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Can someone help me with tarot cards?

tarot cards

Can someone help me with tarot cards?
I’m writing a scene in my book that involves tarot cards. When drawing the cards how many do you place out to read? Does it matter?

Suggestion by Fatal Kiss
this might help http://www.discover-the-meaning-of-tarot.com/meaning-of-each-Tarot-card-death.html

Suggestion by Nathaniel Palmer
It does not matter for the most part but a classic Spread is the Celtic Cross and its 10 card forming a cross and a staff.

Suggestion by ~*Μα’ϊϊἧɡαἧ*~
www.learntarot.com can help you with layouts and card meanings

tarot cards

Is it history stories behind tarot cards?
Is each tarot cards based on true story? Is it history? Or is it fiction? like for an example, ‘The Hang Man’ is about the man hanging up side down for 9 days without eating, There he stays for nine days intent on finding his spiritual self.

Suggestion by PaulCyp
It is 100% superstition.

Suggestion by E.H.
It’s all about symbolism, interpretation, and intuition. Each card has an “original meaning”, however tarot cards are like artwork. It’s whatever YOU get out of them. To one person The Hanged Man could represent unlearned lessons, to another it could be interpreted as something completely different. Each card when interpreted individually are stringed together to form a story (in whichever spread the cards have been dealt).

Personally, when I look at the The Hanged Man card I do (indeed) see a person who has made mistakes but has yet to learn from them. The fact that he’s being hung denotes punishment. His face is depicted with a smirk, as if he’s unfazed by his punishment. Hence, he hasn’t learned anything. Kind of like a little kid cracking up while sitting in time out.

I remember taking an Art Interpretation class in college and hating it. I have no idea why I fell in love with Tarot cards when it’s much of the same thing. Whether or not someone believes in them, there are thousands of different tarot cards out there that can be admired and interpreted just for the artwork and symbolism in each of them.

tarot cards

Can someone do a Tarot Card reading for me?

tarot card reading

Can someone do a Tarot Card reading for me?
I want to try this. Will me and Amber fall in love and be together?

Suggestion by アいチャン
Yes,sure and the cards say you will not be together.

Suggestion by moreissues
the fool, false hope, you don’t listen or do not pay attrntion, or maybe you are not afraid of taking a risk

Suggestion by GCram
If you are on facebook go to


or if it doesnt work


I made this, let me know what you think!

tarot card reading

How to do a Tarot Card reading?
Do you need to center and ground beforehand? Do you need candlelight?

Suggestion by Lori G
Only if you really want to and you think this will help you to focus on the reading itself.
I personally don’t feel you need to do anything really, except concentrate on the question and trust in the answers that the cards give you.
It really is up to you – do what you feel is right for you.

Suggestion by Kate
You don’t need to have candlelight but you do need to clear your head and think about whatever you’re asking the cards.
Different people have different rituals and you don’t really need to do anything, but I think the rituals are just ways for them to clear their minds.

Suggestion by Ludak
here you can find how to read tarot card

tarot card reading

have you ever had a tarot card reading?
my friend did mine today and i cried :/
so much so, she had to stop the reading as things she said we’re true.

so, do you believe in tarot card readings?

Suggestion by Nat
I have never had one, so I’m not sure. I would like to get one though. What exactly do they tell you?

Suggestion by ѕuᴘeяnσνa ~★~
No, I haven’t.

It all seems like a bunch of bs to me.

Suggestion by SNicole
No I haven’t.
No I wouldn’t.
No I don’t believe.

Anybody know someone who reads tarot cards in Phoenix?

Anybody know someone who reads tarot cards in Phoenix?
I’m trying to find somebody who reads tarot cards. I don’t want to stop at one of those places that’s on the side of a main street with a big sign outside. I’ve personally known people who have read my cards. So I’m trying to find someone who can give a recommendation based on personal experience. Not from a phone book.

Suggestion by funn g

Suggestion by perpetualinibriation
why do you want to throw your money away anyways?

if those bull sh it tarot card or psychics are legit, why can’t they win the lottery, or why can’t they be aware that you need their help?

Suggestion by kreedhermione
Here are a few. This link includes other services as well. like Reiki and mediums.

tarot cards

Do you have to be a certain age to buy tarot cards?
The tarot cards at the book store are lucked up in like a little glass taste and I was wondering if you had to be a certain age to purchse them? I’m 19 btw. And I know its not LGBT, but you guys are the best. =D

Suggestion by Panda
no you don’t have to.. try to do a little research online before you buy them thou so you buy the right one.. some of them are really hard to understand and stuff so just look online for beginners tarot cards

Suggestion by BioHazzard
No, you don’t. (As far as I know)
They’re kept in the glass case, because most people don’t like buying a set that’s been “handled.”
There’s also the increased possibility that if they’re left out, some people may slip one or two out of the pack.
Most stores which carry metaphysical supplies will have display sets that people can look at.

Suggestion by ♥♥ ♀~Chris~♂ ♥♥
No, that’s just to make sure you don’t steal ’em. Naughty, naughty! *wags finger* lol. I agree with the first guy, though- I’ve seen tarot cards for beginners and some for those who can read them better. You could ask someone who works there or poke around online.

Do you think that some people have a more natural ability to read tarot cards than others?
I bought my friend a set of ohsho zen tarot cards, and instead of her being able to use them well, I gave her really accurate readings. She on the other hand, didn’t often give accurate readings.

Suggestion by SingingCrab7
Yes, one’s energy makes a huge difference in reading cards. Many things come in to play when it comes to people’s abilities in giving card readings.

Suggestion by …
no, some people are just better scammers

Suggestion by Ronin
well i guess some people have an easier time in seeing the easter bunny, so sure….

Can someone please do a tarot reading for free and help me out?

tarot reading

Can someone please do a tarot reading for free and help me out?
my boyfriend recently broke up with me without any explanations and i want to know if we will be together….can someone please do a tarot reading and help me out…plz…

Suggestion by lucy by surprise
you are not going to get answers like that from a reading. in a reading, it is only the energy of the person being read that is reflected. better just to ask him what his deal is.

Suggestion by Peaches
You do not need a tarot reading for that, just go to your boyfriend and ask why he broke up with you!

Suggestion by sharky
If you really want one, go here and generate your own.

Seconding the asking the guy, though.

tarot reading

Anyone in the mood to give me a Tarot reading?
I’m feeling rather aimless and I can’t be buggered for a lot of things. I’d be most grateful.

Suggestion by AnimeGirl375
Go to teenick.com and go to games; there’s a tarot card reading game on there that seems pretty accurate. You know, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

Suggestion by Helen
For what it’s worth, you can get a free Tarot reading by a real person via www.ata-tarot.com, www.aeclectic.net and www.realmsofmagick.com. Understand that most people willing to give you a free reading are beginners doing it for practice.

You can also get free automated readings from many websites including aeclectic, facade, ifate, students-of-tarot, mydivination (all except the first dotcom).

Suggestion by Dipti
You can get in touch with me. Visit my website www.tarotforyou.com for more info.

Can someone tell what these two tarot cards mean when paired together?

tarot cards

Can someone tell what these two tarot cards mean when paired together?
i asked if someone is in to malicious behavior or malicious activity’s toward me and my life

here are the two cards that popped up.

the High Priestess


the Knight of Swords

this is what i believe in so please don’t leave comments like don’t waste your time etc…

thank you for any answers

Suggestion by Kaybee
A White Queen and a Warrior…

White Queen… spiritually aware, and bright
Knight of Swards- A fierce protector and guardian

Suggestion by Alicorna

HP: Their is someone with a high amount of spiritual power, I am getting someone from a nearby church, who is ‘praying for you to see your evil ways’ IOW they are cursing you till you convert.

KoS: A male, I really think a guardian spirit taking a male form, will fight for you and shield you from the curses, just comand him to do so.

Thats what I am getting.

tarot cards

Can someone read me the tarot cards?
People have read me the tarot cards before, and they were good because what they said came true, but i dont know how to contact them anymore. So can someone read me the tarot cards please? I only have 4 or 5 questions. Please and thanks in advance 🙂
No nonbelievers, or haters. Dont waste my time or yours. Don’t answer if you’re not serious.

Suggestion by Lol @ gullible ppl who believe in Global Warming

Suggestion by Brad
Sure, I’ll give it a go.

I’m completely untrained in Tarot, mind, but that only means that my results will be as good as the world’s leading expert in it.

Suggestion by Envy Is My God
what tarot cards? i can read tarot cards, but i was taught that i’m only supposed to use my own decks, and the person getting the reading needs to shuffle the cards

tarot cards

Did God create the Ouija Board, & Tarot Cards, or did he allow Man to make these items for Man’s amusements?
According to some Christians on here, playing with Ouija Boards and Tarot Cards will get you possessed. How the Hell is that possible when God created them?

Maybe Demonic Possession happens by other means, that Christians are not aware of?

Suggestion by Panthera leo
Christians are prone to superstitions. Ouija boards and tarot cards are both harmless.

Suggestion by Yahswatchman
satan created that garbage threw his mankind. It’s that simple. Don’t dare think for one second that the God of the bible had anything to do with any of that demonic trash.

Suggestion by 忠実空狐 ☯Fidelis☯
Ouija is a funny word.