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Can someone please do a tarot reading for free and help me out?

tarot reading

Can someone please do a tarot reading for free and help me out?
my boyfriend recently broke up with me without any explanations and i want to know if we will be together….can someone please do a tarot reading and help me out…plz…

Suggestion by lucy by surprise
you are not going to get answers like that from a reading. in a reading, it is only the energy of the person being read that is reflected. better just to ask him what his deal is.

Suggestion by Peaches
You do not need a tarot reading for that, just go to your boyfriend and ask why he broke up with you!

Suggestion by sharky
If you really want one, go here and generate your own.

Seconding the asking the guy, though.

tarot reading

Anyone in the mood to give me a Tarot reading?
I’m feeling rather aimless and I can’t be buggered for a lot of things. I’d be most grateful.

Suggestion by AnimeGirl375
Go to teenick.com and go to games; there’s a tarot card reading game on there that seems pretty accurate. You know, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

Suggestion by Helen
For what it’s worth, you can get a free Tarot reading by a real person via www.ata-tarot.com, www.aeclectic.net and www.realmsofmagick.com. Understand that most people willing to give you a free reading are beginners doing it for practice.

You can also get free automated readings from many websites including aeclectic, facade, ifate, students-of-tarot, mydivination (all except the first dotcom).

Suggestion by Dipti
You can get in touch with me. Visit my website www.tarotforyou.com for more info.

is online astrology or tarot card reading believable?

card reading online

is online astrology or tarot card reading believable?

Suggestion by Incodnit
astrology, yes

tarot, debateble

Suggestion by Athene
I’m very pleased with the astrology readings I’ve had from astro.com
They offer a lot of free ones, you just need to enter your birth data.


Suggestion by curiousdiva
which kind of tarot reading r u talking about? the one done by you online or the one done by readers? both of them can be accurate…for online readings u have to concentrate on the question very hard.

card reading online

Are there any online libraries available that allow online reading of classic story books ?
Online libraries that allow online memberships through card payments and store all types of story books and reference materials for online reading.

Suggestion by Answerman
Project Gutenberg is free.

Suggestion by Kyleen G

Suggestion by zsozso


card reading online

How to buy things online with my American Express Gift card?
I tried purchasing something online with my newly paid American Express gift card but I got an error. Then I read online I need to verify my name and address on my gift card in order for the website to verify that it’s an actual card. Where can I do this on the American Express website? Do I have to call them?

Suggestion by Judd
American Express don’t offer a website for registering cards for online purchases, but you can call 1-800-346-4460.

Take a look at ScripSmart.com for all kinds of great gift card information.

Good luck!

Where can I get a professional tarot reading?

tarot reading

Where can I get a professional tarot reading?
I don’t want a computer generated reading, I want t real-personal caring person. I’ve heard that Pathfinder Tarot is a great site and new customers can get a free reading? The web address is WWW.PATHFINDERTAROT.YOLASITE.COM

Anyone tried them? What experiences have you had with tarot readings? Good or bad?

Suggestion by Lady Saturn
I would not recommend a site that felt the need to advertise on Yahoo Answers. If you were providing free readings to the group, that might be different.

As it is. there are plenty of people on this site who give free tarot readings without having to go to a site to pay for it.

And tarot is easy enough to learn, and much more personalized when you’re asking your own questions.

tarot reading

Does anyone do any type of Tarot reading or numbers reading or anything similar via the internet?
Does anyone do any type of Tarot reading or numbers reading or anything similar via the internet?
Websites, or does anyone do it personally through personal e-mail or anything?

Suggestion by ☾.·¨¯`·☆ Åмằ§ Vεяïŧằ§ ☆΅
I use this site when I choose to do an online tarot reading as opposed to one at home with my own deck. You can choose the deck you’d like to use in addition to the spread.


I also use an online angel oracle card reading website which is also very good and almost always very accurate:


There used to be an option to use Doreen Virtues ‘Healing with the Angels’ deck but sadly it is no longer offer. I do notice they have a Sylvia Browne deck and she’s wonderful so I would imagine hers will be just as good.

Good luck 🙂

Light & love!

Suggestion by Aisha
I read tarot and give readings based on what part of a 10 year cycle you are in. I use live chat to read at http://psychic.bitwine.com/psychics/137941-friendly_tarot

and you can learn more about me (and tarot) at http://tarot-house.com

tarot reading

How do you determine the “significator” in a Tarot Reading?
Or sometimes called the “covering card” in a tarot reading? Does it depend on the persons zodiac sign who you are doing the reading for??

Suggestion by auntb93
The significator is not the same as the covering card. The cover goes on top of the significator.

There are many ways to choose the significator. If the person has asked for a general life reading, without having a particular question, you might use The Fool.

If they have expressed a general topic, you’d use one of the court cards corresponding to their gender and age. Wands for a male asking a more spiritual question; cups for a female. Then swords for a male asking a more materialistic question, or pentacles for a female. If the question is more specific as to topic, use wands for magic or male sexuality, cups for matters of emotions, swords for intellect, and pentacles for material. Use king or queen for a mature adult, knight for a male youth, page for a female youth.

Suggestion by IntuitiveImpressions
It depends on the qualities of the card itself. For example, if I am asking for a card to represent myself, and the Queen of Wands comes up, then I embody those properties. Sometimes, it won’t be a court card, but another card. So if I ask about someone, and the 7 of swords comes up, I know the cards are trying to tell me I can’t trust them.

Can I get a psychic reading or tarot card reading?

tarot card reading

Can I get a psychic reading or tarot card reading?
I was born on 1988, july 13th. Kuwait.
My name is Yousef.

I would like to know about my upcoming future, obstacles & potential relationships.

Suggestion by thorndrose
I would be happy to give you a reading, I’m available at http://psychic.bitwine.com/psychics/137941-friendly_tarot

Suggestion by Srimathi
Tarot reading much more than a form of card divination that can tell our past,present and future.You use this tool.

Suggestion by Michael M
You can get good readings at http://www.tarotbump.com/

tarot card reading

what does the knight of cups upright mean in a tarot card reading?
i got this card under the “issues” regarding a love relationship..

Suggestion by Manderz
google it noone is gonna look it up for you lol

Suggestion by My Take on It
Knight would be a man who is loving, possibly a water sign who has something to do with the issue at hand. Depends on what cards are around him, what cards the Knight is looking at etc.

Suggestion by Trouble
its referring to the feelings in a relationship

tarot card reading

Do you think following your daily horoscope or getting a tarot card reading is bad luck?

tarot card reading

Do you think following your daily horoscope or getting a tarot card reading is bad luck?
Ive heard that people who follow astrology as far as getting a tarot card reading or even just their daily horoscope have had bad luck & it isnt natural…what do you think?

Suggestion by krystal q
I’ve been really superstitious the last couple years
but you have to believe whatever you want to believe
I mean i dont think it is

Suggestion by rovega05
I’m superstitious in sumthings & sum not. I don’t think following ur horoscope is bad luck. It’s just a matter on how far u believe. U can read it & study it, sumx things they say r true or do happen. As 4 my personal opinion I follow my horoscope daily, I get surprised sumx at what it says. Most of the x I read it it tells me exactly what i’m goin through or feelin. It can also mention things that r 2 happen & it usually does. As far as tarot readings I can do it 2x a Yr. I firmly blieve it cause it tells me things that happened in my past & things that r goin 2 happen among health & other things. I blieve in tarot readings. It’s all a matter of how any1 looks at it. But it does not bring bad luck, if it did I would’ve had bad luck most of my life & my life is pretty good right now.

Suggestion by golden sindy
It’s only bad luck if you think it is. “Bad luck” is a trick of the mind, and then we think “that’s true!” when it’s nothing but made-up stuff by the mind. Then the mind will tell us, “the reason you got fired is cause you looked at the astrology column”, and then WE BELieVE IT. Don’t be a sucker.

Do what makes you happy. 🙂

tarot card reading

i need help with a tarot card reading on a regular deck of cards?
my friends and i learned about this and we did it and i got two aces two eights and two fives. i know that the aces mean true love and that the twos mean you only want each other for sex. what do all the other cards mean?

Suggestion by Maria Haagen-dazs
the two eights mean deception and fighting over something.

tarot card reading

How do i get over a bad tarot card reading?
About 5 years ago i went on a website called facade.com and had a tarot card reading the cards meant; death or injury, journey travelling or a mode of travel i.e. a car and sacrificing yourself for someone you love or they sacrafice themselves for you. This has made me really scared of driving and travelling with people! Not so much that I don’t but when I do I’m always thinking about the reading.
Don’t worry too much I am sceptical, it’s just hard not to think about it sometimes when you’ve been made aware of it. If you’re spouse woke up and said, “I had a dream last night you would die on the way to work” you would thionk about it, even if you are sceptical! thanks for the advice!

Suggestion by heimer66
Same way I got over the letter I got telling me I had just won $ 10,000,000. I realized it was total BS!

Suggestion by imadufus72
Go to another one

Suggestion by The_SMeghead
just forget it, it’s all in your head

hell, even if you did believe in that sort of thing, doesn’t a tarot card reading have to be done with a real deck of cards, with a real person sitting across from you to be valid? do you really think a website can predict the future?