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If you spill coffee on tarot cards, should you just replace them if some are quite damaged?

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If you spill coffee on tarot cards, should you just replace them if some are quite damaged?
I spilt coffee on some of my tarot cards, and a few got quite damaged when I was trying to peel them apart to let them dry- are they useless now?

Suggestion by bobman
I’d chuck the lot in the trash and get a life.

Suggestion by ?
If they end up warped, or with peeling, then, yeah, as they won’t shuffle very well anymore… best to just get a new deck.

Suggestion by Miss 6
If they’re very damaged then yes get a new deck. I unfortunately had an ex boyfriend rip my cards in half out of anger so I had to replace the deck I had since I was a kid 🙁

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Meaning of upright Empress and reversed Emperor Tarot cards in a Celtic Cross Reading?
Some other cards:
King of Swords
Ace of Pentacles
Knight of Cups
Nine of Cups Reversed
Page of Swords
2 of Wands reversed as Outcome

This is a love tarot reading. The King of Swords I think represents the guy I am asking about as he is a military man.

New at tarot and looking forward to learning from this!

Suggestion by Ania
the headings for these cards are important. also the question asked to them…..without all that, it is not possible to understand what they are saying. empress is the “apple of his eyes” and she is the woman who can be taken home. it can also describe a rich beautiful relationship. but when it fell in outcome position i found it hinting beginning that includes frustration. reversed emperor hints broken relationship or taking a break…it can also signal the man not there.

2 of wands reversed means loss of interest. but do not take it in a bad sense. it is not always a bad card to receive in relationship reading.

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tarot cards tend to predict things that will happen in the future. are these predictions true?
I’m getting paranoid every time i let a tarot card reader do his job and predict things about my future. All i do is go back to the fact that our destiny is the result of the decisions we make, and maybe tarot cards are just hasty generalizations of what are currently happening. help?

Suggestion by lala
You are doing some anxiety ; so why are you going back for a reading ??? To be more anxious than ever ; command girl ; get a grip on your life

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
You’re close. Tarot cards predict what will happen if current situations remain the same. Your free will and choices can change almost all things seen in a reading.

And that is the whole idea. If you receive information about something and don’t want it to happen, you have the opportunity to try and change it. If you are told by spirit that the way you are doing things is the reason you are having problems, you can change that too.

On the other hand, it can reveal unfaithful spouses, dishonest friends, and advise on whether staying in a job is a good idea.

It is not intended to tell you how to live or that anything is carved in stone. This is for guidance only.

How long is a tarot card reading good for? I just had 1 done 3 weeks ago?

How long is a tarot card reading good for? I just had 1 done 3 weeks ago?

Suggestion by JAMES K
It lasts until you hand over the cash.

Suggestion by WATCHER
fwi, Tarot cards and readings are forbidden by God…

Suggestion by Masticina Akicta
Tarot doesn’t sees the future.

I would more call it a psychological insight. It shows you where your path MAY lead. It gives you a POSSIBLE future.

How long a reading holds..eh.. depends on the reading really. Think about it just because a card shows a possible future doesn’t means that it will happen. Actually using Tarot to show a future can aid a person in adjusting their actions so that said action doesn’t happens.

So ..I can’t give you any simple answer.

But I can tell you that if you made some changes to the way you do things..or some changes happened that something utterly different might happen in your future.

Tarot in my eyes is a psychological tool, it helps us see the things we do. The things we cause and how we can improve ourselves .I would say that the wise women/shaman of the past is like the psychiater/psychologist of today.. a reading reflects us. Our Stories Our Troubles. And a reading into the future shows you only a POSSIBLE path.

And like the Titanic it allows us to adjust, steer away! With such adjusting we might have invalidated the future card.. BUT the reading done its job. It warned you of possible danger ahead.. and you steered away.

I can do a Tarot card reading on someone else?
What else should I tell them? Like: this doesn’t predict the future it guides you.
@Krystal it’s not like it Talking board. That was a ignorant comment.
The comment was ignorant. But do you want me to call you ignorant?

Suggestion by ♥Krystal♥
You shouldn’t play with things you don’t know about
its like playing with fire

Suggestion by Chris Ancor
Tell them what they wan to know. What else?

Suggestion by Maia Earthsong
You’ve got it. Tarot cards are nothing more or less then a guide.

What does the blank card (just the one with the design on it) mean during a tarot card reading?

tarot card reading

What does the blank card (just the one with the design on it) mean during a tarot card reading?
During a tarot card reading for my mom the black cover card some how got into the cards. It happened durting a celtic cross spread and it was the futre influence card. Is there any special meaning to this or should the reading be redone?

Suggestion by John quill Quill
Behold! God has all-knowledge!
Do you like having an infinite number of options
and choices to choose from at this very instant?
You’re a prisoner of Decision.

Suggestion by Sjnoring Ejvrloodyr
Her future will be parabolic.

Suggestion by romans 8:1
The blank card means that we do not exist. (just kidding, but it is a good thought. or maybe it does)

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How to give a detailed tarot card reading?
Hi there, I am 15 years old and I just got my new pack of Rider-Waite tarot cards. It is my first pack, given to me as a gift. I already know how to set them out etc… but my question is how do I give a detailed tarot reading to somebody else? I’m not very good at speaking. What do I say? I just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

Thank you, 10 points for best answer, all answers are helpful. (:

Suggestion by Melusina V
What will really help you to get better at reading Tarot for other people is, quite simply, practice!

Become extremely familiar with your deck so that you understand every card and won’t have to stop and look anything up during a reading (this will really slow you down). Offer to read for people you are comfortable with, like friends or family, so you can check your accuracy. Let your intuition guide you, especially when it comes to what you should say.

Many tarot readers look at the cards in a spread like a story. This can make it a lot easier to explain to other people. You can also ask your spirit guides, angels, the Universe, or whatever else you believe in to help get clearer messages.

Most importantly, have faith in yourself and know that even if you’re not getting a lot of details at first, you’ll only get better and better with practice 🙂

I’ve also included a great site for information on practically everything about Tarot below.

Suggestion by Pam Richards
Hello Sasha

As said it is practice which makes it all work & gel.

Get as much practice as you can with yourself & others who will be guinea pigs. Also stick to small card layouts.

Live, breath & eat tarot!

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
One effective method of learning tarot is to journal. Go card-by-card through your deck in order and spend some time with each card. Study the image on the card and record your impressions. Break down the symbolism (out loud if you have to) and record what you think it means. Then get out your books… the guidebook that comes with the deck and any other book you have with tarot meanings (at least having one other book can be helpful. I recommend either “Tarot: Your Everyday Guide” bu Jenina Renee or “The Tarot Workbook” by Nevill Drury) and read through the entries while examining the picture on the card. Record whatever information seems important or relevant. When you are through with the deck, go back through your notes and study them… compile a short statement about the card, maybe a couple of sentences describing what you think it means… then see if you can break this down further into a keyword or two that describes the card… this will help the meanings you see by studying the cards stick in your head a little.
The next thing you might try is comparing the numbers. Take out all the aces and compare what they mean… the things they have in common will refer to the essential meaning of “ace” and the things that are different about them will refer to the essential meanings of each suit. Go on and do this with the twos, threes etc until you’ve gone through all the minor arcana. I found this to be extremely helpful, myself. Next find a reference for the “Journey of the Fool” and the story about the major arcana and why they are in that particular order and what they symbolize in our greater life’s journey. Journal about the Journey and how you feel about the major arcana… these things were all very helpful to me in my training.
To do a reading, leave the book alone. Don’t even keep your guidebook with your deck as you don’t want to be tempted to reference it during the reading. Read from the images, even if you have no experience with the cards. Look at the people on the cards and figure out what they are doing, how they are feeling and what the various symbols might indicate, then try to apply the behaviors and symbols on the card to the situation at hand. Use your intuition to focus on what seems to be the most important and relevant aspect of the image or symbolism.
If you’ve never read before, you might be better off leaving more complex spreads alone. Leave the complex 10-card “Celtic Cross” spread for when you are more experienced with the cards and stick with simple spreads like a one-card spread or 3 to 4 card spreads where the positions are fairly easy to figure out. Once you’ve got a better handle on the cards themselves and the positions of your spreads, you can experiment with more complex spreads and trying to read the relationships between the cards.

Once you know the cards and are ready to give a reading to other people, explain that you’re still learning and then ask them to shuffle the cards. Select a spread that most suits their question, then… well… bite the bullet and start interpreting what you see in the cards. Read first for people you trust who support you, this will help you be less nervous. Once you get better at it, you can try people that you don’t know as well. Join an online tarot trading group and exchange readings with other readers maybe to practice? Feel free to message me if you like.

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