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How To Read Palm Child Lines?

How To Read Palm Child Lines?

Palmistry or Chiromancy has always got special interest and attention from everyone all over the world, regardless of ages, genders and countries. Specially, no magical tool is required! All we need is to our intuition. To do divination, Psychic readers will make use of different mysterious tools such as Tarot cards, runes, pendulums, crystal spheres, etc. However, did you know that your hands store several secrets about your life cycles, ranging from fortune to career, and everything in between? Just find a gifted Palmist, we will get a chance to take a brief look at our life via the interpreting palms’ lines, hands’ shapes, etc.

Yearn to interpret how our kids will be in the future? Get very easy! Just reading our children lines, various funny secrets will be easily unearthed. Child lines generally root out of the love lines or marriage lines, revealing births which are the outcome of corresponding relationships. 

Predict the children’s prospect via Palmistry

How To Read Palm Child Lines?

Some of us can wonder whether we can know the future of our lovable kids through means of the children lines on palms or not, right? The answer is “Absolutely yes, it is possible to prophesy the number of children from the lines on hands!” It is supposed that divorce, marriage, health can be easily read by Chiromancy. However, kids-related predictions are somehow different.

In general, the children lines are adjacent to the marriage lines. As a result, we will find it hard to have these lines if there are no marriage lines on our palms. Furthermore, the children lines are very small and difficult to see. The bigger lines represent baby boys while the thinner ones symbolize baby girls.

The lines of kids need to be clearly visible, clean and without any chain, island, break and the sorts of irregularities. The Palmists are strongly advised to calculate the Marriage lines and mounts of Venus before interpreting the child lines on the palm. Specially, the well-developed mount of Venus shows the successful and great progeny.

In case there is any island in the beginning of these lines, then it is indicative of ill health of the kids in some first periods. Once any island or break is available at the end of the lines, then babies seem not to grow up. If the mount of Venus tends to be flat, it may make parents childless.

In brief, all of these forecasts about kids may be foretold, but it is better for readers to possess extrasensory ability. Prophesying children is more difficult than predicting other lines on the palm.

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How To Read Palm Love Line?

How To Read Palm Love Line?

Each of us possesses our own qualities, behaviors, ways to deal with others, styles of living or even ways to express our inner affections. In some cases, everyone around us feels totally charmed by our characteristics and qualities. Want to know why they love us? Wish to unearth our hidden talents? Long to get a general glimpse of our future prospect? It is time to practice Palmistry or Chiromancy.

It is believed that certain lines, curses and whorls in our palms disclose the stages of love and situations that can lead to marital life. Although the love line will not provide us with information about our romance exactly, it is able somehow to advise us what we should to have a healthy relationship. Via this topic, we can understand the love line on our palm, and its amazing secrets.

How To Interpret The Love Line In Palm?

How To Read Palm Love Line?
  • Mount of Venus – An Area for Love and Relationship

Mount of Venus has its location in the base of thump. In fact, it reveals quality of romance, physical potential and sex issues. In case it is raised, it refers to good relations with partner and friends. Any broken line cutting on it shows tense relations and anxieties.

If there is any star on it, it is indicative of marriage and great support from parents in wedding. The bright and healthy color reveals much compassion and love to lovers. Furthermore, if this mount of Venus is less developed, this person can face up to many troubles like child birth.

  • A caring individual

In Chiromancy, the Heart line represents emotions, passions and compatibility. The long and deep line without any cut and break will be highly carrying, loving and passionate. Those have a tendency to enjoy wonderful relationships with their spouse and have the contented marital lives. In case this line is apt to reach the end of the palm, then this individual can get physical once his demand is not satisfied.

People with short lines are often demanding and described as the free thinkers. To seek charming partners, they will not hesitate to take various challenges and risks. Their main purposes in life are the luxury and comfort of material things.

  • Further spousal affairs

Look at the red lines in the picture! They are considered as sexuality-related lines. One line indicates the happy marriage while two lines portray great sexual relations with partner or spouse.

In addition, three lines symbolize extramarital relations (love outside marriage). In case the finger tips are heavy, it signifies that this person is listed as the emotional type.

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How To Read Palms?

Palm reading or Palmistry is known as the exciting practice of forecasting one’s future via observing his whole hands, not merely his palms only. Nevertheless, the palms are believed to consist of many complicated lines, creases, whorls in comparison to the rest of the entire hands. To perform palm reading, it is time to take a careful look at our palm right now! After that, don’t forget to spread our fingers out as widely as possible so that the lines may be accentuated.

Why did Fortune Tellers start to study humans’ hands? Actually, unlike some Crystal Spheres, Animal Entrails or Flocks of Birds, hands were supposed to possess some secrets about humans’ life, fortune, characteristics, etc. Prior to the days of plastic surgery, everyone couldn’t change their hands’ shapes or palms’ lines. As a result, all things on their hands would reflect anything about their entire lives in general.

Want to practice Palmistry? It is time to interpret the main characteristics of hand shapes overall!

How To Read Palms?
  • The Air-hand shape: They are elegant and long-fingered hands, combined with long or manicured nails and dry skin. The palm itself seems long in comparison to the arm or fingers. The “Air” is the element of the mind. Possessing the Air-hand shape, we tend to work in cerebral areas like freelance accounting or teaching. Our mind is very active; thus, we may be easily distracted and difficult for others to understand.
  • The Water-hand shape: They are normally long-fingered hands, soft and moist skin. The palm is likely to have the rounded corners, rather than the box. Interestingly, no matter what skin color we are, part of the palm and fingertips can appear pink. Owning the Water-hand shape, we are tough on the outside, yet very emotional on the inside. Moreover, we are apt to have long friendship, but try to be careful of the chronic health problems.
  • The Fire-hand shape: They are often short-fingered hands, wide knuckles and squarish-palm shape. With this shape, we have a tendency to act without thinking. Furthermore, we are known to be fluent in persuasion or even creative individuals. Having Fire-hand shape, we are good at web design, advertising and salesmen. Although we look great at the beginning of any project, our attraction seems to reduce gradually at the end. Generally, we are often stubborn.
  • The Earth-hand shape: They are generally largest than other shapes with the dry and chapped skin. The fingers tend to appear in proportion to their great width. With this shape, we are described as the sensitive ones. We will not be easily moved by emotion, and have a tendency to ignore our own instincts. Everything in life shall be quickly done by our creativity. We possess a fascinating ability to make craft, work in a garden, or work with wood.

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Does anybody know of any good palmistry sites?

Does anybody know of any good palmistry sites?
I’d really like to learn how to read palms, but I’m poor and I can’t afford books and such.
Naturally, I have googled it, but the results were someone extensive, much to sort through.

Suggestion by Vlad Tepes
look it up on google

Suggestion by MrsPalmReader.com
I good start is this website: http://www.mrspalmreader.com .

There is a lot of free info about palmistry, including free hand charts and diagrams.

All the best,

how to read palms

Is it possible to make myself psychic?
I know this is a crazy question but I really want to know! I hate how my life is so unpredictable and I am never ready for anything and my life is really bad because of that! If you don’t know how I can make myself psychic, then can you please explain how to read palms. Thank you for all of your help!

Suggestion by bradley
Nah. The palms thing was a special trick. Back when people either did manual labor or owned a business and hired workers, you could look at the palm and tell which is which. And if you thought it through, you may be able to tell where each worker worked. Moving crates would leave different marks then blacksmithing. You could impress someone that way.

There’s no way to actually be psychic. There’s no real proof such a thing exists, and if it does, no one has ever discovered a way to make it work.

Suggestion by Caelestis
If you aren’t ready for anything, than instead of trying to predict what will happen and prepare for that one event, prepare yourself for anything . It will make you stronger and more self-confident. Otherwise your just wasting your time, for ex. palm reading is only as good as the zodiac, it is only a generalization. If a person’s hands were fairly rough, you would say they are a hard-working person and work from that.

Ayliann, I believe that you cannot give an answer based on a belief if the other person doesn’t believe in your religion. You should ask them what religion they are first before you blabber about biblical references. Also, I would like to note to not follow prophets like sheeps. To put it in your own terms, what if that prophet was given dreams by satin, or that the prophet is a liar who wants attention. You have no way of proving that this prophet is valid or not. Sometimes prophets even rigg events or the seemingly impossible to make you believe, but it’s not.

It is also illogical to be scared of the unknown, such as magic. You shouldn’t fear something just because you don’t understand it, but it is fairly reasonable to be cautious.

Suggestion by tboznchilli
no. those tarot readings are scam. theres no way for a person to foretell the future.

Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Vedic Palmist-Astrologer and the Founder of The Birla Center for Hast Jyotish, explain why you should learn palmistry, the vedic science of Hast Jyotish. If you want to learn palmistry (how to read hand palms), visit www.birlacenter.com