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Are there any psychic or tarot card websites that actually work?

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Are there any psychic or tarot card websites that actually work?
Do you of any FREE tarot or psychic websites with real psychics that actually work?
Theres a really important question I need to ask. Thanks!! x
Ok, will you please tell me what is going on with my love life as I am very confused at the moment! Thank you so much if you answer x

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You should have asked it here. I read tarot cards all the time and have sent answers to people on YA.

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Tarot only works once for each question you ask in your one life.
Tarot is designed to be of a physical format, not digital, but sometimes it does actually work online, coincidentally of course, this is the same for Ouija Boards online.
So that’d be any.
I wouldn’t trust living human psychics, because most of them say they can communicate with intelligent beings of the ether (superhuman or not), when humans and other creatures’ link to the psychic world is actually distorted by imagination and science.

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Hello Elle

Not free, but here is a link http://tarotcourse.webs.com/tarotguidance.htm
You can also join the forum & post in the Problem Page.


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Can anyone tell me the tarot cards that represent each planet?
i’m learning the tarot and in this book i have it says that tarot can connect with astrology someway.
i am just wondering if anyone knows. thanks all answers appreciated.

Suggestion by Scorpio Wild Card
Sun- The Sun Card
Moon- The Moon Card
Mercury- The Chariot Card
Mars- Strength Card
Venus- The Lovers Card
Jupiter- The Tower Card
Saturn- The Hermit Card
Neptune- Wheel of Fortune Card
Uranus- The Star Card
Pluto- Death Card or (High Priestess Card)

They are all pretty much the Major Arcana Cards.

Edit* and if you want to throw in the Earth- The Empress*

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Do requests for psychic and or tarot card readings belong on Yahoo Answers?

tarot card readings

Do requests for psychic and or tarot card readings belong on Yahoo Answers?
Could these requests even be considered a question?Just curious.
Tbh,when I was posting this question I was directed to R&S(which actually makes more sense,since psychic powers and tarot card readings can be a part of Spirituality),but I posted it here since this is were the requests are most often posted(which does not make much sense if the posters really believe this type of thing is possible,Myths and folklore mean things that are no longer believed to be true(or are considered false beliefs).

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It makes for good LOLs..

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sure they are asking will you help me? most answer “no way loony toons get back on your meds.”
Still it is a conundrum. Should they be in mythology and folklore or religion and spirituality?

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~~~~What’s the deal with SPELLS, TAROT-CARD readings, and other psychic-type readings?~~~~?
Are they all just con artists tricks to milk ppl out of their money, or is there some truth to their power and effect?
DID anybody ever ge any readings, or spells performed for them, that ended up working?

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They are real… Most of the time, but you never know.

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I believe its real, because it works for meh.

But there’s this site where its absolutely correct.


You have to believe in it, and give decent questions.

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depending on who is your reader it could be true, but mostly in a way they are either scammers or low level witches. People usually go to readings just to guide them, or to get in insight to what their future is.

tarot card readings

When you do tarot card readings are they accurate?
Mine have been.

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not often but it is a tool to predict.

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The tarot readings I have received and the tarot card readings I have given have all been accurate, no exaggeration. Maybe it’s because it’s a good shuffle, maybe a coincidence, maybe they’re vague, or maybe because they’re powerful. Either way, I’ve never had a bad one. There may be a few things that are off, but not necessarily wrong.

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It depends on who’s doing the readings. Different psychics vary in their level of accuracy.

What I do is ask the psychic for a past/present/future reading — if I agree with the past and present’s accuracy, then I pay for my future….

How do you develope your psychic abilities to read people without tarot cards or any tools?

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How do you develope your psychic abilities to read people without tarot cards or any tools?
I have been reading the Tarot for about 7 years. I have for the past two years been working with reading auras and talking to spirits. When I read the tarot I only use the pictures as triggers to start the film reel in my head which gives me the information I need. I was trying to find a catalyst to receive the information without having to use any tools such as Tarot cards.

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Probably through meditation.

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Meditation is where I started. First you have to get intouch with your inner self and your “guides” (some people may call them angels, guardians etc).

Open your mind and free your heart.

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This is a video in response to AmandaPearl2, MoonlitOpal and Angelo Nasios videos in regards to Hardest Tarot Cards for them to read. This video is just my thoughts on the cards they spoke about and my insight into each of them. Please keep in mind that this video is just my interpretation of the cards and is by no means the “truth” or “the only way” to read the cards. Many blessings of abundance, joy and love!

How old do you have to be to go to a psychic?

tarot cards

How old do you have to be to go to a psychic?
Does it vary? Do they not care? I just want a tarot card reading.

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I believe the question you’re looking for is how stupid do you have to be.

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Yes,it varies……….

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psychic are for entertainment only. if psychic were real , they would win all the lottery tickets

is it true that you can attract spirits to you?
i was just wondering if this was possible.
like if you have really negative energy emanating out of you could you attract an evil spirit..or do you have to connect with that other world first?
also, can using tarot cards open that gateway?
if a spirit is around you is there anything you can do to protect yourself if it tries to harm you?

Suggestion by sugargliderqueen
i believe its possible. ive been through a lot in my life and done some stupid things that i believe opened me up to evil spirits. i believe using a spirit board could open the gateway but i wouldnt suggest it unless you know what your doing. and for protection i pray. if you believe god can and will protect you from evil spirits particularly then you have to pray. if you dont believe though then im not sure. hopefully someone else can help out there.

Suggestion by Daniel G
Obey Acts 2:38 before it is too late.



Evil spirits or demons are going to do their best at seeing to it that as many of the Earths human population goes to Hell as possible. God created man from the dust of the Earth and that is what the devil was cursed to eat when God rebuked him in the Garden of Eden. The only protection we have is the Word of God in our obedience to that truth and the blood of Christ that is applied by obedience to the truth of Acts 2:38 when the blood of Christ is applied. Even after that we have to walk in truth and prayerfully care for each other to watch each others back. The devil walks about as a lion seeking those he may devour. He has a lot of ways he can devour a life. There are all kinds of traps of addictions and manipulations and all kinds of false religions and lies he can bewitch a soul with. His end game is to see you suffer the same fate he will suffer in the flames of Hell. Whether he leads you on a short path that ends abruptly in suicide or a long path of enjoying the pleasures of sin for a long life he still gets you in the flames of Hell.
The more you yield yourself to evil the more you will be used of the devil and eventually reap the wages of sin which is death. Just look at all the evil in the leaders of this New World Order. Satanic activity amongst them has the whole world on the fast track to Armageddon for the destruction of all mankind.

Jesus Christ is your only hope.

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Yes it is true but not for negative energy……

Does the meaning of some tarot cards change according to the deck?
I’ve noticed that the pictures of the cards change from a deck to another, but does the meaning change too?

Suggestion by ChainLightnin’ ⅜
They are just playing cards dealt at random. There really is a card game call Tarots. The fortune telling part did not start until the early twentieth century.

Suggestion by Victoria ♌
Tarot cards uses symbolism to portray meaning (based upon the universal meanings of symbols and archetypes). The artwork on cards are open to interpretation and so are the meanings of the cards. Using intuition instead of textbook meanings, in my opinion, is even better. Although i know quite a few people would disagree with me (It’s limiting and it isn’t always best to give the same answer to different questions). Like to say if a card gives you a sensation of sadness, but you look it up in the book and its suppose to symbolize rewards. According to the question, it sometimes just doesn’t make sense.. and I feel that it can make you doubt your intuition, and give the wrong advice.
But to answer your question short and sweet, no, the textbook meaning of the card doesn’t change from deck to deck.

What is the diffrence between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?

tarot card readings

What is the diffrence between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?
Explain the diffrence, and which do you think is more effective?

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neither, it just ways of bsing people. each way is creative and they can all be simple. just depends on how much you can do it for the money.

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I don’t know, but the one thing they have in common is that they’re all fake.

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Palm readings are looking at a person’s palm and saying things about them and their lives based on the lines on their hand.
Tarot card readings are where they look at cards and depending on what cards are drawn, different meanings are gotten.

And I think both of the above are considered kinds of psychic readings.

I think it depends on what you believe as to what’s the most effective. I personally don’t think that my whole past and future is mapped out on the lines on my hand. But so people do, and that works for them..

I also think that no matter what you want to believe, it can be found in a tarot reading. The cards just give you some vague idea of something, and depending on what you want it to say, is how you interpret it. Like the death card can mean
* Ending of a cycle —– Loss —– Conclusion —– Sadness
* Transition into a new state —– Psychological transformation
* Finishing up —– Regeneration —– Elimination of old patterns
* Being caught in the inescapable —– Good-byes —– Deep change

or anything else. So I think that in everyone’s lives, this can be applicable someway.

And I think with fortune telling you need to be careful not to change how you would have lived, and decisions you would have made because you might make something the cards said come true that otherwise wouldn’t have because you wouldn’t have done what you did.
Like there’s a dodgy Australian TV presenter who got a reading done and they said that he would get a job on TV, so then he auditioned for heaps of roles and eventually got one. I doubt he would have auditioned if the cards didn’t tell him to (or his interpretation of the cards).

Has anyone ever done clow card tarot readings, and are they accurate?
I recently got my hands on the book that shows you how to do the readings, but I’m not really sure if the cards readings are even accurate. I don’t want to end up wasting my time on them if they do end up not being as accurate as I hope they will be, so if anyone has had experience please respond.

Suggestion by SoutaK.
It is your choice to believe if the prediction/ reading/ meditation is correct and accurate. It’s not going to tell specifically what to do or how to do it. It only guides you where you need to go and what path you should take. If you don’t think they can help you then they won’t.

Simple as that.

Suggestion by ✿Mackenzie♬
I don’t believe in that stuff 🙂 sorry

Learn how to spread the tarot cards for prediction from a professional tarot reader in this free fortune-telling video. Expert: Anubha Gupta Bio: Anubha Gupta has been a professional tarot card reader since 2004. She has been serving 400 families all over India for several years. Filmmaker: Jitin Tuli