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How do I shuffle tarot cards when I want a clear reading?

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How do I shuffle tarot cards when I want a clear reading?
I want to start to do readings for myself. how do you shuffle so you have reversed cards i hear if you want a clear reading some cards have to be reversed but how? do i shuffle, then cut the deck and half of the deck i reverse and the other not reversed and then shuffle again? it sounds too simple I just need some advice please

Suggestion by Devo
You can shuffle cards however you want. You can shuffle them like a playing deck- rotating half of the deck before shuffling. Or you can even toss them on the floor, move them all around, and then straighten them back up again. It’s whatever works for you. It’s not required to have reversed cards, but you will get a more accurate reading if they are present.

Suggestion by Vodun Master
This is how i perform a Reading and Shuffle the Deck.

*IMPORTANT: Always have the question in mind when Shuffling the Deck. If you don’t have a question, keep on repeating your Name.

Step 1: The deck holds energy, that’s how the cards are been drawn out. NEVER; smack, throw, shuffle like normal playing deck or cut them with no question or name in mind. This will course the deck to lose the energies, that’s needed to give a accurate reading.

Step 2: How to Shuffle, place the deck in your hands and start taking cards from the bottom of the pile and place them of top of the the deck, do this for at least a few minuets.

Step 3: One’s done, place the deck on the table in front of you and cut the deck into 3 different piles (towards you). *Asking the question while cutting.

Step 4: Chose “a” pile from the 3 piles, and with that pile start your layout. (ex, Celtic Cross, 3 Card Reading, Gypsy Spread.)

There, this is how i Shuffle and start my Reading.

Vodun Master.

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What do these tarot cards mean love reading?
Hey I have a question what does the magician, the nine of pentacles, and the lovers mean in a love reading? I used Celtic Cross and deck is Rider Waite.

Suggestion by Joy Division Oven Gloves
They mean you picked some random bits of cardboard from a stack of other bits of cardboard.

They also mean that your gullibility index is quite high.

Suggestion by Shoes Too A Wish within a Wish
I love tarot cards. The art on them, and looking for the meanings hidden on the cards. Every deck should have the same meaning for each card, so it’s fun to try and find the symbolism representing the meaning on each card– that’s the reason they’re always so stuffed with things. The pictures are meant to remind you what each card means.

Suggestion by Jimmy K
They mean nothing; they’re pieces of paper.

People put far too much meaning in pieces of paper.

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How do use tarot cards to solve problems?
I don’t want to play games, I want to solve problems for others and myself. Is there are website of some sort that could teach me?

Suggestion by L T
Burn them and then get on your knees and pray.

Suggestion by pumpkin kitty!
you should buy a book on it instead.

Suggestion by John
only calculus problems

why do tarot card readers look at you while they shuffle the cards?

tarot cards

why do tarot card readers look at you while they shuffle the cards?
are they observing your reaction, checking your aura, trying to hypnotize you? what?

also, why do they ask you to blow on the cards before they shuffle them?

Suggestion by ♏
not true for every tarot reader

Suggestion by red_haze
Blowing on the cards: to entertain you, I think 🙂

They look at you when they shuffle the cards so you know they’re not looking at the cards and shuffling them into positions they may want them to be in.

Suggestion by Chrisdyann
you probably had a booger.

jk theyre focusing on you so that the cards are picking up your energy

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Are Tarot Cards real and are they dangerous?
My mum has been to a tarot card reader for 20 years now and she has predicted everything right about what is going to happen in the future, honestly everything she has said has happened, even things which were very unlikely to happen. She has guessed the sex of all my mums children and the months they would be born etc…
So are they real? I do believe in them, i think just because of my mums experiance but what does everyone else think. And has anyone else been to a really good tarot card reader?

Can the cards be dangerous too?

Thank you 🙂

Suggestion by Gоďs Cорilот
Yes, they exist…and no, they’re nothing more than superstitious garbage.

Suggestion by SOUL6ESS
Yeah they can give you paper cuts

Suggestion by C V
There’s no such thing as the supernatural; anyone who claims to have tapped into it is either trying to deceive you, or is deceiving himself (or herself.) Sorry.

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