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Should i get tarot cards? what kind and how much do they cost?

Should i get tarot cards? what kind and how much do they cost?
my mom was really good at tarot cards, but when she was in the middle of a reading she broke down crying and asked the person she was reading if they had been abused as a child and they got all offended and called her a witch for knowing that and so she never did it again… but i’m not afraid of the super natural and i think she had a gift. and i have intuitive dreams just like her, so i think i might be good at them =) how much do they cost and what should beginners get?

Suggestion by JON
You can get quite a few different sets. However I reccommend the Aliester Crowley set. you can get a set that you colour yourself, and a book that tells you what colour to use and what it all means.

Suggestion by pogle
Many years ago I bought a pack of TAROT cards which I felt at home with. It was the Ryder pack by A.E.Waite. In some packs the cards are too big to handle easily but this pack is just the right size. The pictures on the cards drawn by Pamela Coleman draw you into them as the story of each cards meaning is told very sucsinctly in the artwork. Although I could never find enough time to meditate on the cards they are easy to commit to memory and so they can work on a superficial level in the hands of an amateur, given time and patience used as a key to unlock your inner gift I am sure they will be a very useful tool for you. Although there is an instruction booklet with them I would get a book or two from the library. I would however stay away from the Crowley stuff he was a dangerous practical joker and very clever.

Suggestion by Dajjal Alhazred
you can get Crowley Tarot, Lovecraftian Tarot or just normal Tarot or even something more Sinister if your into the Darkness.

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Is there any truth to the Tarot cards?
I’ve often wonder if there was any truth to the tarot card readings. Is it a bunch of crap? How do you know if the person giving you the readings is telling the truth?

Suggestion by Harpo!

Suggestion by The_Messenger
They can work and tell you a lot of things. The problem is the power behind it. Stay far away from those things and trust in God.

~Ex Witch~

Suggestion by ToolGirl5-Rev.Morgen is watchin
That why i do my own readings…

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Are all Christians afraid of tarot cards?
Because I’m Christians and I use tarot cards. I really don’t think there anything wrong with that. And most christians said in the bible that cards will release evil spirits. That just crazy.

Suggestion by Booster
If you WERE a Believer, you WOULDN’T use them!

Better read this:

Revelation 21:8 (New International Version)
8But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Suggestion by Dionyus
What’s funny is the Torah which some of the old testament is based upon is based upon the Tarot… hehe

You won’t release evil spirits, that’s just a lie… besides an evil spirit would be something like the liquor everclear… The bible is also heavily based upon astrology and shamanism.. hehe

Suggestion by Lynnmarie
See Acts 19:19

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What kind of tarot cards should I buy?

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What kind of tarot cards should I buy?
I only want to do this for fun- strictly for entertainment. And please, do not push your religion crap into this, it has nothing to do with what YOU believe.

I want to buy tarot cards and read the cards for people strictly for fun, but when I searched, there are a lot of cards and I don’t know which is which. What do you recommend, and where can I learn how to read these cards? 🙂
Miss 6, if you’ve been reading this for 20 years, shouldn’t you understand that taking this seriously is a subjective thing?

Suggestion by Karissa
Quick & Easy Tarot – Has the meaning of the cards printed right on the card. You can order them from amazon.com $ 16.50. As far as learning it depends how you learn best. If you can learn from a book easily go with “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot” and since your doing it for fun you might want to get “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot Spreads Illustrated” becuase doing the same spreads over and over again will get boring.

Suggestion by skastro87
the rider-waite tarot deck is the basic tarot deck that is most commonly used. its great for a first tarot deck.


and, this site is great for learning the meanings of all the cards and different tarot spreads. its free so you don’t have to buy a book to learn: www.aeclectic.net

Suggestion by zz699
I will second the Ryder – Waite deck as your first deck but if the prints are not quite to your liking, try Robinwood – very similar to Ryder – Waite but with a little more umph!

How can you read tarot cards?
i have a deck of tarot cards and i don’t know how to read them. do you know any websites to teach me how?

Suggestion by suzanne m
Look in any good book store, they should have books that can help you. But it helps if you are Psychic.

Suggestion by elmjunburke
You can read them any way you care to. Tarot, like so many stupid beliefs are for super-superstitious people. Who cares which card comes up. It’s all just chance. You can read cards and get one story, do it again and they’ll come up in a difference sequence. It’s all baloney.

Suggestion by Gray Wanderer
Most tarot cards come with a booklet that tels you wahteach card stands for and will tell you how to do a spread, most likely the celtic cross spread.

But there are a lot of books you can buy or check out from the library.

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Where can I buy tarot cards in garland?
I learned alot about tarot cards and now I want to buy some but don’t know where. Help please

Suggestion by Hal Roach
Garland, where? Some state in the US? There are at least 8 of them. Some other country?

So you’re hoping to find somebody here who 1) is from Garland, and 2) is from the same “Garland” you’re speaking of (not some town of the same name in some other state or country), and 3) knows who sells Tarot cards in town, AND 4) reads this question before it’s pushed off to the second page in about 20 minutes? It’s probably easier to just go to an on-line site like Amazon.com. They have them.

Suggestion by EddieJ
Go to Plano instead.


Suggestion by Charlie
There is a Barnes & Noble in Garland at the Firewheell Mall. If the B&N’s in Texas are like the ones in California there will be a shelf of tarot Decks in the Religion & Spirituality section.

Firewheel Towne Center
190 Cedar Sage Drive Unit #BB01
Garland, TX 75040
Store Hours
Sun 10:00AM-9:00PM | Mon-Thu 9:00AM-10:00PM | Fri-Sat 9:00AM-11:00PM

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What kind of tarot deck do you own, details?

What kind of tarot deck do you own, details?
what type of cards do you have an what cards are you drawn to?

Suggestion by Aq-Phx
i don’t have it physically .. since i’m using a software “Tarot Magic” … you can choose many decks and spreads ..
the cards that drawn me is “Nine of Swords”, “Queen of Swords”, and “Temperance”… because they often appears …
how about you ? add it on details pls ..

Suggestion by pdman1974
native american shaman deck

Suggestion by Sienna
Ruhrig deck, i have the newer version, the graphics are cool. But really liked the previously printed version. As well the large Crowley deck. Like its bluntness. 😉 . Mother Peace, Arch Angel, Goddesses Deck.

What is your favorite type of tarot cards?
I am thinking of buying a new tarot deck, and was wondering what kind other people like to use.

Suggestion by silentjealousy77
alastor crowly deck

Suggestion by veronica1ramirez
NONE I think they are all evil.

Suggestion by london2007
ones that say i will live long and get rich.

Practical advice in choosing your first Tarot deck; what to watch out for, what to look for, and some of the different types of decks that are available. This was intended originally to be part of a DVD but the material is instead being released as a series of YouTube videos. sablearadia.webs.com

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