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How do you develope your psychic abilities to read people without tarot cards or any tools?

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How do you develope your psychic abilities to read people without tarot cards or any tools?
I have been reading the Tarot for about 7 years. I have for the past two years been working with reading auras and talking to spirits. When I read the tarot I only use the pictures as triggers to start the film reel in my head which gives me the information I need. I was trying to find a catalyst to receive the information without having to use any tools such as Tarot cards.

Suggestion by Meditator_Nepali
Probably through meditation.

Suggestion by Miri
Meditation is where I started. First you have to get intouch with your inner self and your “guides” (some people may call them angels, guardians etc).

Open your mind and free your heart.

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This is a video in response to AmandaPearl2, MoonlitOpal and Angelo Nasios videos in regards to Hardest Tarot Cards for them to read. This video is just my thoughts on the cards they spoke about and my insight into each of them. Please keep in mind that this video is just my interpretation of the cards and is by no means the “truth” or “the only way” to read the cards. Many blessings of abundance, joy and love!

I want to be able to read palms… Anyone know how?

how to read palms

I want to be able to read palms… Anyone know how?
Are there any palm readers here? I have a psychic ability and I can read tarot cards, but I want to learn how to read palms also. Tips on how??? Thanks. [:
Please, don’t say psychics aren’t real or that kind of stuff is dumb, or anything like that. I would rather you skip this question rather than being rude. Only answer if you turely know, thank you!

Suggestion by Katara M

Suggestion by ☼AstrologerJuliAnne☼
A great book on learning how to read palms is called “Hand Psychology”.

Suggestion by Astro Lady
You can start by going to some online palm reading sites. One that i use from time to time is:


Start with hand shapes, finger length, major lines (Life, Head & Heart). Those are the basics of palmistry.

Good Luck.

how to read palms
how to read palms

does anyone here knows how to read palms?
i noticed that my baby have only two lines on his palm…im just wondering if someone would read it for me!

Suggestion by ann may
well, i dont, sorry…

Suggestion by ♥gigi♥
you cannot read a childs palm

How do you read a tarot card if it’s a positive card that is drawn for the problems & oppositions place?

tarot cards

How do you read a tarot card if it’s a positive card that is drawn for the problems & oppositions place?
I drew the 4 of wands in the upright position as a problem. The entire spread was positive and then the outcome card was negative, the 5 of wands. How are you supposed to read that?

Suggestion by treebard
this is where the indicator card could give you some guidance

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru
Hello RG

The 5 of Wands isn’t a negative card. It is hard to interpret what they may mean without seeing the whole layout.

The cards, the question as well as the cards layout positions?

You can post your tarot layouts in the forum below for others to look at & discuss.


tarot cards

Is it safe to make your own tarot cards?
I thought they’d be even more accurate if the user is the person who made them, just because the cards would be brought in by your energy initially.

Suggestion by Very Soon
Nothing in the occult is safe.
You want to be safe, be in Gods will for your life.

Suggestion by MissDementia
You could get a paper cut, so be sure to wear gloves. Safety first, ya know.

Suggestion by Old man
No, you might cut yourself with the scissors

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Tarot readers, have you ever found yourself repelled by a tarot deck?
My friend’s daughter gave me a deck of tarot cards, and they give me the creeps. I’ve had hundreds of decks in my life and have never had one make me feel uneasy with them. Since its a gift deck, I don’t feel right giving them back, but I don’t know if I want to use them or not. Ideas on what to do with them? Can they be “cleaned”? I don’t normally do that, but I guess I could.

What would cause this reaction?

Suggestion by Eostre
Oh yes, my ex boyfriends “Thoth” deck not only grossed me out completely, but I felt icky for ages afterwards.
What normally causes the reaction is the previous owner using them disrespectfully, or just having really rotten energy. If you’ve been given them as a gift (and you probably don’t want them creeping you out just lying around the place), you can get them cleaned.
If you’ve got some white sage lying around, just light some and pass the cards one by one through the smoke (not the fire, tempting as it may be!!). Some people recommend saying a prayer of consecration/blessing at the same time, but I can’t quite take myself that seriously 🙂
White sage on its own tends to do the trick.

Wrap the deck up in cloth (again, some will say it has to be black silk or satin, I’ve found any material works just as well) and put it aside for a day or two. When you pick it up again, just spend some time shuffling and loking at the cards, getting a feel for them.
Good luck!

(And if all else fails, a proper cleansing in the fireplace should work great! Just say that the dog ate them..)

Q&A: Why do I feel on top of the world on Meth but not an addict, please read?

how to read palms

Why do I feel on top of the world on Meth but not an addict, please read?
I’m no druggie, I don’t do drugs every day, but had a chance to try Meth, snorted only very little bit, and it was like I could answer any question. We were at my boyfriend’s pad in Malibu, he lives right on beach and waves go right under the house, and there were other couples and we were having a serious question and answer session and I kept it up so lightly with my answers that all of them wanted to ask me questions about what they were thinking, and what their future looked like, and then I started to read palms and throw my crystals I keep with me and could actually answer their questions by looking at crystals. We talked a lot about God and Jesus and I had concise good answers, that later on I got 20 calls from them saying how cool it was. So what’s so bad about Meth if you use it as a party thing, or once in a blue moon???????

how to read palms

My palm lines has changed, does it have a meaning?
My palm lines has changed ( it think ) I watched at my hand one day and it seemed really different. My fate line has become really straight it begins a bit over my wrist and then after 1cm it is “connected” with the health line my fate line stops right at the heart line. Those who knows how to read palms do you know what this means?

I don’t know if this really means something, but it would be interesting to know if it does.

how to read palm files *pdb on pocket pc pda?

how to read palm files *pdb on pocket pc pda?

Suggestion by djgriffinny
I have a Palm, but I don’t think there should be any difference. If you are talking about ebooks, if you are using ereader, I think they will work on either platform.

If you post your question again, with more information, you may be able to get a better answer.

Suggestion by komenggg
Try Team One’s Reader v3.0 standard 3.0 found it from PocketGear.com

how to read palms

Has anyone forgotten how to spell psychic since seeing all of the people misspell it on the R&S section?
Either I am becoming dyslexic or I am just really getting confused when I see the work psychic on R&S. Thanks to so many misspellings, I can’t tell which one is right anymore! As far as I can tell, it could be spelled pshycics, psycics or psycocks. Who knows.

And why do people assume psychics would be here anyway? What could their fascination with religion be? Shouldn’t they be out hunting ghosts and reading palms?

Suggestion by Moldenke

Suggestion by sparklesntwind
your being judgie.shame-shame

Suggestion by ?
It ain’t just psychic, brother. People have simply lost their mastery of the lexicon, period.

Dyslexics Untie!

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