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does anybody know how to read palm?

how to read palms

does anybody know how to read palm?
i was born on december 23, 1991

Suggestion by Bored101
You have many more years ahead of you along with a bright future… only if you stay in school though.

how to read palms

I went to this women who reads palms and such for a living and?
im with someone at the moment, but she told me they arent my soulmate.

i feel like there is no one better than them plus we are engaged… i love them more than anyone and i know theres no one else.

then she tells me theres another man coming into the picture?

i dont understand how she even got that from reading my palm???

please help me. do you think this is true?

I am fairly young. I’m only 21.

Suggestion by javagrl
i guess anything is possible. just keep an open mind about things. If you love your bf, then don’t worry so much. Just because she told you doesn’t mean that its true, you can always change these things with the decisions you make. Don’t worry so much.

Suggestion by Firefly
No one can accurately foretell your future. Take what she told you with a grain of salt. If you are very young, she wouldn’t be far off in stating another man is coming into the picture. They always do at some point. Don’t base life choices on fortune tellers. Use common sense instead.

Suggestion by chainlightning38
Do you want control to your life? Or do you want some strangers to make all your life decisions? Based on myth and superstition.

Learn from the past. Live live in the present. Accept that the future is unpredictable and that is what makes it a life. Time to grow up. Live the now.

There is no evidence for anything paranormal.

Palm Reading, how much validity does it REALLY have?

how to read palms

Palm Reading, how much validity does it REALLY have?
So, I’ve been reading books about palmistry. I thought it might just be a fun things to learn to do, just one of those random skills to entertain. I find it very interesting so far.

But is there actually any real validity to reading palms? I’m asking people who KNOW what they’re talking about, not someone who knows nothing about it and immediately dismisses it. It’s been around for years!

So is there any truth that you’ve found in palm reading? And why?

Detailed answers are appreciated!

Suggestion by Karema Midnight
It is a valid way to con people out of money.

Suggestion by fever
so i dont really believe in the whole palm reading thing. ive gone to palm readers before for fun and they all say the same thing: “you’ll find love”, and “you will go on a long journey”. I think its more of a game than a serious skill.

Suggestion by Zarathustra the überdude
I think it is for entertainment purposes and nothing more.

how to read palms

where is there free lessons on zodiac signs tarot cards palm reading?

free palm reading

where is there free lessons on zodiac signs tarot cards palm reading?
i found a sight where they had zodiac pictures how to read palms numerology interpet dreams tarot cards it was in plain simple language and simple black and white pitctures showing how to do everything. now i cant find it. does anybody know of such a sight
I forgot to put the question mark. sorry!???????

Suggestion by freetarot
Don’t know about palms, numerology, and such — but Joan Bunning’s “Learning the Tarot” at http://www.learntarot.com is an excellent free on-line learning resource.

free palm reading

Does anyone know of any free Ebooks that teach you how to Palm Read? 🙂 Thanks?
I have been looking for any Free Ebooks or Websites that show you the art of Palm Reading. I have not found any yet so I wanted to ask. Thank You soooo much to anyone who answers 🙂

Suggestion by blindley
Palm reading is bull, just make crap up as you touch someones hand. Try to be really general and vague.

free palm reading

Which hand is more accurate when doing palm reading?
Im doing a free self-palm reading online.
My left and right hand are both quite different
from each other in lines.
Which hand is considered as usage for palm reading
or which hand is more accurate??

Suggestion by Jamie H
The one you right with is more accurate. However if you have ever broken, sprained or pulled something in that hand use the other as it constitues bad luck.

rate me !

Suggestion by luvpurplebrrs
its supposed to be the right hand but sometimes in a certain circumstance you might have to use your left.

Suggestion by applepie
You use the hand that you use to write with and do other activities with.

where do i get free online palm reading?

free palm reading

where do i get free online palm reading?
is there a website. like. take a look at my palm. or take a look at my palm on the webcam. live chat. for free and tell me my future and stuffs? without paying money.

Suggestion by eri
Probably not; people who make that stuff up are scammers, and they do it for money. No one can actually tell the future.

free palm reading

Free palm reading? (20 characters)?
ARe there any sites where you can send in a picture and get your palm read for free? any?

thank you!

Suggestion by Tommycat
I got one and it was really fun! Mine was in person though, she was a beautiful nice lady from India and I took her very seriously as palm reading is important in their culture. She said my husband will be tall, unemotional and something of a player and I will have two kids. I doubt it but it’s all for fun anyway isn’t it!

Oh and she said I have fish on my palm and that means I am very sensitive.

free palm reading

how can u take a quiz on free palm reading ?
like i took a couple of quizzes but they wanted me 2 pay to see the results , do tell me webtickle not that 1 , but please give some sorces with out paying to see palm reading

Suggestion by its goin down
its called channel-one.com u go 2 i dunno wut but its on there…here it is..on the website it actually has pics..
Life Line
Where it is: It’s the line closest to the base of your thumb.
What it tells: How long you’ll live and how much fun you’ll have.
1. Long Line: Surprise, surprise. Long life line = long life. (See? This isn’t so hard.) The
further it curves towards the center of your hand, the more energy you’ve got.
2. Short Line: You live life to the fullest and make every moment count.
3. Shallow Line: You let other people have power over you. Use this to explain unfortunate
fashion choices.
4. Double Line: A doubled or tripled line means you have the go-go-go of more than one
person. Are you sure you don’t have a secret twin?
5. Broken Line: This shows a sudden change in your life. Could be anything from moving
across the country to winning “American Idol.”
Heart Line
Where it is: It’s the line that runs closest to the base of your fingers.
What it tells: Your L-U-V life, friendships and burbling secret emotions. Note: matching love
lines show compatibility.
1. Long and steady: It shoots across your hand like Cupid’s dart. You’re a true romantic
and give your heart away easily.
2. Straight and short: You don’t like games. If you see somebody cute, you ask him or her
out on the spot.
3. Wavy or broken: You have lots of relationships, but like so much bubble gum, they’re
sweet and don’t last very long.
4. Ends under the index finger: There’s a reason why it goes to your pointer finger.
You’re very picky when it comes to significant others.
5. Touches the life line: You live for amour, but it doesn’t always love you back. You’re
sensitive and have had some bad relationships.
Head Line
Where it is: It’s the middle line that cuts across the center of your palm.
What it tells: How you think about things and your outlook on life.
1. Upwards curve: Some call you “flaky;” you prefer “misunderstood genius.”
2. Downwards curve: Imagination, baby. You’ve got it. Who else would use palm reading
as a way to score both a summer job and a first date?
3. Straight: Logical and insightful, you understand lots of things. Think you could help us
program our VCR?
4. Forked: You’re good at keeping an open mind and can see things from both sides. Well,
everything except how many chores you should have to do.
5. Separate from the life line: Charming! The further the head line is from the life line,
the greater your “angle of luck” and the luckier you are.
Do It Palm Reading ChannelOne.com
To unlock the mysteries of your destiny, you’ve got to hand it to us. No really– show us the
palm of your dominant hand (right for most, left for south paws). Keep reading to find out
how to read life, heart and head lines…

Suggestion by Kikey
wow umm I guess I am not going to get best answer

Suggestion by milly_1963
If you want to know and you don’t want to pay.
Why don’t you buy a book on palmistry and teach yourself
That way you don’t have to pay anyone but you will have to buy the book, so I guess you will pay anyway.
Do people expect everything for nothing, people spend years learning and it is a way for them to make money to survive.
Life is a bout giving and taking and the balance.
Nothing in life is free, it always has a cost one way or another.

Love & Blessings

Q&A: is there anyone who can give me a free palm reading?

free palm reading

is there anyone who can give me a free palm reading?
i just wanted to know a little bit more of my future

Suggestion by lie jay
i know in my future ill see death because people are jelous of me ..and they want me dead ..but its okay i did everything i could to give people respect but they didnt see it so i got no choice but to die happy ..and if i die by the hands of my enemys then im not afraid im a god

Suggestion by .
i hope you’re joking

free palm reading

Free Palm Reading Please?
*No rude comments PLEASE I would like to know about career, future,money,fame?, familyandanything else. I am 22 single no career and lost.

Also I have a lot of X’s on the upper area of my palm and in between my heart and life line. And I don’t have faith line 🙁 Born February 17, 1989

Thank you for your help means a lot!






More Pictures on Flickr! *I have tried reading it myself, but it just confuses me @.@

Suggestion by Cletus
You’re lost? Obviously. If you think this nonsense is going to help you out you really are lost indeed. And you’re almost 23…. don’t you think it’s time to put Santa and the Easter Bunny out to pasture?

Suggestion by Kermit
Wow I didn’t know they did this on here. (non-sarcastically)

Suggestion by Srimathi
If you want free palm reading I can help you by giving the site,you can visit and check.

www.psychic-junkie.com Do you want to learn what your hands can tell you about your personality with the ancient art of palmistry? Take a look inside palm reading with Per Hogseth the acclaimed psychic palm reader from Norway as he explains how to explore the universe residing within your own hands.