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How To Read Palm Career Line?

Want to know the future prospects of your career? It is time to take a deep look at our Career line or also known as the Fate line. Actually, it is the vertical line in the middle of our palm, running from the palm’s bottom up toward the base of the longest finger. Don’t hesitate to follow it, and get a better understanding of career success and retirement!

In general, the Fate line reveals the course of our career and financial conditions in life, records job changes and notes our achievements and failures. It also gives the time line to follow so that we may chart our professional and material progress. In some cases, Career line depicts business victories and setbacks, financial joys and woes and so forth.

Examine our career line right now!

How To Read Palm Career Line?
  • The deeper and stronger line indicates that we feel satisfied with our career at the current time. On the other hand, the weak line reveals that we have not fulfilled our ambitions while the wavy one shows that we have hesitated about our dedication, and our energies have been weakly spread.
  • If we don’t posses any Fate line at all, yet the rest of our hands are positive and powerful ones, it can signify that our life is full of nonconformity and adventure. We can have different jobs.
  • The presence of 2 Career lines means that we can have 2 jobs at the same time. Possessing several weak lines, we have not determined our life work yet. Instead, we have been pursuing a wide range of unfulfilling jobs.
  • In case the Fate line attaches with the Life line at its starting point, it is difficult for us to set ourselves up in our selected career. If our Career line truly starts inside our Life line, it indicates that we have made an unfinished break from our parents, and their impact is holding us back from starting our public life.
  • If the Career line tends to reach the wisdom line, it depicts that we can stop working based on our own decisions. In case it reaches the love line, it is indicative of relationship troubles, causing our career to end.  
  • In some cases, multiple broken lines refer to the constant changes of job environment or unstable jobs.
  • Two Fate lines available like a pair signify that we can have great chances to get different work or second job.

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Is it right to place the bible alongside books on tarot cards, palm reading, ritualistic cannibalism etc?

tarot cards

Is it right to place the bible alongside books on tarot cards, palm reading, ritualistic cannibalism etc?
It’s all the same category, right? Illogical stuff without evidence that people believe and practice in the hope it will have some positive influence on their lives?

Suggestion by Lionel1020
Prefectly correct…..all fiction

Suggestion by Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Do you need a hug?

Suggestion by Splash Frog
Better throw in a Magic 8 Ball just to be safe.

tarot cards
tarot cards

Have anyone tried the Ouigi boards and they actually work? Tarot cards and worked?
Why do people say it is dangerous, how can you make the ouigi boards work, because they don’t work well.

Suggestion by bitter amputee
That stuffs all of the Devil. STAY AWAY from that stuff.

Suggestion by pliqht ♥
ideomotor effect

Suggestion by Will
Watch Paranormal Activity

You are basically inviting evil spirits into your life. Dont mess around with that stuff

How To Read Palm Fate Line?

How To Read Palm Fate Line?

The Fate line or Destiny line, Career line reveals the influences of society and world events on our life. Once interpreting this line’s meaning, bear in mind that the deeper and stronger the Fate line is, the more strongly destiny can control our life.

Actually, it is unnecessary to underestimate the importance of the Destiny line, whether it is visible or not. If it is absent, there is likely to be no real sense of direction. On the contrary, if it is visible, as a certain rule, there is nearly some semblance of the line existence, no matter how short or long it is – this person may possess some sort of goal in life.

Interesting Ways To Interpret The Fate Lines

How To Read Palm Fate Line?
  • Deep line

Possessing the deep Fate line, we can gain paternal wealth. Our beloved elders are always right there for us to boost our success. That sounds great, right?

  • Light line

The light Fate line in our hand means that we can face up to some failures and dilemmas in life cycle. By virtue of unsuccessful achievements in our life, we may feel somewhat desperate. However, if our hand possesses the strong Sun line, it will give us success. Therefore, it can not deny the importance of the presence of other lines and mounts in our palm.

  • Zigzag line

This line shows that we may experience several ups and downs in our life. We merely gain success after dealing with the conflicts and matters in our life smoothly. Try to be careful since we can not get the expected outcomes of our efforts.

  • Divided line

According to Chiromancy, if our Destiny line is divided into 2 parts, and then makes a “Y” shape in our palm, it symbolizes that we can get some contradictions and confusions in our life. Sometimes, we can be uncertain about some kinds of our decisions because our Fate line does not let us make the strong and impressive decisions.

  • Broken line

Broken line is known as the sign of dangers in life. A rupture in it indicates that we can face a dangerous accident by chance. It may cause some kinds of physical damage. Be always careful and thorough in case we possess a broken Destiny line.

  • Invisible line

Believe it or not, anyone owns a Destiny line, regardless of whether it is visible or invisible. If you don’t possess the visible Fate line, it is time to get a glimpse of our future prospects through reading other lines in palm.

  • Chained line

Once this line is chained in our palm, we can face numerous ups and downs in life. Although we may swing between success and failure, we can do the entrusted tasks perfectly. At times, we will tackle some enormous issues such as carrying out the complex assignment.

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How To Read Palms?

Palm reading or Palmistry is known as the exciting practice of forecasting one’s future via observing his whole hands, not merely his palms only. Nevertheless, the palms are believed to consist of many complicated lines, creases, whorls in comparison to the rest of the entire hands. To perform palm reading, it is time to take a careful look at our palm right now! After that, don’t forget to spread our fingers out as widely as possible so that the lines may be accentuated.

Why did Fortune Tellers start to study humans’ hands? Actually, unlike some Crystal Spheres, Animal Entrails or Flocks of Birds, hands were supposed to possess some secrets about humans’ life, fortune, characteristics, etc. Prior to the days of plastic surgery, everyone couldn’t change their hands’ shapes or palms’ lines. As a result, all things on their hands would reflect anything about their entire lives in general.

Want to practice Palmistry? It is time to interpret the main characteristics of hand shapes overall!

How To Read Palms?
  • The Air-hand shape: They are elegant and long-fingered hands, combined with long or manicured nails and dry skin. The palm itself seems long in comparison to the arm or fingers. The “Air” is the element of the mind. Possessing the Air-hand shape, we tend to work in cerebral areas like freelance accounting or teaching. Our mind is very active; thus, we may be easily distracted and difficult for others to understand.
  • The Water-hand shape: They are normally long-fingered hands, soft and moist skin. The palm is likely to have the rounded corners, rather than the box. Interestingly, no matter what skin color we are, part of the palm and fingertips can appear pink. Owning the Water-hand shape, we are tough on the outside, yet very emotional on the inside. Moreover, we are apt to have long friendship, but try to be careful of the chronic health problems.
  • The Fire-hand shape: They are often short-fingered hands, wide knuckles and squarish-palm shape. With this shape, we have a tendency to act without thinking. Furthermore, we are known to be fluent in persuasion or even creative individuals. Having Fire-hand shape, we are good at web design, advertising and salesmen. Although we look great at the beginning of any project, our attraction seems to reduce gradually at the end. Generally, we are often stubborn.
  • The Earth-hand shape: They are generally largest than other shapes with the dry and chapped skin. The fingers tend to appear in proportion to their great width. With this shape, we are described as the sensitive ones. We will not be easily moved by emotion, and have a tendency to ignore our own instincts. Everything in life shall be quickly done by our creativity. We possess a fascinating ability to make craft, work in a garden, or work with wood.

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What is the difference between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?

tarot card readings

What is the difference between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?
Explain the diffrence, and which do you think is more effective?

Suggestion by livingthings
They are all wrong no one absolutely no one can know the thruth only the b /i /b / l / e.

Suggestion by ChainLightning ⅜
The difference is the first two use props for their alleged psychic ability. The last uses nothing, the psychic wings it.

What is the most effective? The one that wins a million bucks.

The James Randi Educational Foundation offers a million dollar prize. To anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power. This has been going on for over ten years. No one has been close.

Money talks a lot.

Suggestion by Rachael Yay!!!
palm readings – they read hands
tarot card readings – they read the cards.
psychic readings – they read your mind.

Tarot Card Readings is effective
Also Astrology is effective too.

palm readings and psychic readings, no effective.

tarot card readings

Anyone who does Tarot card readings want to do a free reading for me plz?
my email- brunettebabyg@yahoo.com

I’ve got a question bout my life..sooo anyone who does tarot card readings ..with some experience in it.. help me out?!?! thank you people!! 🙂

Suggestion by Sam I am
Why would they do a free reading for you when they could be scamming someone else out of their money?

tarot card readings

Is astrology or tarot card readings real?
I received a reading from a tarot card reader that scared the crap out of me. Everything said I already felt. Should I believe it or not?

Suggestion by The Atheist

You make yourself believe that it is real and your mind looks for specific patterns that vaguely represent the “prediction.”

Suggestion by Carly♥
it’s what you choose to believe in. Personally, I don’t believe in tarot cards. I think they’re fun to do, but not life threatening or something to rely on. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Suggestion by * * Star * *
I tend to trust Tarot a lot more than astrology, perhaps because I’m a pretty good reader of the cards. Tarot is best used as a psychological tool, a way to access your subconscious. Nothing to fear, I promise.