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Can any body please give me a free tarot reading of who will I marry?

Can any body please give me a free tarot reading of who will I marry?
please I’m lonely right now in my life, i want something to give me hope

Suggestion by Sony Dangol

Suggestion by cupcakes and love with cherries on top
trust me the only way you can solve your problem is by getting out of the house and off the computer and socialize, you can’t wait and expect something to fall on your lap, you have to go and get it. Tarot reading is not going to get you the girl/guy you want only you can do that. this may not be the answer you are looking for or expecting but i can assure you tarot reading is not the way to go, only you can give yourself hope? (if that makes much sense)

Suggestion by BB has a TD-Stalker!
I randomly picked 2 cards out of the bunch while reading your Q, and it is 8 of Wands REVERSED and Wheel of Fortune REVERSED.

I have some advice for you: You are too much on a hurry for finding love. and also you have some issues to solve at the moment (quarrels, regrets, jealousy?)… But Luck will come to you and your will be very successful in all aspects in your life but with some DELAYS. My advice to you is: HAVE PATIENCE. You want to reach out too quickly for happiness and love. It will come to you, but you must wait.

Everybody deserves love and love comes to everybody! Trust me, you will find love and you will be married to her.

Best of lucks & stop worrying!


Can any one do a free tarot or psychic reading for me please?

Suggestion by hides90
I could but it would need to be in person and I’m not going to bother meeting you.

Suggestion by Krystal

A slice of pizza will burn you after you view a movie…A movie about pancakes…And shoes with yellow laces…

…Be wary of pencils.

Suggestion by choko_canyon
Yes, anyone can, and that’s the problem. Neither tarot nor psychic readings require any special powers, abilities or knowledge because they’re total scams. They have no merit, and so there’s no requirements to perform them. That’s why the answer to your question is yes, anyone can do a tarot or psychic reading. Can anyone do an ACCURATE reading? No. If it’s accurate, they just got lucky.

Request FREE tarot reading videos here For live readings go here: www.nickdutch.co.uk

Tarot Card Meaning Help? Please?

tarot card meaning

Tarot Card Meaning Help? Please?
After coming off the phone, to what i would say quite a positive and accurate reading from a psychic who had good reviews, im still mystified about the tarot cards that came up, and was hoping that anyone could lend some insight and answers to cure my curiosity.

The tarot cards that she mentioned was the following

1. The Lucky Love Affair Card
2. The Marriage/Proposal Card
3. Aquarius Card.

Suggestion by Just Plain Bob
what deck was she using? Never heard of those cards.

Suggestion by Susan Smith
Don’t put stock in Tarot cards, they’re just cards.

Suggestion by Fiery Phoenix
I have never heard of those cards before. She is probably using terminology that she came up with for traditional Tarot cards, so as to avoid having you go look up the meanings of the cards for yourself. Either that, or she is using some weird deck I never heard of.

The Emporer – Tarot Card Meaning?please help?
well i was with a psychic i asked her one question, and the question was will i ever meet my soul mate?…and for the answer i got ‘The Emporer’ card.. i really wanna know what the meaning is too get that

please can someone explain abit about the emporer card, is it something to do with a boy coming into my life?

Suggestion by HotNarutoGirl
Hmmm…I think you are going to be a Queen soon.

Suggestion by Deacon_227
“is it something to do with a boy coming into my life?”

No, it’s about you being gullible. Stop paying money to con artists and liars. No one knows the future. Those who claim to know are con artists and liars, when they are not just self deluded kooks.

Suggestion by Insidious Letters
The Emperor Tarot Card means you were scammed.

Q&A: Can Anyone Do A Tarot Card Reading For Me Please?

tarot card reading

Can Anyone Do A Tarot Card Reading For Me Please?
Because I want to know my past, present and future.
Any reading is fine to. But no jokes please

Suggestion by Oyon
you will die in the next 120 years.

what’s scary is that it’s true! lol nah not really

Suggestion by Anansi
ok i seriously did one.
and i’ve never gotten this before but the world will end in 9000 Thursdays because of you.

Suggestion by Glo
I wouldn’t rely on a Tarot reading from just anyone, especially online. It takes a very good reader to even properly read cards for someone over the phone. It takes more than knowing your name and birth date to be able to come up with a reading that isn’t superficial or incorrect.

tarot card reading

I am looking for free ezwin bingo or madame fortune bingo. Can you please tell me where I can find it?

free fortune telling

I am looking for free ezwin bingo or madame fortune bingo. Can you please tell me where I can find it?

Suggestion by henman547
Try Pogo.Com.

Ezwin is free, but the Fortune one u have to pay club pogo for that.

free fortune telling

Has anyone visited PowerFortunes.com?
I am a regular visitor of www.PowerFortunes.com . I’ve found the free fortune telling cards and horoscopes to be quite accurate, I use them almost everyday. I want to get an astrology reading from them. If anyone has tried these particular astrology readings, please advise.

Suggestion by Alternatives
Thanks for asking this question, because I’m also a regular visitor to www.PowerFortunes.com and also use the free fortune telling cards.

I have had an astrology reading through PowerFortunes.com and have also ordered talismans from them and I am 100% satisfied. They know their stuff and I would certainly recommend their services.

free fortune telling

Where can I find a fortune teller or psychic for free online?
I dont really believe in the psychic but just want to know if they say the truth. or can someone tell me my future.. im a piscis

Suggestion by Joy Full
There are no free fortune tellers or psychics.

Suggestion by 1st Buzie

Suggestion by Einstein
No such thing. Fortune tellers were invented to scam.

Can someone please do a tarot reading for free and help me out?

tarot reading

Can someone please do a tarot reading for free and help me out?
my boyfriend recently broke up with me without any explanations and i want to know if we will be together….can someone please do a tarot reading and help me out…plz…

Suggestion by lucy by surprise
you are not going to get answers like that from a reading. in a reading, it is only the energy of the person being read that is reflected. better just to ask him what his deal is.

Suggestion by Peaches
You do not need a tarot reading for that, just go to your boyfriend and ask why he broke up with you!

Suggestion by sharky
If you really want one, go here and generate your own.

Seconding the asking the guy, though.

tarot reading

Anyone in the mood to give me a Tarot reading?
I’m feeling rather aimless and I can’t be buggered for a lot of things. I’d be most grateful.

Suggestion by AnimeGirl375
Go to teenick.com and go to games; there’s a tarot card reading game on there that seems pretty accurate. You know, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

Suggestion by Helen
For what it’s worth, you can get a free Tarot reading by a real person via www.ata-tarot.com, www.aeclectic.net and www.realmsofmagick.com. Understand that most people willing to give you a free reading are beginners doing it for practice.

You can also get free automated readings from many websites including aeclectic, facade, ifate, students-of-tarot, mydivination (all except the first dotcom).

Suggestion by Dipti
You can get in touch with me. Visit my website www.tarotforyou.com for more info.