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How long does it take for a tarot reading to come true?

How long does it take for a tarot reading to come true?
Some say 3 months, some a year,some say it has no fixed time; is a 2 -3 years time span conceavable when one mantains the same behaviour over this long period?

Suggestion by interested1208
I really don’t even know where to start on this one….

Suggestion by Tom
Well, tarot readings are biased on the 100% probability that whatever they told you would happen in your lifetime, and probably sooner rather than later. So it doesn’t tell the future, it is the art of being abstract without you knowing it.

Suggestion by stu
It depends on the question and the reading and the spread. A celtic cross spread reveals past situations and future ones and and outcome.

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What this four card tarot reading means?
I did a reading about the future of my current professional situation ( I’m very unhappy at my job) and got the folowing cards:
1 – Nine of Swords
2 – Tower
3 – Eight of Cups
4 (sumation) – Four of Wands

What could it mean?

Suggestion by Ding-Ding
Short, but maybe not so sweet.
Anxiety and stress over a situation.
A collapse of plans that happens suddenly. “Out of the blue.”
Walking away from a situation.
A “coming home” (finding the right place) and a celebration.

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how can i learn palm reading fast, and easy?

how can i learn palm reading fast, and easy?
i went to my grandma’s house and found out that my great great grandma was psychic, read palms and tarot cards, and used a ouija board (SCARY!!!) and i got curious and read a book on palm reading and found it really interesting and would like to go further with my studies, but I’m having problems memorizing the stars, exes, and plus sines and stuff on certain places. Help?

Suggestion by Cultural Theorist
Because you described it as “SCARY” and are having trouble memorizing the necessary information to perform the duties, it seems that you do not have the gift, only the curiosity.

How old do you have to be to get your palm read in Georgia?
I really want to get my palm read, but I heard that you have to be 18 to do it in Georgia (I’m 17).
And please reply with reasonable answers and not, “YOU NEED THE BIBLE IN YOUR LIFE!” or “PALM READINGS ARE FAKE NOW GROW UP!”
Lexi: I live in Georgia o-o And yeah, it’s awful. I can’t move out yet, though =/

Suggestion by Misconception
18, for it to be accurate

Suggestion by Lexi (Amber Lily)
Ew, why would you go to that state it is full of rednecks.

Suggestion by 2-D
I actually got my palm read about 2 months ago. I’m only 14, so my mom had to come with me. I’m in Georgia as well. Don’t listen to anyone saying that they’re not true, my reading was so accurate!! A palm reading should be like a once in a lifetime thing, because the woman just said everything that would happen for me. It was just awesome. Here’s the woman’s info.

I’m learning how to read palms on my own but I’m also considering taking palm reading classes in Mexico. This was a very accurate reading!

Has Anyone Had a Psychic Reading Proven Accurate?

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Has Anyone Had a Psychic Reading Proven Accurate?
My husband and I are having our cards read for our anniversary, and I was just wondering how many people have done the same thing (psychics, tarot cards, tea leaves etc.) and had their predictions proven accurate?

Suggestion by irishlady
I’ve had readings many times & yes they were accurate A word of advice though a true Psychic will never ask when’s your birthday OK if they do they’re good Happy Anniversary & hope you enjoy your readings

Suggestion by Fireball
no theyre just for fun. Its the occult…horoscope matching works but I would never pay someone to tell the future cuz it wont work…..fakes

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What are the divinational meanings of the Clow Cards?
What are the meanings of the Clow Cards if you used them for tarot cards?

Suggestion by mirko
Group A

The Cloud: Judge firmly and impartially
Card’s message: You need to have strong judgement. Relax and open your inner self before you judge. If you make the best decision, you will be able to set your mind at rest.
Card’s warning: Your heart determines your luck. People who are happy and optimistic will attract the attention and presence of other people, and thus, good luck will follow.

The Create: Full of affection
Card’s message: Express your opinion and affection. Stay close to art and music, as these can cause you to be more creative; you may even get some great ideas as a result.
Card’s Warning: Don’t get tied down by traditional rules and ideas, and instead act according to your instincts; it may just bring you unexpected discoveries or meetings(with someone).

See all about them here:

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is there any one who will give me a free tarot card reading?
all of the sites i have checked are all “now we need your credit card number” but i don’t have a credit card so is there any one who can give me a free tarot card reading?

Suggestion by tinkerbelle kisses
Sure I do tarot readings via email id be happy to help you out.
Email me through here and we will organize something 🙂

Suggestion by GCram
If you are on Facebook I made an app for this: http://apps.facebook.com/the_tarot/?fb_source=bookmark_favorites&ref=bookmarks&count=0&fb_bmpos=4_0 try and tell me what you think!

Suggestion by Priestess
I will give you a free cross of truth tarot reading if you go ‘like’ my facebook page and write me a comment. I also have a 50% sale on any of my services. You don’t need a credit card for my other services, you can use a debit card because I use an easy system.

Want a free tarot card reading?

Want a free tarot card reading?
I am just learning my tarot cards and i need the practice. Email me with your question and i will do a reading for you.

Suggestion by samzprecious1
whats my future????? love wise and how about career wise

Suggestion by man
tell me when i am going to get pot of money

Suggestion by sweetfoxyroxie
i want one.. sweetfoxyroxie@excite.com
my question is:
should i continue to be patient or am i wasting my time? will this pay off in the long run?

I need a website where you can get FREE tarot card readings?

Suggestion by meli
um… those cards that tell u the future or what not? anais has some if thats what ur lookin for, she got it at borders, in those little boxes things. btw… sry about … u know what.

Suggestion by Lillith
Are you meaning computer generated readings or reading done by an actually person?
I am a reader of 16 years, and just for fun I have tried a few different sites with the computer generated ones to see what they where like.
They are not really worth much for they do not pick up on things like a genuine real reader would. There is no intuition involved with a computer.
What you get are book meanings for each card and NOTHING about how the cards tie in to each other, which is a BIG factor for an accurate reading.

visit my profile for a link to my website

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Pink



more excellent readings for more excellent viewers 🙂 www.keen.com www.liveperson.com www.nickdutch.co.uk

tarot reading?

tarot reading?
I am having a hard time right now in my life and was wondering if anybody here can do a tarot reading for me. I think it will help me to sort thinks out. Many thanks

Suggestion by CelicKitty
You can have a free tarot card reading done online, or look in your local phone book for a place to get it done in person.

Suggestion by rhio9
No need to do a tarot reading for you. EVERYbody is having a hard time in their life right now. We are living in the most dangerous period of our lives, between now and Nov. 2008.

You are
– apprehensive
– reluctant
– fearful
– doubtful
– things arent going right
– if youre lucky enough to have a job it isnt satisfying
– your relationships are touch and go
– your finances are stretched to the max
– your credit is not good
– you’re probably in debt
– you’ve got psychological issues (inherited)
– you’ve got family health issues
– educational concerns
– personal fitness and wellbeing problems
– you dont always sleep well
– drugs and alcohol are taking their toll
– you doubt your religious faith, if any
– your sexuality is up for grabs
– your orientation is unknown
– you cant pay your bills
– you girlfriend left you for another girl

I could go on and on and on. The point is: EVERYbody is having a hard time right now in their life. The geo-political horizons are ugly, dangerous, uncertain, catastrophic, divisive, explosive, repressive, suppressive, threatening and worse. Nobody knows if we will be alive to see Christmas 2008. Don’t look for a tarot reading to help you. The ONLY thing that MIGHT help us all is if George W Bush and Cheney go to sleep some night, take some benydril for their allergies and never wake up. But don’t count on that happening any time soon.

Suggestion by enquiry
I am a tarot reader.Just happen to browse the internet and saw your question.You can send me an email about your situation.I give you a reading and insight free.

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Tarot Reading?
Anybody know where I can get a really good tarot reading? I’m looking for a tarot reading online, maybe a tarot reading by email if I can find somebody good. I’m not interested in psychic hotline psychics or free readings so please don’t bother me with those. I’m asking for recommendations from people who have had a good tarot reading in the past from a real tarot reading. Thank you for your help in advance. I want to get a nice tarot reading to help me figure out my career and education stuff for the next twelve months.

Suggestion by Mystic Marvin
Get a book and learn to do it yourself.

Suggestion by Mandy lou
It’s not real any way

Suggestion by Last man standing
They’ll cause more problems than solve them.

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Tarot reading?
I had a Tarot reading earlier and it was scary accurate. I was curious if someone could give me another one. I need some insight regarding my relationship with Jason. My bday is 8/24/1980.

Suggestion by phoenixmoon3
Hey, Of coursecourse it’s going to be pretty accurate as you are using YOUR own energy to transmit to the cards you are dealing or being dealt. Everything is energy. REMEMBER THAT. You transmit your energy outwards all the time. Everyone has pychic ability, its just something you must aknowledge and tap into. Ever hear of ” intuition?” thats what your GUT tells you is right or wrong or go this way not that way. Tarot is supposed to be fun and not taken SOO literally as things iin life do happand and life is what happens when you are making plans. The questions asked that you get answerd are to help you if you were to stay ON the path you are asking about 🙂 I love getting readings. It’s fun. Just relax and be open and totally HAVE FUN!
Dangit, i forgot the name of the website i go to you can do readings on I THINK its www.facade .com, but i am not at my own pc. HOWEVER look up Free Tarot Readings in the yahoo search and that should come up. Its a good site with TONS of stuff on it 🙂

Suggestion by keithshearing
Tarot readings, as with clairvoyance, can be accurate.
However, you must understand, you want the information to be correct.
Your life and relationships are not set out, in advance, if they were life would be meaning less.
You live to learn, your relationship with Jason is up you and him.
No guarantees, no one can tell you are meant for each other.
Through life you will have many paths you can take, but the decision will always be yours.