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Everything to Know about Free Online Tarot Cards Sessions

Online Tarot Cards
Online Tarot Cards

For starters, free Online Tarot Cards reading comprises of varieties of ideas, preconceptions and images. The novices of reading tarot cards predictions sessions often confuse them with the psychic chatrooms. Both of them have some connection. However, what most people don’t know is the fact that not all the tarot readers do psychic reading. And vice versa is also true.

During a free online tarot card reading session, the reader makes use of the tarot cards. They have the unique capability of picking up energy of the one who is being read. When someone indulges in a self tarot reading session, they are transferring their own vibrations into the reading process. No matter whether the tarot reader is psychic or not it is always true. The cards go on to represent the person being read and reveal his or her future.

Some Elements of Free Online Tarot Cards Reading Sessions

Therefore, some other elements of free Online Tarot Cards reading sessions are as follows:

  • Reading tarot cards for beginners sessions are very different from free astrology predictions. The reader gets the reading done directly from the cards. The psychic tarot readers are more inclined towards using their cards as a mean to trigger the psychic information. These readers are less likely to base their readings on the Tarot interpretations of any sort.
  • It’s the tarot imagery which helps the Tarot readers to gain access to the psychic impressions. Eventually, the readers disclose the information they gathered via the imagery. To the person seeking answers and waiting for the reading.
  • However, a good session of reading tarot card deck never depends on whether the reader is psychic or not. Generally, a good reading is based on the information value which is revealed during the reading. But at the end, signs of good reading is one feels satisfied and fulfilled by the end of it. It is very easy for people.

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They are free tarot and psychic readings online?

free tarot

They are free tarot and psychic readings online?
They are some stuff I want and need to know my life is ruined and empty and since my gf changed and left im alone too.
Any magick and paranormal forums I can get a free reading?
Are you there Summer?I have been needing you hanging on and wondering about you just to go you know?im tired

Suggestion by jasonicus
You need a hobby.

Suggestion by Bill C
I feel for ya, buddy. I know how it feels to lose someone you care about. It makes you feel worthless, and it makes you crave attention, and you want to feel special again.

But let me tell you, you’re asking to be scammed. There is no such thing as magic, or the paranormal, nor psychics. It may feel comforting, but so is Santa Claus.

free tarot

Any good Tarot free website that u can recommend for personal experience ?

Suggestion by Casu.
Sara Freider can help you.

Suggestion by Casandra X
Dara Freider can help with that. She charges less.

Suggestion by Люцифер зомби Dämonen
spellspace.com Darkane66~~~➤

What is the logic and social science behind psychic readings and tarot cards especially. ?

tarot cards

What is the logic and social science behind psychic readings and tarot cards especially. ?
As you can tell I don’t believe that psychics know anything, but I do believe and respect their skills to be able to read people to provoke an emotional response to their reading, thus converting the skeptics. Explain to me some of the tricks used, how does one fool a skeptic.

Suggestion by cx329
They are genuinely insightful people who make generalizations then key off of your reactions. It’s basic psychology 101.

Suggestion by rhsaunders
There isn’t any.

Suggestion by Non-Christian Agnostic Theist
I don’t know about being psychic, but I can tell you that tarot cards are certainly a psychological tool as much as a mystic one.

When you choose a card, you have a certain response to it in the context of your question. Very often the card seems to “predict” the future, but I feel this is because you yourself already know the answer subconsciously, and you read it into the card.

I wonder why it hasn’t occurred to you that perhaps, sometimes, there are no “tricks.” I don’t claim to know exactly how or why the cards work, but they do, and no “tricks” are involved in MY readings. (But I don’t read for others, only for myself.)

I would encourage you to get a pack of tarot cards and learn how to do your own readings. You may be surprised at the results, and if there are any “tricks” you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

tarot cards

where can i buy tarot cards?
im looking for the cheapest tarot cards possible.

anywhere i can get them that isn’t online?


tarot cards

How do Tarot Cards work? And what other cults use them other than Druids?
Was just wondering how they work and if their was a different way of practicing them.

Also, how do you deal them? And how do you give someone a reading?

I’m lookin for detail.

Suggestion by Eleutherios
The Tarot became the Torah which became the first five books of the Old Testament. Life follows the tarot if you do it correctly. We all start out as the fool, then if you ever get beyond that (which most don’t) you become the magician, and then you use your magic to get your king or queen and become the Emperor or the Queen. That’s just my simple interpretation of it. Look into alchemy, they use a lot of tarot type symbols.

Suggestion by Little Bizzle
Here you go:

Suggestion by Bill K Atheist Goodfella
There have been variations of tarot decks in various cultures, throughout history; Egyptian, French, etc.

Unless you’ve got a game that uses tarot cards, they don’t work. The easiest way to prove this is to ask the same question 3 or 4 times, and use the same “spread”. If they held any type of mystical power to scry the truth, the same cards would turn up each time.

In fact, the only way to make them work is to learn “cold reading”; a method of getting people to give you pieces of information (without blatantly asking), and using it to formulate a “vision” that the cards “predict”.

There are some nices pieces of artwork in the decks, though…

What is the difference between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?

tarot card readings

What is the difference between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?
Explain the diffrence, and which do you think is more effective?

Suggestion by livingthings
They are all wrong no one absolutely no one can know the thruth only the b /i /b / l / e.

Suggestion by ChainLightning ⅜
The difference is the first two use props for their alleged psychic ability. The last uses nothing, the psychic wings it.

What is the most effective? The one that wins a million bucks.

The James Randi Educational Foundation offers a million dollar prize. To anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power. This has been going on for over ten years. No one has been close.

Money talks a lot.

Suggestion by Rachael Yay!!!
palm readings – they read hands
tarot card readings – they read the cards.
psychic readings – they read your mind.

Tarot Card Readings is effective
Also Astrology is effective too.

palm readings and psychic readings, no effective.

tarot card readings

Anyone who does Tarot card readings want to do a free reading for me plz?
my email- brunettebabyg@yahoo.com

I’ve got a question bout my life..sooo anyone who does tarot card readings ..with some experience in it.. help me out?!?! thank you people!! 🙂

Suggestion by Sam I am
Why would they do a free reading for you when they could be scamming someone else out of their money?

tarot card readings

Is astrology or tarot card readings real?
I received a reading from a tarot card reader that scared the crap out of me. Everything said I already felt. Should I believe it or not?

Suggestion by The Atheist

You make yourself believe that it is real and your mind looks for specific patterns that vaguely represent the “prediction.”

Suggestion by Carly♥
it’s what you choose to believe in. Personally, I don’t believe in tarot cards. I think they’re fun to do, but not life threatening or something to rely on. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Suggestion by * * Star * *
I tend to trust Tarot a lot more than astrology, perhaps because I’m a pretty good reader of the cards. Tarot is best used as a psychological tool, a way to access your subconscious. Nothing to fear, I promise.

Q&A: Can anyone give me free psychic or tarot reading ?

Can anyone give me free psychic or tarot reading ?
really need someone to help me out.I have been searching for free readings for months now but have been unsuccessful.I will really appreciate it if someone can give me a free reading its very important to me.thank you.Please don’t answer if your gonna be rude im only referring to non believers

Suggestion by Tea
Okay. I’ll give you a general reading using the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Past: The 4 of Pentacles indicates that in the past you may have been afraid of losing someone or something or maybe you were feeling less than generous where something in your life was concerned.

Present: The 9 of Cups indicates that something you have been hoping or wishing for may have recently happened or started to happen in your life.

Future: The Death card paired with the Star card suggest that you know your current situation is probably not going to last, but you may be in denial or refusing to admit it to yourself.

Hidden Aspect: The 7 of Cups paired with the Ace of Swords indicate that you’re probably being fooled by appearances or wishful thinking and that all it would take is a little investigation for you to see the truth of the situation.

The Challenge: In order to uncover the truth of your current situation you will probably need to do your investigation in a covert manner. Trying to be direct or upfront about your investigation will probably not be effective or smart (7 of Swords).

Your Hopes: You may be hoping that you haven’t pushed things too far or expected too much (The Empress paired with the Knight of Pentacles and the Devil).

Your Fears: Your fear may be that things are just too good to be true (Page of Pentacles).

Your Current Path: You may be living in a high quality situation right now or perhaps you are working toward creating a higher quality situation for yourself (9 of Pentacles).

The outcome if you stay on your current path: The 2 of pentacles indicates that you may end up having to make a few compromises in order to have a more balanced or sustainable situation.

I drew two clarification cards. The 8 of Wands indicates that time is of the essence in this situation, and it is probably time to get some advice or to talk to someone who may be more well informed than yourself (The High Priestess).

Suggestion by Amali
Dear Tara,

Please feel free to email me with your question, being as specific as
you possibly can. I have been reading for a number of years for various people with a high level of accuracy. I do not charge as this is a gift from me to others.

Kind regards,


can someone give me a free tarot reading?
hi am looking for someone who can give me a free tarot reading am really struggling at the minute and with financial difficulties cannot afford to have a private reading dob 18/01/86 thanx

Suggestion by `
May God bless you all your days.

Tarots psychichs are all liars and witches, and fortune tellers.

Turn your life to God dear one.

Peace always.

Suggestion by blogdog123
How about I just tell you, things will get better if you get a second job?

Suggestion by Sjnoring Ejverloodyr
A fork in the road is coming very soon. You will know which direction to take.

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