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Can someone help me with these tarot cards?

tarot cards

Can someone help me with these tarot cards?
I am learning to read tarot cards, but I always have trouble with the court cards. They are frustrating for me and I always have trouble interpreting them. Do they ALWAYS represent real people? Any insight, advice, tips, or explanations would be very helpful! I am using a Rider-Waite deck if that makes any difference.

Suggestion by Willow Moon
You should of gotten a beginners deck, try the gypsy tarot deck.

Suggestion by FlyMeAPenguin
They usually don’t represent “real” people. Mostly, if you (or someone else) gets a court card in their reading, the qualities the specific court card represents could be trying to emerge in you (or whoever you’re reading). Go with you intuition though, if you feel it could represent a specific person, such as a family member, friend, etc, it could.

Suggestion by jjt
the majority of the time yes but it depends on the cards next to them in combinations that will tell you what they mean. it does take a long time to master. so you should take classes

tarot cards

How can I learn to read tarot cards?
Can someone please explain to me how to read tarot cards? Or at least give me a site to help? Also, is it possible to use a regular deck of playing cards if you know what each of the cards mean? I’ve heard of people doing this and don’t know if it’s possible, and if so how?

Suggestion by Hosea
What a useless skill.

Suggestion by Holly B
e-mail me 2 learn how!!

Suggestion by Vicarious Cynic

tarot cards

What do you guys think about tarot cards?
Long story short a friend of a friend came over to my apartment with some tarot cards and what he basicly told me was I had no future in playing the bass guitar. Should I listen to him?

Suggestion by Graham
To be honest buddy, I really wouldnt trust what a couple of plastic cards suggest. I would prefer to use the good old magic 8-ball. At least that gives yes or no answers majority of the time

Suggestion by paintingj
I would not listen to him.

I think he might just be playing a joke on you. I do not think the Tarot cards can tell your specific future. They can guide you and bring to a better understanding of your situation.

Suggestion by Kira
It depends on whether or not your friend can actually read them, first of all. Lots of people can remember the meanings of the cards, and go through the motions but they may not have the spiritual ability to use them to predict the future. Yes, tarot cards can be used to answer specific questions, but sometimes the person can misinterpret the meaning. If the bass guitar is something that is a big part of your life, don’t give it up because of what could have been read wrong. You should never make any life changing decisions based on a tarot reading unless you are extremely confident in that person’s abilities and the meaning is extremely clear and can’t be read another way. Keep playing, and good luck if you’re trying to make it your future. 🙂

How do I channel My Tarot Cards? How do I input my energy in them? Can someone give me a basic tutorial?

tarot cards

How do I channel My Tarot Cards? How do I input my energy in them? Can someone give me a basic tutorial?
I need to understand this. Please help me.

Suggestion by vid
If they are YOUR deck–brand new–just sleep with them under your pillow for a few nights, and during the day shuffle them here and there not really thinking about anything. Seriously, just do that and make sure to sleep with them under your pillow for 3 or 4 nights and you should get VERY accurate readings.

What do these tarot cards mean?
did a tarot card reading on me and a guy that I like.

How he feels about me: Empress
How he sees me: Empress
How I feel about him: Lovers reversed
How I see him: Page of Pentacles
The outcome if we dated: Magician

And I also drew cards on how certain people see/feel about me. I always get the Empress and queen of cups. What does this mean?

Suggestion by Tristan

Suggestion by Mystic
The empress is growth, growing, with affection, how you feel about him is on the fence, you just not sure, or clear, and it could have something to do with his past. You may also feel he needs to be more directed in goals, and more focused. At times you see him as playful, then other times, it seems so immature. The magician, could mean good elements with the union.

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Is it sinful to use Tarot cards as a “con”?
Is it sinful to use Tarot cards as a way to earn money without actually believing in the “guardian angel” who helps you to read them?

My sister does it all the time, it’s her way of earning money.

Suggestion by Flying Penguins.
What else would you use Tarot cards for?

Suggestion by Troy Mustang
if idiots believe her, it’s their fault for being so stupid.

Suggestion by Hazzardous
As sinful as using a BOOK!

Will someone do a tarot reading for me please ?

Will someone do a tarot reading for me please ?
Can someone please do a tarot reading for me ? 🙂 thx
P.S. : don’t comment if you aren’t going to help!

Suggestion by daveried33
I hope thy want a lot of money for doing it,cos if your stupid enough to believe what the cards say,then you are silly enough to pay

Suggestion by Cindy
I can do one for you. You can either edit your question here, or send me an email. The information I like to have is your astrological sign or favorite number. You can also let me know if you have a specific question or area you are interested in, or is it just a general reading? I look forward to hearing from you.

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What does it mean when two magician cards appear in one tarot reading from the same deck? Not possible or ?
During a Tarot reading, with a well-known and well-used deck, two Magician cards came up (both visible at the same time)… which should not be possible?

Suggestion by sly phy .. evil apricot
Of course its possible.

a solution: there were two magician cards in the deck to start with.

not a solution: an extra magician card magically appeared out of nothing.

Suggestion by Fed up with the crap here
It means you’re superstitious and gullible for thinking tarot cards mean anything at all.

Suggestion by sparky_dy
It could mean one of three things:

1. You shuffled the deck a bit too well between turning up successive cards, and the magician card that you had already replaced found its way back to the top.

2. You mistook another card for the magician.

3. There could actually be two magician cards in the deck. Try counting the cards ….. there should be 22 trumps, 14 coins, 14 cups, 14 wands and 14 swords.

tarot reading

Have you ever considered having a tarot reading?
Has anyone ever had a tarot reading? I am considering sending an email to pathfindertarot@comcast.net because they give a free reading to new customers. I’ve heard that tarot readings can help you make relationship desicions and career choices and see your future potentials. My friend told me that Pathfinder is really nice and not a computer reading. Has anyone tried this?
I had the reading. She is super nice and very intuitive. She shows you only your potential and tells you how to reach it. The first reading is free and she also makes donations to charities. Pathfinder has customer all over the world. You have to try this!!!!

Suggestion by Hanseugen
If you decide to have a tarot reading it is better to have it done by a professional reader in your own locality. The online divination readers are strictly in it for the money and are not necessarily trained ot adept at reading.
Online sites are about as accurate as the daily newspaper horoscopes, which doesn’t say much for them.

Suggestion by VigilentVirgo ♍/♒/♐
No and i did once have a reading online and honestly they explained the cards than what it is that you are sough tingr.

Just seek help from a professional face to face or a real psychic. ok?

Suggestion by Magical Purple Sock*
I’ve only done online tarot cards, and they were a hit-or-miss.
If you want to do them, that that is fine. If not, then that is fine as well.

Can someone please interpret my tarot card reading?

card reading online

Can someone please interpret my tarot card reading?
I had a tarot card reading online, the horseshoe position.
Past influences- page of wands
The present- the lovers
Hopes and fears- king of cups
Obstacles- Ace of swords
Others attitude- The chariot
Influence around you- five of swords
Outcome- the star
im not gonna die of cancer, your really imature for saying that

Suggestion by Not For Promotional Use
You’re going to die of cancer.

Suggestion by me
No one can. They can not see the way they lay.

Suggestion by Ibrahim I
fortune telling is forbidden

card reading online

Are tarot card/ physics work online?
I jus had a person answer 1 of my questions about astrology weather they believe its real or fake.. Anyway there answer was .. That they always thought it was fake and what not, intill they had a tarot card reading online.. They said it was strange at how accurate it was. I thought they needed u to touch the cards to get an accurate reading.anyway if there are any real sites or numbers can u pls let me kno thx

Suggestion by Reptilia888
Physics has nothing to do with tarot. I can’t understand the rest of your question for spelling errors, sorry.

Suggestion by Rachel Stanley
I read Tarot and have had no problem doing a reading online. It is not needed for a person to touch the cards in order to get an accurate reading. It is more of a focus on energy than needing physical contact.

Hope that helps!

Suggestion by Chipmunk
I’ve been doing distant readings for 3 years now and never had an issue with it, it’s all down to your spiritual beliefs on how they work. Such as, I don’t go in for the whole big rituals etc. A few things to note about it though:

– it’s considered more difficult to do by many people, but not at all impossible. In the same way of “universal energy” looking towards Quantum Physics people use this all the time in tarot-related therapies and it’s the same concept which applies in theory.

– Face-to-face readers can have just as much hiccups, bad days and issues with “connecting” with a person’s energy as the risks are for distant reading. It’s more an issue of the person not for where they are in relation to the reader.

EDIT: just to point out I’m assuming you meant psychics and how they work, however regarding the first comment – depending on belief, yes, physics the science, does have things to do with tarot. And the theory of how psyhics work is in a similar way to how tarot works so they too, are included even if not directly involved

card reading online

Is there a site that offers free online chat without a credit card for a psychic reading?
I want to see if psychics really can have knowledge of things that they don’t know about. I do not have a credit card, do not want to use a credit card, and I just want to chat with a REAL psychic online. No “first 5 minutes free” bull, just FREE completely FREE….

Do they exist??

Suggestion by Shawn
That would be called a scam site.

Suggestion by jysn_kay

Suggestion by WellTraveledProg
There are no “psychics,” dear. Just con artists.
Don’t waste your time or your money.


Tarot card question for someone who knows what the cards mean. I got the one with the guy pointing the sword?

tarot cards

Tarot card question for someone who knows what the cards mean. I got the one with the guy pointing the sword?
I got a reading 10 years ago, and remember it now because many things from the reading have come true. I got the guy pointing the sword towards the sky in victory for the final card in the center spot. I don’t the name of the card, the reader said this was the perfect card to get in the perfect spot. Wondering if there is any tarot card confirmed rule that this is in fact an awesome card to have for the final center spot. Again i don’t know the card placement it went in a box with the final card filling the center. Question is this really the sickest card to get in the sickest spot? Any internet data is appreciated to backup any answers.

Suggestion by lupinesidhe
Well, there’s no “confirmed” rule that any card is a “good” or “bad” card. There is merely the interpretation of them, nothing more. It’s a little bit difficult to tell you exacts about it since you don’t know what card it was or what deck its from. It sounds a bit like the knight of swords though. Could be wrong. The interpretation changes slightly from deck to deck depending on the symbolism used. For some very basic information about the general meaning of cards theres a very good book call “Power Tarot” I don’t remember who wrote it, but it’s very informative. You might want to look into it. I’m not sure if you can find it on line or not, but you could google it. I hope this is helpful.

Suggestion by bkzalley
There are too many different variations of cards to know which one was used for your reading. I would go and get another one done and see if it pops up again. That way you will have a new reading to go from.

Suggestion by Goblin g
It’s difficult for me to know exactly which card you are referring to, only because there are so many different types of decks.

Rule of thumb, there are four different suits for the minor arcana (or lesser cards). They are penctacles (sometimes refered to as coins), cups, wands (sometimes refered to as sticks) and swords (sometimes refered to as knives).

Cups (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered Hearts (things with love attached to them).

Swords (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered Spades (things which need to be addressed in your life, which need to be turned around – swords are considered warning cards – they also stand for confilict, obstacles and aggression.) Depending on the other cards in the spread, these cards when received in the Royal aspect of the card (King, Queen, Jack as know as the Knight) are for logic and thoughtful attention to all sides of the issues at hand).

Pentacles (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered diamonds (which refers to the financial aspects of your life).

Wands (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered clubs (which refers to growth, ambition and development).

If you go to Borders Books, going into the section marked “New Age”, they should have a book called “Complete Idiots Guide To Tarot”. This book is very helpful to “newbies” who are interested in learning the Tarot. This books uses the Ryder-Waite Tarot Deck (which is the most universal and standard of all the decks which are available today).

Have a lovely rest of the day. Bright Blessings.

tarot cards

Can someone w| experience tell me what the following tarot cards mean?
So I ended doing those free online tarot card readings. & I did it a few more times because I kept on getting “the sun” and “the empress” which apparently means fertility, maternal, & babies… Every time I did it this card didn’t fail to come out. Can someone with experience explain the meaning of it. One of them said basically that my infertility phase was over, which I was having trouble with that.

Suggestion by Nick.
Basically, you’re a demon of the sun, and you will rule it one day. Your time will come..

Suggestion by Astrology.com
The Sun has to do with clarity and the light of consciousness, usually after a period of perhaps feeling in the dark. Confidence often returns and there’s a sense of joy and purpose. The Empress has to do with a re-alignment with nature, the natural cycles and rhythms of the body — and yes, fertility. The deck I use has the empress is depicted as a beautiful maiden in a field of wheat with a hand gentle placed on her stomach in a long, flowing gown … so getting back in touch with nature and the body – very Taurus.

tarot cards

does anyone know how to read Naipes tarot cards?
These were the cards they recommended but they dont look like regular tarot cards and i have checked all over the internet and no one has menings for each picture on each card.Does anyone have any helpful info…10points..

Suggestion by Clay

Read the how to.