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Question about the HIGH PRIESTESS tarot card meaning?

tarot card meaning

Question about the HIGH PRIESTESS tarot card meaning?
What can this card mean regarding a man’s first impression of a woman? Or what he thinks of her the first time he sees her.

thank you!

Suggestion by Daughter of Metis
He sees her as out of his league. Probably a little intimidating. He sees her as someone mysterious and beautiful.

Suggestion by Jane Tipper
Upon first learning this card I learned it as (Spiritual – Teacher – Friend – Secrets) so I think those are good interpretations for your question.

Also based on various books around my house on the subject….

“The card describes a person who is in touch with reality, who goes with the flow, or who simply knows without knowing.” ~R.T. Kaser

“Queen of the underworld, daughter of the Earth Mother Demeter and guardian of the secrets of the dead.” “…is a seductive and fascinating figure who does not speak of her secrets.” ~Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene

Upright: Feminine, Unknown Woman, the Unknown, Secrets, Confidant, Mystery….. Reversed: Feminist, Gossip, False, Deceitful, Disloyal, Faithless ~Dorothy Kelly

Just a side note, I do not personally read cards in a way which reversed meanings are relevant and I would go with the positive meanings. I was just being fair to the book I pulled it from.

tarot card meaning

Tarot Card meaning for ten of swords reversed.?
I recently did a one card tarot spread on a relationship and the ten of swords came up as the answer card and it was in the reverse position.

I don’t know how to interpret the meaning of this card. Can anyone offer any insight? Thanks!! 🙂

Suggestion by Lha Bho

Suggestion by Melchizedek
Try this link, it may help.

Suggestion by Brian C
perhaps the answer is that you are resisting the knowledge that the relationship is over and you need to move on

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Tarot Card Meaning Help? Please?

tarot card meaning

Tarot Card Meaning Help? Please?
After coming off the phone, to what i would say quite a positive and accurate reading from a psychic who had good reviews, im still mystified about the tarot cards that came up, and was hoping that anyone could lend some insight and answers to cure my curiosity.

The tarot cards that she mentioned was the following

1. The Lucky Love Affair Card
2. The Marriage/Proposal Card
3. Aquarius Card.

Suggestion by Just Plain Bob
what deck was she using? Never heard of those cards.

Suggestion by Susan Smith
Don’t put stock in Tarot cards, they’re just cards.

Suggestion by Fiery Phoenix
I have never heard of those cards before. She is probably using terminology that she came up with for traditional Tarot cards, so as to avoid having you go look up the meanings of the cards for yourself. Either that, or she is using some weird deck I never heard of.

The Emporer – Tarot Card Meaning?please help?
well i was with a psychic i asked her one question, and the question was will i ever meet my soul mate?…and for the answer i got ‘The Emporer’ card.. i really wanna know what the meaning is too get that

please can someone explain abit about the emporer card, is it something to do with a boy coming into my life?

Suggestion by HotNarutoGirl
Hmmm…I think you are going to be a Queen soon.

Suggestion by Deacon_227
“is it something to do with a boy coming into my life?”

No, it’s about you being gullible. Stop paying money to con artists and liars. No one knows the future. Those who claim to know are con artists and liars, when they are not just self deluded kooks.

Suggestion by Insidious Letters
The Emperor Tarot Card means you were scammed.

Where is a good site to find pretty general meaning of tarot cards?

tarot cards

Where is a good site to find pretty general meaning of tarot cards?
If you don’t believe in it that’s awesome and you’re free to believe that and that’s great if you think that, but I don’t really need your opinion since it’s kind of irrelevant. So just know if you post something bout how it’s not real I’ll report your question for irrelevance. So you you don’t have anything useful to say just don’t bother.

Like a website would be cool. Other than biddy tarot. Those descriptions are like 5 pages long.

Suggestion by Marc P, Fundie’s Bane

Suggestion by M*sery
James Franco is hot as hell. It’s a travesty that you do this to him.

Suggestion by George
Try this web site.
There’s a link to a page for each of the 78 cards down the right side.
Each page gives a simple and quick explanation but also links to other sites if you need other opinions.
One of the sites it links to is Biddy.

tarot cards

What happens if you lose one tarot card?
From the set? It’s not a major arcana and I am not sure which one it is exactly but yeah. I have only used the major arcana since i found out its missing but i feel as if those 22 cards still dont give me enough info. Could i use tge whole pack until i get new ones or is it going to make the whole pack not work?

Suggestion by Jesus Christ
Judas cradle 4 u.

Suggestion by Dan
It means your not playing with a full deck! Just get a new set, as a true Tarot reading requires a full deck.

Suggestion by johnny dean farris,
yes it well not work good luck finding that card

tarot cards

How to know when a tarot card is reversed?
Is it when the card is facing the reader or the one getting the reading done?

Suggestion by Marina
If the card facing the READER is upside down, then it is reversed.

Suggestion by Johnny Outlaw
Fake…dont even look at em

Suggestion by lou lou
ahh no thats wierd

Can Anyone tell me The Meaning of Tarot Card Death REVERSED and Devil REVERSED ?

Can Anyone tell me The Meaning of Tarot Card Death REVERSED and Devil REVERSED ?
Please i want a Detailed answer ……….

Suggestion by address man

Suggestion by Jadens_Matricide
1. Great change in your future.
2. Loss of idealism.

Suggestion by King of the Zodiac
It means you’re going to be murdered.

Tarot Card Meaning Software?
Hello, I wanted to know, where can I find a software program that willl decipher the meaning of my Tarot spead? What I mean is, if I input it in a program and it will tell me what it means. Is there anything like that out there? Thanks in advance!

Suggestion by FineWhine
There is an amazingly accurate program called Tarot Magic. It has many different spreads and different Tarot decks. You then pick the cards in the program and not only does it explain the reading, but you can read about each card in detail.

Ok just pulled up the program to make sure about this since I always do the full reading with the program. There is a library in the program with a variety of Tarot related “books.” There are several that detail each card, so if you wanted to just refer to that for the meaning, you could do that too, since I think that was your specific question.

It is made by the folks at Tarot.com so you can get a sense of it over there. But if you buy it I’d suggest checking out Amazon or Ebay as they are usually cheaper. I had a friend get me that progam and the other one they make about the Iching called The Oracle of Changes. She had me order what I wanted as a gift, and at the time there was a sale on both and free shipping at Amazon.

I have been blown away by how accurate they both have been. Although I’ve had a problem running the Iching on my super fast new laptop, and if I use the work around they give it slows down my system. (Felt I’d toss in a heads up since I am suggesting it.).

Hope this helps!

these are four meaning to four tarot cards more to follow. THE meanings of these are what they mean to me and you may not agree with me and thats ok becouse tarot cardsd have so meny meanings so just write down what the cards mean to you. and you can always email me at fasttarot@gmail.com and the tarot card meaning are what they mean to me on there own . when they are together they can mean other things but all you have to do is look at the other cards and it is not has hard has it sounds becouse if you are ment to read the Tarot Cards you will.

what is the meaning of the heart tarot card?

tarot card meaning

what is the meaning of the heart tarot card?
I would like to know what the heart tarot card means..any help is appreciated..serious answers please..thank you.
yes..a heart theme deck..

Suggestion by arcanum70
I’ve never heard of that card.

Do you mean a heart (love) themed deck???

Suggestion by rebekkah
Do you mean the suit of hearts? They pertain to love and relationships.

Suggestion by LuKVance
Hello Rosas,
There is a lot of ways to interpret the tarot. And the “heart tarot card” as you say can be encountered in many different tarot decks.
Sorry but we’ll need more infos about what was picked before and after. What kind a shuffle did yo use? Was it you who made the pick? What was the question that you seeked answers for by looking into tarot cards?
And that’s only if you ment the parapsychologic sense of the heart in tarot cards. Because heart also have a meaning that we find way in the past. (see the link below)

tarot card meaning

Which on tarot card has meaning of chance to to win money?

Suggestion by George
Ace of Pentacles/Coins


Also (alone or in combination with):
Wheel of Fortune
The Sun

Suggestion by carolyne
Many cards give you a positive outlook when it comes to finances: The Wheel of Fortune, The Chariot, the first of Coin, etc… Each one will be more detailed in their interpretation and can give them more insights on what will be the outcome of your question.

Tarot card question, meaning of the Fool card changes?
I remember reading somewhere that the Fool card (Zero) changes meanings based on whether it’s at the beginning or the end of the spread. Am I remembering this correctly?

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru
Hello IceQ

The question asked & the spread used also influence a single card.

The Fool is one of chance, out of the blue, enthusiasm, opportunity & much more.