and queen of cups. What does this mean?

Suggestion by Tristan

Suggestion by Mystic
The empress is growth, growing, with affection, how you feel about him is on the fence, you just not sure, or clear, and it could have something to do with his past. You may also feel he needs to be more directed in goals, and more focused. At times you see him as playful, then other times, it seems so immature. The magician, could mean good elements with the union.

tarot cards

Is it sinful to use Tarot cards as a “con”?
Is it sinful to use Tarot cards as a way to earn money without actually believing in the “guardian angel” who helps you to read them?

My sister does it all the time, it’s her way of earning money.

Suggestion by Flying Penguins.
What else would you use Tarot cards for?

Suggestion by Troy Mustang
if idiots believe her, it’s their fault for being so stupid.

Suggestion by Hazzardous
As sinful as using a BOOK!

Is there a website where I can input the Tarot cards that came up in a spread and tell me the interpretation?

Is there a website where I can input the Tarot cards that came up in a spread and tell me the interpretation?
I’ve been studying the tarot off and on for a few years now and i have a really difficult time intrepreting an entire spread. Individual card interpretations are easy, but how they relate to each other and the overall meaning of the spread is very difficult for me to determine. Also have you ever noticed that every tarot book seems to have a different order of cards with the celtic cross spread? This is the spread that i have the most difficulty with.

I use the Robin Wood deck, if that helps.

Please help, thank you.
for instance, here is a spread i just did…
1. Judgement (r)
2. Temperment
3. Knight of cups (r)
4. 7 of swords
5. Wheel of fortune (r)
6. 10 of cups
7. 9 of pentacles
8. hanged man
9. king of wands
10. ace of cups

What is the overall meaning behind this spread?
lol # 2 is supposed to be “temperance, sorry

Suggestion by Yogi
throw the book away, would be my first advise.

we call it a reading because the cards tell you something.
you need to learn to listen to what the cards are telling you. and they will tell you what they represent in the locations that they fall into. there are traditional meanings associated with the cards. but they cannot explain or cover every possibility.

seriously listen to the cards. meditate with them. simply spend some time each day looking at the picture and the cards will take on meanings of their own for you.

do this and you will find your readings becoming more accurate.

Suggestion by Terry
There are literally hundreds of Decks and thousands of spreads. Each can pass information or intuitions to the person using the deck. That makes remote readings difficult or impossible.

I use several decks and a multicircle spread for all of them. If your spread is not working for you after years, I’d move on to some others.

Suggestion by <3 <3
I believe there is, but you have to pay

tarot cards

Do you believe in tarot cards from the store?
I did a tarot card reading on myself and its all negative comments, feedback.

Suggestion by Phoebe
How can a card tell you about your life and future?! I mean c’mon really! Are you going to base your feelings and decisions on what some pictures on a card ‘say’. Live your life one day at a time whatever happened or whatever happens is just life!

How do tarot cards work?
Where do tarot cards get thier power from? I started using and all my predictions came out to be true. How do the cards know that? Is it magic?

Suggestion by onyxmoon369
Tarot works by helping you make a connection with your subconscious. When you shuffle the cards you are doing a type of instant meditation. Then you lay out the cards and begin to interpret the pictures. There are many types of decks, the most commonly used is known as the Ryder-Waite deck. The type you use depends on which ones seem to work the best for you. I have heard many different theories about how to handle the cards but for me the one thing that has helped me the most was this advise. When doing a reading, don’t try to analyze your answer. Say the first thing that comes to your mind without editing. Also, the tarot does not tell the future. It provides insight into the things that are happening in the life of the questioner and helps them to make an educated decision. Last but not least, anyone can read the tarot. The key is to be open to that little voice inside of you. If you are making accurate predictions with the cards you should be able to do so without the cards. It is just a matter of tapping into that part of the mind with that ability. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Suggestion by Tahuti Reincarnate
Tarot is a psychological key. Like Gestalt…. but with a pre-set number of paintings (on cards) that are designed to access our psychological archetypes. http://www.amazon.com/Tarot-Way-Life-Jungian-Approach/dp/087728878X/ref=pd_bbs_sr_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1231162268&sr=8-3 Here is a book that approaches the tarot in a traditional Jungian-psychological fashion.

Suggestion by r
there is more than one theory. according to some there is angel presiding Tarot divination, his name is Hru. by that ‘theory’ every time you do tarot divination, you are communicating with that angel. some consider this angel to be greek god Hermes, and other call him by egyptian god name of Thoth.
there are also ‘theories’ saying that by using tarot we are actually communicating with our unconscious mind, which is connected to global unconscious. it s like tarot is modem and global unconscious is internet, connected to everyones unconscious mind- personal data bases. look up K.G. Jung and his theories about unconscious (he is one of the fathers of psychology).
there are many other theories, i believe theres as much of them as there is tarot readers.
usually they dont exclude one another, i believe that truth is somewhere in between

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Is there anywhere I can input my SIM card online to check my text messages?

card reading online

Is there anywhere I can input my SIM card online to check my text messages?
I broke my phone in water and all it tells me is when i get messages but I can’t read them and I was wondering if I could just input a SIM number into a site and ill get my phone information.

Suggestion by bob dull
thts not how simcards work they just store all your personal things like pictures videos and stuff like tht so u can transfer them into a different phone it isnt the phone itself u cant recive textmesseges or calls on it

card reading online

Can i order a car online using my credit card??? (Read)?
Just wondering if I can use my credit card to purchase a used car online before actually getting it? Lol

Suggestion by n
Most dealers are going to be reluctant to accept a credit card for full payment because of the fees. So you wont get the best deal. Not to mention that buying a car without seeing & driving it is pretty stupid.

Suggestion by mccoyblues
You can, but it would be the single most stupid thing a person could possibly do.

You can’t buy a car without seeing it in person, without driving it, without inspecting it and making sure the car is worth the money the seller is asking. You can’t return a car if it turns out to be something other than what you expected it to be.

Plus the interest you would be charged using a credit card would make it even more foolish. The way credit cards calculate interest is completely different than a car loan. You’d end up paying 2 to 3 times more for the car if you let the balance ride on your credit card account.

That is a really bad idea.

Suggestion by David G
You’re right with the LOL. That would be the dumbest mistake of your life.

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