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How to read my palms: head,heart, and life lines are connected on my both hands.?

how to read palms

How to read my palms: head,heart, and life lines are connected on my both hands.?
How to read my palms: head,heart, and life lines are connected on my both hands. I cannot find how to read this. Please help

Suggestion by lala
Go to a library and they got some books how to read palm

how to read palms

How do you read a person’s palms?
I have always been curious about palm reading. Is there a website out there that teaches you how to do it for free? I am not supersticious or anything.

Suggestion by belle
um i think that you read the right hand and the line below your pinky is like your relationship line and if that lines smooth then youll do good in relationships and the line coming from you thumb going down near your wrist is like your life line. same with it being smooth, then youre gonna be healthy. i think thats how you read a palm.

Suggestion by Mickyfan
Write on them first.

Suggestion by myownconfusion
All the littles lines and marks in certain areas mean certain things. I have a really great detailed book on it… its interesting. But during most palm readings I’ve gotten, the psychic looked at my palm’s marks but mostly held it and just used their “ability”.

how to read palms

How accurate is reading palms?
If anyone does this, could some one read mine? I find it interesting, and i’d like to see how accurate they are. Please and thank you. (:
If you need further information, here’s my email.. murry_146@hotmail.com
Here’s my palm!…-

Suggestion by Brandon
0% accuracy.

Suggestion by Nunya

Suggestion by James
They are almost completely inaccurate. The lines on your palms do not control the outcomes of your life. If you believe they do then you are most likely crazy lol.

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I want to know how to read palms?

how to read palms

I want to know how to read palms?
I just wanna know so i can make people scared about their future Muwahhhhaaaaaa

Suggestion by Kylee Swedo
u’d have to fake it its simply not real without a time machine

Suggestion by knittinmama
Try googling it. My mom used to do it and claimed I was supposed to have lots of children. I only have two. I was also supposed to have something tragic happen in my life. I guess you can say having cancer was tragic.

Suggestion by Smuag
All you need is a good poker face and some convincing lies.

how to read palms

Anyone know how to read palms?
just looked up which line is which. my marriage line splits into two line, with the bottom line being deeper. then my life and fate lines completely are shaped like a Y. they end in opposite sides of my palms. what does all this mean? i thinking of a divorce, what does my palm suggest.

and if you don’t believe that’s ok, no need to make any rude comments! thanks!

BTW i am a woman of 32, contrary to my pic

Suggestion by Cas. San. Dra.
My palms can read braille.

Suggestion by alamyst
No one knows how to read palms because it is made up fiction

Suggestion by deideiblueeyez
Here, use this site to help you compare the lines on your hand w/ the pictures…

I’m sure you’ll find a match, because its difficult to do palmistry without a picture of a person’s hands…


how to read palms

Have you ever Read someone’s Palms?
I just learned how to read palms and I think it’s fun just want to know if anyone else can read palms.

Suggestion by DoOrDieChick
I try all the time, but I dont know how to really do it good, wish someone could teach me , bet its cool though :))

answer mines


Suggestion by MAX PAYNE
you must be a gypsy to read palms

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