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is online astrology or tarot card reading believable?

card reading online

is online astrology or tarot card reading believable?

Suggestion by Incodnit
astrology, yes

tarot, debateble

Suggestion by Athene
I’m very pleased with the astrology readings I’ve had from astro.com
They offer a lot of free ones, you just need to enter your birth data.


Suggestion by curiousdiva
which kind of tarot reading r u talking about? the one done by you online or the one done by readers? both of them can be accurate…for online readings u have to concentrate on the question very hard.

card reading online

Are there any online libraries available that allow online reading of classic story books ?
Online libraries that allow online memberships through card payments and store all types of story books and reference materials for online reading.

Suggestion by Answerman
Project Gutenberg is free.

Suggestion by Kyleen G

Suggestion by zsozso


card reading online

How to buy things online with my American Express Gift card?
I tried purchasing something online with my newly paid American Express gift card but I got an error. Then I read online I need to verify my name and address on my gift card in order for the website to verify that it’s an actual card. Where can I do this on the American Express website? Do I have to call them?

Suggestion by Judd
American Express don’t offer a website for registering cards for online purchases, but you can call 1-800-346-4460.

Take a look at ScripSmart.com for all kinds of great gift card information.

Good luck!

where do i get free online palm reading?

free palm reading

where do i get free online palm reading?
is there a website. like. take a look at my palm. or take a look at my palm on the webcam. live chat. for free and tell me my future and stuffs? without paying money.

Suggestion by eri
Probably not; people who make that stuff up are scammers, and they do it for money. No one can actually tell the future.

free palm reading

Free palm reading? (20 characters)?
ARe there any sites where you can send in a picture and get your palm read for free? any?

thank you!

Suggestion by Tommycat
I got one and it was really fun! Mine was in person though, she was a beautiful nice lady from India and I took her very seriously as palm reading is important in their culture. She said my husband will be tall, unemotional and something of a player and I will have two kids. I doubt it but it’s all for fun anyway isn’t it!

Oh and she said I have fish on my palm and that means I am very sensitive.

free palm reading

how can u take a quiz on free palm reading ?
like i took a couple of quizzes but they wanted me 2 pay to see the results , do tell me webtickle not that 1 , but please give some sorces with out paying to see palm reading

Suggestion by its goin down
its called channel-one.com u go 2 i dunno wut but its on there…here it is..on the website it actually has pics..
Life Line
Where it is: It’s the line closest to the base of your thumb.
What it tells: How long you’ll live and how much fun you’ll have.
1. Long Line: Surprise, surprise. Long life line = long life. (See? This isn’t so hard.) The
further it curves towards the center of your hand, the more energy you’ve got.
2. Short Line: You live life to the fullest and make every moment count.
3. Shallow Line: You let other people have power over you. Use this to explain unfortunate
fashion choices.
4. Double Line: A doubled or tripled line means you have the go-go-go of more than one
person. Are you sure you don’t have a secret twin?
5. Broken Line: This shows a sudden change in your life. Could be anything from moving
across the country to winning “American Idol.”
Heart Line
Where it is: It’s the line that runs closest to the base of your fingers.
What it tells: Your L-U-V life, friendships and burbling secret emotions. Note: matching love
lines show compatibility.
1. Long and steady: It shoots across your hand like Cupid’s dart. You’re a true romantic
and give your heart away easily.
2. Straight and short: You don’t like games. If you see somebody cute, you ask him or her
out on the spot.
3. Wavy or broken: You have lots of relationships, but like so much bubble gum, they’re
sweet and don’t last very long.
4. Ends under the index finger: There’s a reason why it goes to your pointer finger.
You’re very picky when it comes to significant others.
5. Touches the life line: You live for amour, but it doesn’t always love you back. You’re
sensitive and have had some bad relationships.
Head Line
Where it is: It’s the middle line that cuts across the center of your palm.
What it tells: How you think about things and your outlook on life.
1. Upwards curve: Some call you “flaky;” you prefer “misunderstood genius.”
2. Downwards curve: Imagination, baby. You’ve got it. Who else would use palm reading
as a way to score both a summer job and a first date?
3. Straight: Logical and insightful, you understand lots of things. Think you could help us
program our VCR?
4. Forked: You’re good at keeping an open mind and can see things from both sides. Well,
everything except how many chores you should have to do.
5. Separate from the life line: Charming! The further the head line is from the life line,
the greater your “angle of luck” and the luckier you are.
Do It Palm Reading ChannelOne.com
To unlock the mysteries of your destiny, you’ve got to hand it to us. No really– show us the
palm of your dominant hand (right for most, left for south paws). Keep reading to find out
how to read life, heart and head lines…

Suggestion by Kikey
wow umm I guess I am not going to get best answer

Suggestion by milly_1963
If you want to know and you don’t want to pay.
Why don’t you buy a book on palmistry and teach yourself
That way you don’t have to pay anyone but you will have to buy the book, so I guess you will pay anyway.
Do people expect everything for nothing, people spend years learning and it is a way for them to make money to survive.
Life is a bout giving and taking and the balance.
Nothing in life is free, it always has a cost one way or another.

Love & Blessings

Can anyone do a tarot reading online?

tarot reading

Can anyone do a tarot reading online?
Can anyone do a tarot reading online for me?

Suggestion by hieagle22
Tear out a coupon and send it in… soon you will hear from Madam Blotsky…!

Suggestion by Missemotion
I see travel around you,something with Business as well.I am not getting any type of relationship for a while.I do see two small male children around you waiting for birth,and an illness of an elderly relative.You will have a few issues with money in 2009,but you will be able to get help and rise above,God Bless

tarot reading

Can someone give me a tarot reading please?
I dont have my cards to do it for myself and for the people that wanna hate not like i give a damn i know the cards arent serious but still i want to ask. Sadly,the question is,do i mean anything to my boyfriend?

Suggestion by Nyarlathotep
Here is not the good category for this kind of asking…

Suggestion by Dogstar Risen on the 3rd Day
I did a reading for you and I got three death cards. Which is funny because there’s only supposed to be one in each pack. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about though.

Suggestion by smurfs
The death card means that Jesus died for you.
The resurrection card means that Jesus resurrected for you.
The upside down hanged man means that you have to die to yourself daily and follow Jesus Christ.

I want to buy a house but i dont kno if i should. i need a free fortune teller online that will tell me.?

free fortune telling

I want to buy a house but i dont kno if i should. i need a free fortune teller online that will tell me.?
i need a fortune teller that will tell me if this is a good time to make an investment as big as buying a house. and if its the best thing to do too. thanks

Suggestion by jypcee3000
Now is not the time…wait…next year looks better….stay where you’re at…you will be buying a house from the person that owns the property of where you live now…Good Luck

Suggestion by nupakry
if you have sufficiant funds ..then perhaps this is the best time. The value may increase by next year.

free fortune telling

Fortune Telling/ Psychic Readings online?
hey ppl. Does anyone know any websites that I can get my fortune told or a psychic reading online for free???

Suggestion by Psychic.dougddog
Welcome to psychic hot line by dougddog. See my profile for more info on me. I will give you a sample of my work and you can decide what you want to do. I a see you having problems in a relationssip but not wanting to leave for three reasons. One you don’t want to be alone. Two you think you still love this person. Three you are affraid that the next one may go the same way if you get into another relationshp. You live overseas i’m thinking england.I dont do the free readings anymore but do give some insight to what you need. good luck to you.

free fortune telling

Can someone help me find a Fortune Teller?
I really want to see an online fortune teller. My life is very complicated right now. I just see want to see what my future has in store for me. So if any one can just tell me a free accurate fortune teller. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!

Suggestion by Pretty
I wouldn’t call myself a Fortune Teller! Geezzzz! Ha!
I am Psychic, a ‘Foreseer’….I would need more info.
LikeYour birthday—month, date, and year…..Your name….first name is fine. Where do you live….Just your state will be fine (are you in US?)
And maybe it would be helpful to get a specific question? Hmmm?
I will do my best. I will at least tell you what I ‘See’…
I have to be honest. A gift like this is given by God. If used wrongfully, He could take it away.
E-mail me with your info.

why is it illegal to sell card proxys online?

card reading online

why is it illegal to sell card proxys online?
I have made some mtg card proxys and want to sell them online but i have read that people can report you and get u into alot of trouble.
So i just want to know why you can get in trouble for selling proxys online.
should i just list them as “fakes”?

Suggestion by How would I know
Because you’re violating international copyright laws.

Suggestion by MagdaRose
It’s not selling the proxy’s that gets people into trouble, it’s selling proxys but listing them as real or not telling the possible buyer that they aren’t the real thing.

If you make absolutely clear that the card they are purchasing is NOT the real deal, and that it is a PROXY, then you should be fine.

If they are cards you made though, you might want to be careful. You shouldn’t be selling for profit something that has copyrighted pictures or logos without permission from the copyright holder.

card reading online

Using a credit card online safely!?
I would like to order something online from a website that im a little nervous about using my credit card lol (i only really trust amazon!) But i remember reading online one time about someone using a special kind of credit card that scrambles your real credit card number or if i could allocate money to an internet credit card so i can never be scammed of them taking more than what i pay for. If anyone knows what im trying to get at or knows how to order with credit card safely, please let me know in a detailed response. i would appreciate it immensely!!!
They only accept VISA, need more answers?

Suggestion by stayc
well have you thought about using paypal?
it protects you and your money so if you are scammed, you get your money back.

another idea, try getting a prepaid visa card. that’s what my mother prefers to use. you can get one at walmart or any drug store for about $ 9 and you can reload it any time you want. just put the cash amount on the card when you need it.

like i suggested: a prepaid VISA card.

Suggestion by Elise L
Get a paypal account. Most websites allow payment through paypal, and they won’t see your credit card number.

card reading online

Is there anyplace online that I can get a free tarot card reading??
relationship issues

Suggestion by JimmyR.com
tarot cards are scams, it’s cold reading, and it makes no sense to do it online.

Just read a few horoscopes new or old.

Suggestion by David
No. That’s a business and every business has to have its profits. but, why do you have to go that far? Me, personally dont believe in that, that’s trash for me. Hey why dont you buy something nice to that person instead of feeding those liers… 🙂

Suggestion by sweetgirl_bettyboopfan