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How do I read peoples palms?

how to read palms

How do I read peoples palms?
I want to learn how to read palms, any help?

Suggestion by FoodLovesMe
well a good simple one to start with is the life time line heres a link with lots of pictures
and basically go thing by thing like if u want to learn how to read a certain thing google it type in how to read if someone is in *blank* on there palm or phrase it better or check out a book about reading palms at the library!good luck!

Suggestion by kilroymaster
The best way to go is to find a book that shows you how to read someones palm…. Check out your local library………………………

Suggestion by Terry
You buy a book such as “Secrets Of The Hand” Authored by Joachim Bennett. Read it then hope you have the talent for the readings full beyond illustrations and diagrams.

how to read palms

How do you read palms?
I’d like to learn how to palm-read. I know it sounds wierd, but thats me. I’ve always thought that it was so cool how they could look at your palm and figure out what happens in your future. No mena comments plz.

Suggestion by meow768
palm reading tells your past not your future

Suggestion by Nevaeh
I recommend checking out a book at the library, and if they don’t have one on palm reading, try a bookstore. 🙂

Suggestion by ChrisChristine
Take the palm in your hand. if it is dry, it needs more water, if it is wet, you have watered too much, if it has white spots, it has a bug, if it doesn’t look good, try using a fertilizer. One teaspoon to one teaspoon of water.

Oh you mean….nevermind.

How do i read palms? I don’t want to see the future, just the present.?
So far I know very little of the palm lines. I know some about the head and heart line. the life line i haven’t learned about. I know about the fme line, but i want to know all there is to know about palm reading. please don’t post anything about seeing the future. I only want to uncover what is in the persons mind and their personality. thanks!

Suggestion by hanweipaulchen
You can’t use things like that to uncover stuff like that. That is just pagan, if you ask me.

Suggestion by JFlo Lapin
just have to look at your palm……… focus……….. really focus…………… more focus…………… you should see it! :p

Suggestion by Dillan
There are books that tell you how to read palms and what the lines mean you dont have to be physic to posses this ability hope that helped you

how do i learn how to read palms?

how to read palms

how do i learn how to read palms?
i want to learn how but have no way to learn can someone help me …

Suggestion by anicd5225
and search palm reading

Suggestion by Kris.ilicious
hi 🙂 you can try this:


Suggestion by Erik Van Thienen
Try the links at : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palmistry#External_links

how to read palms

Could you teach me how to read palms?

Suggestion by smile4763
Psalms are about the best and most hopefull books in the Bible; just go ahead and read them if that seems good to do.

As for Educational books on them, um, well try anything by Tyndale [he translated the first Bible] or, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, or just watch what the belivers read at your local Church. I take it you are a believer? like cos only us are that intense. I mean that good. And I did help you; that’s a good thing.

Suggestion by Sawyer
Well, first you move to Florida.
Then you pick out the tallest palm tree you can find, & start climbing it.
Jump out of it, & when you hit the ground, you….

Suggestion by iamisabaddon
look for chinese numbers on your palm.

Do you know how to read palm lines?
My friend knows how to read palm lines and she said I have “half a horn” on one of my palms. She said that it means I am going to die before the age of 30. Is this true? I am currently 23 years old and worried.

Suggestion by Kathleen
This is why God says to stay away from mediums and psychics. They tell you lies and worry and scare you. She’s messing with your mind.

Suggestion by crap a lot 2
i hope you didnt pay her

How do u read Tarot Cards or Deck of Playing Cards?

tarot cards

How do u read Tarot Cards or Deck of Playing Cards?
Please tell me how do u read tarot card’s. I also heard that u can use a deck of playing cards and if u can how do u read those??????

Suggestion by justbeingher
There is no way to give such a detailed answer on here. Get a book on Tarot and study the cards. It’s fun.

Suggestion by silverdolffyn
It’s a little more involved than something you can plonk onto a message board. It takes a lot of study, meditation and focus-work as well as patience. I’ve never used a regular card deck, only tarot decks – but I suggest you start out with a “gentle” deck like the Connolly deck or the Robin Wood deck – find one that has images that are pleasing to you and that you feel drawn to – don’t just pick a deck off the shelf and call it good. There’s a fair amount of info on www.witchvox.com and readers and info on the e-list and website www.witchgrove.org but I’ll warn you now: These folks take it seriously and will expect you to do the same if you’re really wanting to learn.

Suggestion by theminchiman
There is not enough time or space in this format to answer your question. Try us here:


tarot cards

where can i buy blank cards to make my own tarot cards?
What would work better ? Someone that knows stuff about this kind of stuff ?

Suggestion by Jay
they’re usually laminated already. If you draw well, make em, then get it laminated. or design with computer

tarot cards

Can Tarot Cards be passed down to the next generation?
my mom has a deck that she keeps in her night stand and she has had them for about 31 years… do you think, since she doesnt use them anymore, that they can be passed on to the next generation?

Suggestion by valhall13
Absolutely, my husband has his mothers deck.

Suggestion by Todd
that’s how true tarots usually function, but you also have to realize that there is a tradition of ‘having your own deck’

Suggestion by Citrine Dream
As long as you take very good care of them. Cards can be more fragile the older they get.

Can anybody read Tarot cards if they’re not a Psychic and do Tarots work?

tarot cards

Can anybody read Tarot cards if they’re not a Psychic and do Tarots work?
Thinking about buying a set of Tarot cards and studying them. Do they only work with Psychics? Do they work at all?!

Suggestion by KMcG
Contrary to popular belief, tarot cards do not predict the future. They do not answer stupid questions like what kind of car should I buy. They provide a general guide. I do not think it is possible to read the cards for yourself. I read for other people and use them as a meditation device.

Suggestion by Kay
yes you can, you get whatever cards are meant to be yours when you pull them, psychic or not…but you might want to buy a beginners tarot deck with the interpretations for each card for starters, then when you get more confidence in your intuition you can stop using the book.

Suggestion by charisma
yes, I read tarot .. its a tool to bring OUT your intuition. I used to not have any confidence in my intuition but since reading tarot it has come out quite strong. I still don’t call myself psychic (even though the people I have read tarot for consider me to be)

tarot cards

Only if you know about tarot cards no haters please?
I read and do readings and i believe in the tarot. Now i have an friend that is a bible believer, i on the other hand do not. I have told them i do not believe in the bible. yet they keep insisting that the cards are evil and i find tracks and other forms of bible tracks. I have asked them not to put tracks on my door and that i don’t want to hear about the bible i don’t even believe in it. They do it anyway or use other methods to get me to her about the bible…..any advice.

Suggestion by Hugo – *winning statement*
Saying “no haters please” is like a troll lightning rod on this forum.

You’d be better off not posting that in the future, trolls love being told not to troll.

Suggestion by Breezy
Invest in new friends who actually respect your beliefs.

Suggestion by LabGrrl
Tell them to stop leaving tracts. In fact, tell them that “some idiot left these hateful tracts at my door, and they were so gross that I can’t imagine any religion worth following agrees with them,” then ask them if they are that kind of hateful hurtful Christian who is too scared to talk about the Bible to your face or if they are the Jesus kind of Christian. Betcha the tracts stop.

That said, the tarot was invented by Christians, that’s why it is full of Christian imagery. Knowing the Bible is a good way to know that imagery. You should also know other things from Christian mythology to understand tarot.

tarot cards

How do you read feet?

how to read palms

How do you read feet?
I heard you can read feet like people who read palms, tell the future and sh*t. I have a foot fetish, and I think this would be a good way to get into some foot action!! heh heh

how to read palms

How Many Here Have Gone To Get Their Palms Read, Thinking It Innocent Fun?

Suggestion by D.J. Corona
never done it before. whats it like?

Suggestion by Marlene [THE STALKEE?]
Not me. I don’t believe in most of that anyway…

And plus, I’d rather not waste my money finding out my future whether it’ll come true or not.

Suggestion by goldwing
I have, found it to be the silliest game in town..the first thing they ask you is your birthday..then proceed to give you an astrological reading while looking at your hands..they say things, look for signs of affirmation, and if they get it, go that direction..if not, they say, “no, that isn’t right..oh…now I see, you are ……” A bunch of bull! Goldwing

how to read palms

Reading Palms? ?
How do you read palms, and what is a philosophers thumb?
Do you believe in fortune tellers? Would you pay to have your future read?
How do people do it?

Suggestion by Lisaa
well I dont know how to read palms exactly,
but fortune tellers can be true sometimes i guess,like
my mom went to one when she lived in England and the fortune teller she went too said shes imigrate to another country in the next 10 months and have 2 kids, a boy and a girl and she did, she moved to Canada and had me (im a girl btw lol)and a my brother..
weirddd huh?