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is there a site that i can put in the tarot cards to get a reading?

tarot cards

is there a site that i can put in the tarot cards to get a reading?
i have a set of tarot cards but i want to know if im reading the spread correctly.

Suggestion by Geezah
There’s no universally “correct” way to interpret how all the cards fit together in a reading. The same card can take on different specific meanings in different contexts. Learn the overall meanings of each individual card (your deck should have at least contained a little white book), and use your own mind to interpret what you see.

Suggestion by Cindy
Tell us what the spread is, and what the cards are. There are several tarot readers on this site that would be happy to give you an interpretation. The problem with the automated sites is that they don’t offer meanings that are in context to the reading. However if you want to, www.aeclectic.com gives you card meanings, as does www.learntarot.com.

Suggestion by BrianJ
Your cards should have come with a book… i always throw mine away but they do come in the box or they are at least supposed to.

tarot cards

What is the setup for tarot cards?
I own a pack of tarot cards titled “Tarot: The Complete Kit” from running press. It is by Dennis Fairchild. This kit comes with cards, a booklet, and a paper with instructions on how to set up the tarot cards in two different ways. I have lost the setup paper. If anyone has this same set and still has that paper it would be great if you could describe the set up to me. Please and thank you. ^-^

Suggestion by Crazy W
Write the people who make them and see if you can replace it. They are tarot cards so they should be used like any other deck.

Suggestion by Curiosity/Satisfaction


The best I could do & find
Good luck

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru

By set up do you mean layouts? Join our forum, it has a few!
Community Forum http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/forum


Can anyone do me a reading for free over the internet?

Can anyone do me a reading for free over the internet?
Hi I believe but do have a nagging doubt especially when you get people saying all sorts. Can anyone do me a reading over the internet? I have had my fortune told many times on all occasions have been told I will be wealthy……….Im still waiting.

Please no non believers making useless comments.


Suggestion by Vampires are not real
An accident will make you blind. Soon afterwards you will die in a fire.

Suggestion by darkrose4ever
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Suggestion by bloggie
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Do you need some sort of degree before you start professionlly reading palms, tarot cards, etc?

tarot cards

Do you need some sort of degree before you start professionlly reading palms, tarot cards, etc?
Just out of curiosity. Can people really just put a sign on their house and charge people for readings?

Suggestion by A Canadian Atheist
Sure, con artists have been doing it for a very long time.
And you don’t need a degree, just a totall lack of morals, scruples and a desire to bilk gullible people out of their cash by convincing them that printed cardstock, can somehow, tell the future.

Suggestion by Gary B
That is EXACLLTY what con artists, thieves, and crackpots do.

Maybe you should look into a degree in CARDiology???

The only thing you need is the proper Business License required by the state or city. Most location WILL NOT allow you to run a “walk-in” business from your house. That is, you can’t have a business where customers come into your house in a residential neighborhood (you CAN run something like a mail-order business out of your spare bedroom, though). You must obtain any special “Zoning Variations” as required by the city or state.

Suggestion by The Undying Atheist
Yes because those tricks aren’t real.
Its a play of the placebo effect

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What type of crystal must I use to cleanse my tarot cards?
I’ve read that you should use clear quartz or amethyst, but I was specifically wondering if I could use a small rose quartz as a substitute?

Palm Reading, how much validity does it REALLY have?

how to read palms

Palm Reading, how much validity does it REALLY have?
So, I’ve been reading books about palmistry. I thought it might just be a fun things to learn to do, just one of those random skills to entertain. I find it very interesting so far.

But is there actually any real validity to reading palms? I’m asking people who KNOW what they’re talking about, not someone who knows nothing about it and immediately dismisses it. It’s been around for years!

So is there any truth that you’ve found in palm reading? And why?

Detailed answers are appreciated!

Suggestion by Karema Midnight
It is a valid way to con people out of money.

Suggestion by fever
so i dont really believe in the whole palm reading thing. ive gone to palm readers before for fun and they all say the same thing: “you’ll find love”, and “you will go on a long journey”. I think its more of a game than a serious skill.

Suggestion by Zarathustra the überdude
I think it is for entertainment purposes and nothing more.

how to read palms

where is there free lessons on zodiac signs tarot cards palm reading?

free palm reading

where is there free lessons on zodiac signs tarot cards palm reading?
i found a sight where they had zodiac pictures how to read palms numerology interpet dreams tarot cards it was in plain simple language and simple black and white pitctures showing how to do everything. now i cant find it. does anybody know of such a sight
I forgot to put the question mark. sorry!???????

Suggestion by freetarot
Don’t know about palms, numerology, and such — but Joan Bunning’s “Learning the Tarot” at http://www.learntarot.com is an excellent free on-line learning resource.

free palm reading

Does anyone know of any free Ebooks that teach you how to Palm Read? 🙂 Thanks?
I have been looking for any Free Ebooks or Websites that show you the art of Palm Reading. I have not found any yet so I wanted to ask. Thank You soooo much to anyone who answers 🙂

Suggestion by blindley
Palm reading is bull, just make crap up as you touch someones hand. Try to be really general and vague.

free palm reading

Which hand is more accurate when doing palm reading?
Im doing a free self-palm reading online.
My left and right hand are both quite different
from each other in lines.
Which hand is considered as usage for palm reading
or which hand is more accurate??

Suggestion by Jamie H
The one you right with is more accurate. However if you have ever broken, sprained or pulled something in that hand use the other as it constitues bad luck.

rate me !

Suggestion by luvpurplebrrs
its supposed to be the right hand but sometimes in a certain circumstance you might have to use your left.

Suggestion by applepie
You use the hand that you use to write with and do other activities with.