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could someone help me with my question by giving me a free tarot reading?

could someone help me with my question by giving me a free tarot reading?
i have a friend that i’m close with and were both water signs with things in common and he told me i was pretty and i think he is very attracted to me and we have know each other for the past 5 years. i wanted to know if we will be in a new relationship this year. my birthday is november 16 1987. and his is july 7 1988. i just wanted to know if someone who’s a phychic or a tarot could answer this free with no charge.

Suggestion by chriszchris
I don’t need a tarot to inform you that this relationship will not work out.

Try a Haj..you’ll fit in better.

Suggestion by karen s
cool, my sister is a scorpio and my nephew is a cancer. check this out, its not a horoscope, its a compatablity thing based on your signs. but the website has horoscope stuff too.


btw, he might be clueless that you are even interested, might want to make sure he knows, think thats all the psychic would do is tell you yes, so I’ll just go ahead and do it….go for it 😉

Suggestion by silverentrantress
Using Astrology and your sun signs only, you being a Scorpio and he being a Cancer tells me that you both are very compatible as friends and more. Be warned, however, that Scorpio’s are very possessive (to the point of extreme jealously) people and Cancer’s are very walled up, they don’t let many people “in”. They are very emotional people, and with men – because society teaches that men should not be emotional – this can be conflicting. He might not act on his emotions and may sometimes be confused. Tarot reading, I think, would require more personal info to make the reading more personal. Good luck.

Can someone give me a free tarot career reading?

Suggestion by DaniNyko
I bet that there is an Apps for that

Suggestion by interested1208

And it will be just as useful as any other…


Suggestion by Just Plain Bob
free computer generated tarot reading can be found at www.facade.com

Once a month Mother Moon Pagan Monastery hosts a free video tarot reading! Please feel free to put your name in the hat for next months reading!!! Love and Bless Bless, J

Tarot card question for someone who knows what the cards mean. I got the one with the guy pointing the sword?

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Tarot card question for someone who knows what the cards mean. I got the one with the guy pointing the sword?
I got a reading 10 years ago, and remember it now because many things from the reading have come true. I got the guy pointing the sword towards the sky in victory for the final card in the center spot. I don’t the name of the card, the reader said this was the perfect card to get in the perfect spot. Wondering if there is any tarot card confirmed rule that this is in fact an awesome card to have for the final center spot. Again i don’t know the card placement it went in a box with the final card filling the center. Question is this really the sickest card to get in the sickest spot? Any internet data is appreciated to backup any answers.

Suggestion by lupinesidhe
Well, there’s no “confirmed” rule that any card is a “good” or “bad” card. There is merely the interpretation of them, nothing more. It’s a little bit difficult to tell you exacts about it since you don’t know what card it was or what deck its from. It sounds a bit like the knight of swords though. Could be wrong. The interpretation changes slightly from deck to deck depending on the symbolism used. For some very basic information about the general meaning of cards theres a very good book call “Power Tarot” I don’t remember who wrote it, but it’s very informative. You might want to look into it. I’m not sure if you can find it on line or not, but you could google it. I hope this is helpful.

Suggestion by bkzalley
There are too many different variations of cards to know which one was used for your reading. I would go and get another one done and see if it pops up again. That way you will have a new reading to go from.

Suggestion by Goblin g
It’s difficult for me to know exactly which card you are referring to, only because there are so many different types of decks.

Rule of thumb, there are four different suits for the minor arcana (or lesser cards). They are penctacles (sometimes refered to as coins), cups, wands (sometimes refered to as sticks) and swords (sometimes refered to as knives).

Cups (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered Hearts (things with love attached to them).

Swords (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered Spades (things which need to be addressed in your life, which need to be turned around – swords are considered warning cards – they also stand for confilict, obstacles and aggression.) Depending on the other cards in the spread, these cards when received in the Royal aspect of the card (King, Queen, Jack as know as the Knight) are for logic and thoughtful attention to all sides of the issues at hand).

Pentacles (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered diamonds (which refers to the financial aspects of your life).

Wands (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered clubs (which refers to growth, ambition and development).

If you go to Borders Books, going into the section marked “New Age”, they should have a book called “Complete Idiots Guide To Tarot”. This book is very helpful to “newbies” who are interested in learning the Tarot. This books uses the Ryder-Waite Tarot Deck (which is the most universal and standard of all the decks which are available today).

Have a lovely rest of the day. Bright Blessings.

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Can someone w| experience tell me what the following tarot cards mean?
So I ended doing those free online tarot card readings. & I did it a few more times because I kept on getting “the sun” and “the empress” which apparently means fertility, maternal, & babies… Every time I did it this card didn’t fail to come out. Can someone with experience explain the meaning of it. One of them said basically that my infertility phase was over, which I was having trouble with that.

Suggestion by Nick.
Basically, you’re a demon of the sun, and you will rule it one day. Your time will come..

Suggestion by Astrology.com
The Sun has to do with clarity and the light of consciousness, usually after a period of perhaps feeling in the dark. Confidence often returns and there’s a sense of joy and purpose. The Empress has to do with a re-alignment with nature, the natural cycles and rhythms of the body — and yes, fertility. The deck I use has the empress is depicted as a beautiful maiden in a field of wheat with a hand gentle placed on her stomach in a long, flowing gown … so getting back in touch with nature and the body – very Taurus.

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does anyone know how to read Naipes tarot cards?
These were the cards they recommended but they dont look like regular tarot cards and i have checked all over the internet and no one has menings for each picture on each card.Does anyone have any helpful info…10points..

Suggestion by Clay

Read the how to.

I have a question about Tarot cards?

tarot cards

I have a question about Tarot cards?
I really want to learn how to rad Tarot, but I am confused about the order the cards should be in. Is there a specific order or can they just be placed anywhere? Because it would take a long time to mesmerize the order they’re in and I’m only 13.

Suggestion by Claire007
Tarot Cards are evil. Stay away from them. Don’t even think about it!

You are 13 . You have your whole life in front of you.

If you want to know answers, read the bible, go to church. Join a youth group.

Suggestion by never mind
Get a book about reading the cards. I couldn’t even begin to tell you everything about it on here. Get a book and have fun! And ignore the ignorant. 🙂

ETA: Hey “orchid” and other dummies- God spoke to me 20 years ago and told me the Tarot is God’s own sacred creation, so where are you getting the idea that it is evil? lol

Suggestion by orchidmg
they are magic cards made for evil actions. Stay away from them. Anything that isn’t of God is of the devil.

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Can anyone help me with Tarot Cards?
I recently recieved Tarot cards(Miss Cleos tarot power deck) and i was wondering if anyone had some good tips on how i can be a good card reader. Any hint tips or secrets are welcome.

10 points to anyone who can really help me! thanks everyone!

Suggestion by Tbing
I think some people are more gifted than others. I dont think I will ever be able to read the tarot like other people do so. I have my limitations in this area. Will i get better or will i get to be as good as other people whose abilities are admirable? I dont know. All i know is that in the beginning the cards did not talk to me at all. Or they talked to me but i just didnt get it. Now it has been maybe six weeks since i started and i can say that i am getting a feeling. That is all i can tell you. I do the readings on myself on stuff that i would like to know or have intrigues about. Or on how events are going to unfold with regards to a specific situation.

Suggestion by Mystic
Greetings to you;
The deck you have is not the easiest to learn from. When I teach the tarot, I usually suggest the Waite Rider’s deck, simply do the colors, and symbology. To learn the tarot, first learn how to look after them, you are imprinting energy on them, and at the onset, I would not suggest that you allow others to touch them. Learn the major arcana first. You can do great readings just from them. I strongly recommend that you learn the basics of astrology and numerology, as both are entwined within the tarot strongly. Keep your cards wrapped in a natural fibre cloth, such as cotton, velvet, silk, leather, then I like to also have my wrapped cards in a wood or stone box. Remember, to learn to read the spreads from right to left not left to right. There are reasons for all of this, and sadly, I would need to write a book to cover it all. Also when you lay out your cards, have a cloth just for that, such as velvet, or cotton or leather, silk is acceptable, but not usually practical. Learn a 5 card spread, rather than the celtic cross (save that for later). Keep a journal of all your spreads. There are lots of good books out there, and you should read at least 3 or 5 of them, as each author will have a different slant. Eden Gray book is a classic, she had wrote 2 (I think maybe 3) another good author is Emily Peach, and Anthony Louis, all great writers. Of the 3 that I have mentioned, Emily is the best, as she goes very deep in the tree of life (which is something to check out).
Good Luck.

Is it true that when it comes to tarot cards you can not buy them for yourself?
I have began to study wicca and I was recently told that I am not allowed to purchase my own tarot cards they supposed to be given to me as a gift?

Suggestion by Dogstar Risen on the 3rd Day
It’s not that you can’t it’s just that most people are too embarrassed to admit that they bought them themselves.

“Oh, are these yours?”

“No, no…err…they were a gift.”

Suggestion by tuisson
oh no! I’m the only person I know who would buy me a deck. This is terrible news! What should I do with the deck I’ve been using for 12 years?

Free Accurate Tarot Reading

Free Accurate Tarot Reading

Tarot Cards are said to be made up of 78 cards, and divided into 2 different categorizes, including the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. While the cards in part of the Major Arcana are listed as their own suit, cards of the Minor Arcana are comprised of 4 different suits, namely Pentacles, Wands, Cups and Swords. Originally, Tarot began as a card game, known as Tarocchi, in the late 14th century. Believe it or not, there is no record of these cards being used for fortune telling and divination purposes till the late 18th century.

Generally speaking, all Tarot cards will possess the same values as the traditional playing cards. Remember that each suit will be numbered from Ace to King, but there are all 4 court cards, not 3. These suits stand for a particular attribute of the human experience and one of the main 4 elements:

  • Swords: Tension & Conflict with Air element
  • Wands: Creativity & Spirituality with Fire element
  • Pentacles: Money with Earth element
  • Cups: Relationships & Emotions with Water element

Can A Free Accurate Tarot Reading Online Actually Lend Me A Hand?

Free Accurate Tarot Reading

There is only word to answer this question: Yes! Basically, a Tarot reading online for FREE can provide us with the answer to everything, which is going on our mind. A deeper and insider look at our career, love life, health issues, and more will be happily unveiled. Although no one states that Tarot interpretations are 100% accurate, they’re also useful for showing us the info we can be missing or even highlighting what the most probable consequence is, based on our current path.

Please remember that the beauty of Tarot seems to be much more than illustrating our future. Excitingly, if we ask the right inquiries, we’ll be guided to how to change our present routine to get the outcomes we’re wishing. Lots of the trouble-having individuals who have received an online Tarot session are likely to be blown away by its accuracy as well as sound advice they get from the reading. Once being correctly utilized, Tarot is indeed an enhancing and uplifting tool that may aid us to:

  • Explore our inner talents
  • Unfold our hidden fears
  • Encourage us to become the better citizens
  • Show us the bright life road
  • Put us in touch with our Higher Selves, our Angels, God or other deities we put trust in
  • Disclose our own true nature

And more

For further information around the topic “Free Accurate Tarot Reading“, never be backward to submit your queries in the form below.

Question about the HIGH PRIESTESS tarot card meaning?

tarot card meaning

Question about the HIGH PRIESTESS tarot card meaning?
What can this card mean regarding a man’s first impression of a woman? Or what he thinks of her the first time he sees her.

thank you!

Suggestion by Daughter of Metis
He sees her as out of his league. Probably a little intimidating. He sees her as someone mysterious and beautiful.

Suggestion by Jane Tipper
Upon first learning this card I learned it as (Spiritual – Teacher – Friend – Secrets) so I think those are good interpretations for your question.

Also based on various books around my house on the subject….

“The card describes a person who is in touch with reality, who goes with the flow, or who simply knows without knowing.” ~R.T. Kaser

“Queen of the underworld, daughter of the Earth Mother Demeter and guardian of the secrets of the dead.” “…is a seductive and fascinating figure who does not speak of her secrets.” ~Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene

Upright: Feminine, Unknown Woman, the Unknown, Secrets, Confidant, Mystery….. Reversed: Feminist, Gossip, False, Deceitful, Disloyal, Faithless ~Dorothy Kelly

Just a side note, I do not personally read cards in a way which reversed meanings are relevant and I would go with the positive meanings. I was just being fair to the book I pulled it from.

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Tarot Card meaning for ten of swords reversed.?
I recently did a one card tarot spread on a relationship and the ten of swords came up as the answer card and it was in the reverse position.

I don’t know how to interpret the meaning of this card. Can anyone offer any insight? Thanks!! 🙂

Suggestion by Lha Bho

Suggestion by Melchizedek
Try this link, it may help.

Suggestion by Brian C
perhaps the answer is that you are resisting the knowledge that the relationship is over and you need to move on

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