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I need a simple Tarot Card Spread that i can use for performing readings for other people?

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I need a simple Tarot Card Spread that i can use for performing readings for other people?
I don’t need it to be complicated at all as i am very new to this, it would be nice if it would be a very general spread that could answer a variety of questions someone might have.

Suggestion by vid
One of the best and easiest spreads for answering questions is the Past, Present, and Future spread. It’s a three card spread and the first card is laid to the left–past–the middle card–present–and the card to the right is the future. This can answer a variety of questions and shows the person’s past on the matter, present, and future. It’s also best to add a timeframe to the question so they know that the card for the future will happen within that timeframe.

tarot card spreads

Tarot card spread for someone who has died?
Im trying to focus on a friend of mine who has recently passed away, i just want to know if he is in a safe place and maybe bring some understanding to why things happened the way they did when he passed away. If any one knows a good spread for this i would be very grateful. Thanks!

Suggestion by vamp boy
This will not work because the tarot tell the future and someone who is dead has none.

Suggestion by Athena
I think you might be better off trying to use a ouija board for that. I am sorry for your loss and i hope you find what you are looking for.

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How do you develope your psychic abilities to read people without tarot cards or any tools?

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How do you develope your psychic abilities to read people without tarot cards or any tools?
I have been reading the Tarot for about 7 years. I have for the past two years been working with reading auras and talking to spirits. When I read the tarot I only use the pictures as triggers to start the film reel in my head which gives me the information I need. I was trying to find a catalyst to receive the information without having to use any tools such as Tarot cards.

Suggestion by Meditator_Nepali
Probably through meditation.

Suggestion by Miri
Meditation is where I started. First you have to get intouch with your inner self and your “guides” (some people may call them angels, guardians etc).

Open your mind and free your heart.

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This is a video in response to AmandaPearl2, MoonlitOpal and Angelo Nasios videos in regards to Hardest Tarot Cards for them to read. This video is just my thoughts on the cards they spoke about and my insight into each of them. Please keep in mind that this video is just my interpretation of the cards and is by no means the “truth” or “the only way” to read the cards. Many blessings of abundance, joy and love!

Are you always amazed at what people will believe?

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Are you always amazed at what people will believe?
They believe in spirits, mind-reading, communicating with the dead, various gods, angels, Tarot cards, astrology, numerology, feng shui, karma, reincarnation, ESP, divining, ‘operating thetans’, magic, homeopathy, ghosts…

The list goes on. I find it hard to believe people will believe any one of these.

Suggestion by The spirit of the monkey was irrepressible.
Not always, most of the time I have other things on my mind.

Suggestion by gutbucket
No, because humans seem to have a propensity for believing in nonsense.

Suggestion by IRev. Albert Einstein

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What does ten of coins means for advice of a relationship?
*tarot card

Suggestion by Cindy
The 10 of Coins speaks of a time of comfort and security. It’s a positive card, so I would say it’s a positive portent for the relationship.

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are there people who read the tarot for free?

are there people who read the tarot for free?
or just they need something? I have read people read the tarot but they charge and someone told me that’s wrong because if you the gift you should do it for free and helping others, where can I find someone who can read me tarot for free?

Suggestion by Ginny Jin
It depends. They may have a gift but still want to earn a living right. If something is that important to you why expect it for free.

Suggestion by yyyyzz (wise)
All proper physics, irrespective the medium, do not charge. But as they say, a man must eat. Thus some do…..if you think it is too much, don’t use them.

Suggestion by George
Yes and you can find some of them online.

The interactive online Tarot deck here has readers, some of which do their readings for free.
The advantage of using this site is that you aren’t passive and leaving a reader to draw your cards for you. You get the complete 78 Rider Waite card deck shuffled to pick your own cards from in a variety of spreads of your choosing. Once you have created a spread you can request a reader to interpret your spread for you. Some charge some do it for free. They will give you their interpretation typed up and appended to the spread for future reference.
Or you can have a go at reading the spread yourself using the interactive help and reference on each card or at any time hand the spread over to a reader who.
An immersive experience and lot more fun!

An other option is this web site. Biddy has a list of free tarot readers here:

Is it possible to get free online tarot reading?

Suggestion by Space Unicorn
nothing is free

Suggestion by Graybeard
Perhaps, but you shouldn’t waste your time on it. Tarot card reading, like all forms of fortunetelling, is a complete fraud. No one has any ability to predict your future. Anyone who claims to do so is either suffering from self-deception or trying to swindle you.

Suggestion by Cindy
I’ll do one for you. You can edit your question and tell me what you want to know about, or contact me by email via Yahoo Answers. Yes, it is free. I enjoy reading for people. There are also websites that you can go to and ask but I can’t think of any of the names at the moment. Maybe some others could post that information?

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Is it bad to tell other people your tarot card readings?

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Is it bad to tell other people your tarot card readings?
Is it bad to tell your friends details about your tarot card readings? i read somewhere that what they tell you wont necessarily come true after having told someone…readings are personal and should be kept to oneself is this true? does this mean by me telling my friends what they told me chances are i might have changed the future around? i know the cards aren’t set in stone but im scared i might not get the result im waiting for because i told my friends when they asked.

Suggestion by pass by
1) tarot cards are mostly fake
2) future is not fixed
3) you are taking this seriously, dont even bother on it
4) this is the reason why people told others not to do tarot readings or fortune tellings cuz it can scared the crap out of the weakminded

Suggestion by Henry
Why would it matter if you told someone you have the card.

Suggestion by emfederin
It’s even worse to tell people you put any stock or credence in tarot card readings.

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How much should I charge for doing Tarot Card readings?
I just started reading Tarot Cards today. I’m not very good yet and let’s be honest I pretty much just make it up as I go. I’m wondering how much I should charge and if you think it’s a good idea to do readings for my friends and family. Serious responses only please I really think this may be my new calling in life!

Suggestion by Wendy S
Charging money would imply you are an expert and know what you are doing.

Suggestion by Sarah
thats alla bunch of crap…. iva had one friend that had been told a lie and that stupid person was nearly sues. they teall you BS just for a couple of bucks….


Suggestion by Buzzo J
well since it’s all made up, charge the going rate.

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