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Palm Reading, how much validity does it REALLY have?

how to read palms

Palm Reading, how much validity does it REALLY have?
So, I’ve been reading books about palmistry. I thought it might just be a fun things to learn to do, just one of those random skills to entertain. I find it very interesting so far.

But is there actually any real validity to reading palms? I’m asking people who KNOW what they’re talking about, not someone who knows nothing about it and immediately dismisses it. It’s been around for years!

So is there any truth that you’ve found in palm reading? And why?

Detailed answers are appreciated!

Suggestion by Karema Midnight
It is a valid way to con people out of money.

Suggestion by fever
so i dont really believe in the whole palm reading thing. ive gone to palm readers before for fun and they all say the same thing: “you’ll find love”, and “you will go on a long journey”. I think its more of a game than a serious skill.

Suggestion by Zarathustra the überdude
I think it is for entertainment purposes and nothing more.

how to read palms

Should i get tarot cards? what kind and how much do they cost?

Should i get tarot cards? what kind and how much do they cost?
my mom was really good at tarot cards, but when she was in the middle of a reading she broke down crying and asked the person she was reading if they had been abused as a child and they got all offended and called her a witch for knowing that and so she never did it again… but i’m not afraid of the super natural and i think she had a gift. and i have intuitive dreams just like her, so i think i might be good at them =) how much do they cost and what should beginners get?

Suggestion by JON
You can get quite a few different sets. However I reccommend the Aliester Crowley set. you can get a set that you colour yourself, and a book that tells you what colour to use and what it all means.

Suggestion by pogle
Many years ago I bought a pack of TAROT cards which I felt at home with. It was the Ryder pack by A.E.Waite. In some packs the cards are too big to handle easily but this pack is just the right size. The pictures on the cards drawn by Pamela Coleman draw you into them as the story of each cards meaning is told very sucsinctly in the artwork. Although I could never find enough time to meditate on the cards they are easy to commit to memory and so they can work on a superficial level in the hands of an amateur, given time and patience used as a key to unlock your inner gift I am sure they will be a very useful tool for you. Although there is an instruction booklet with them I would get a book or two from the library. I would however stay away from the Crowley stuff he was a dangerous practical joker and very clever.

Suggestion by Dajjal Alhazred
you can get Crowley Tarot, Lovecraftian Tarot or just normal Tarot or even something more Sinister if your into the Darkness.

tarot cards

Is there any truth to the Tarot cards?
I’ve often wonder if there was any truth to the tarot card readings. Is it a bunch of crap? How do you know if the person giving you the readings is telling the truth?

Suggestion by Harpo!

Suggestion by The_Messenger
They can work and tell you a lot of things. The problem is the power behind it. Stay far away from those things and trust in God.

~Ex Witch~

Suggestion by ToolGirl5-Rev.Morgen is watchin
That why i do my own readings…

tarot cards

Are all Christians afraid of tarot cards?
Because I’m Christians and I use tarot cards. I really don’t think there anything wrong with that. And most christians said in the bible that cards will release evil spirits. That just crazy.

Suggestion by Booster
If you WERE a Believer, you WOULDN’T use them!

Better read this:

Revelation 21:8 (New International Version)
8But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Suggestion by Dionyus
What’s funny is the Torah which some of the old testament is based upon is based upon the Tarot… hehe

You won’t release evil spirits, that’s just a lie… besides an evil spirit would be something like the liquor everclear… The bible is also heavily based upon astrology and shamanism.. hehe

Suggestion by Lynnmarie
See Acts 19:19

Where and how much is a wifi card?

card reading online

Where and how much is a wifi card?
It wont give me the option to turn wifi on or off, I have to replace the wifi card, I read online, where can I buy it and how much does it cost? It’s for an iPod touch 32 GB

Suggestion by Lazdo Da Skillz
From maccas…

You need to give more detail, which generation itouch, if your close to mcdonalds, is the wifi currently on por off etc…

Suggestion by D
check it.


card reading online

where can i read card captor sakura manga online????
i want to read card captor sakura online for free but i dont know where (i need a website please) i also want to know where can i read kingdom hearts comics online for free

Suggestion by Red Velvet
Can’t find where you can read CCS online, but here is the Kingdom Hearts one


Suggestion by Jessica
www.mangavolume.com or www.mangarun.com

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