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Do i need certain tarot cards to do certain spreads?

tarot spreads

Do i need certain tarot cards to do certain spreads?
I have a Tarot card set (the complete kit) and i bought it at barnes and nobles it’s the mega mini kit haha. It has all four suits and the major arcana. I was wondering if i can do love tarot spreads and any other kind of spread using these cards, like do you need certain tarot cards or are these fine? because i know the suit of cups is about relationships and all the others mean something too, so i was just wondering.

Suggestion by mike b
If you have the full set you can do any reading there are no special packs to do separate reading subjects.

tarot spreads

I need to know more about tarot spreads?
Okay I have to write a short story for school and the story involves tarot cards. I have researched a lot on tarot cards but the only thing I still need to know are tarot spreads. Lets say a person randomly walks into a fortune teller’s shop and wants a tarot card reading. She doesn’t have any questions about anything she just wants a regular reading. So what spread would that be? how many cards would be dealt out?

Suggestion by Geezah
Different readers do it differently. They might start off with a simple 3-card spread, or a full 10-card “Celtic Cross” spread, or something else.

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
There is no one answer for this question. There are many spreads that can do what you are asking about. As a matter of fact, all of them can. Questions are done differently.

I use the Celtic Cross Spread. I was taught an extended version which uses 19 cards. After the initial reading, the client may ask any question that has not been answered in the general reading. I use 3 to 5 cards to answer questions. I may get the answer in the first card or have to use more. It all depends.

Tarot Cards Spreads

Tarot Cards Spreads

Tarot Cards is considered as the most magical and powerful cards which might reveal lots of events-to-be as well as useful guidance to deal with them. And to increase the energy and power, the Tarot readers usually avail thousands of Tarot cards spreads layouts to give a clear outlook, astrological prospects or whatever. In addition, some spreads just answer for a particular query.

Remember that the way to spread the Tarot cards is very critical. Each position will represent for each different meaning. Therefore, learning Tarot spreads is not a simple and easy task. You need to know each card’s energy to create the powerful spreads. Look at some popular spreads and study how to read Tarot cards spreads by yourself!

Tarot Cards Spreads

The Ellipse Spread permits us to deal with all the issues in any situation that we have to assist by ourselves.

  • Card 1: Past events which have an effect on the situation.
  • Card 2: The present – the effects around you at this time.
  • Card 3: Events-to-be
  • Card 4: What do you have to do now?
  • Card 5: Which outside effects that you need to bear?
  • Card 6: Desire and despair
  • Card 7: Ultimate outcome of the situation.

The Mandala Spread discloses your strong and weak points and desires which might instruct you to grow up your spiritual abilities.

  • Card 1: A synopsis of yourself
  • Card 2: Objectives and aspiration
  • Card 3: Hopes and thoughts
  • Card 4: True trophies at the moment
  • Card 5: Reliance and defective beliefs
  • Card 6: Your powers and positive characteristics
  • Card 7: Weak points and errors
  • Card 8: Self-understanding
  • Card 9: Craving and devotion

The Celtic Cross is the most familiar Tarot card spread which can point out the potential problems. Moreover, this layout is often used to clear up particular queries.

  • Card 1: Show up the present
  • Card 2: The instant challenge
  • Card 3: Remote past and foundation. Here is the root of matters of the query
  • Card 4: Demonstrate some events happening and not directly linked to the query.
  • Card 5: It illustrates the best outcome that we might get it.
  • Card 6: Talks about the instant future (next few days or weeks)
  • Card 7: Inner emotions or factors might affect the situation.
  • Card 8: Describes outside influences.
  • Card 9: Introduces desires and fears about the situation.
  • Card 10: Mention about the ultimate outcome.

To get other important layouts relating to this post “Tarot Cards Spreads”, be quick to leave your comments in the box here. We’ll supply the best answers in the soonest time.

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what are some good tarot spreads to know if he is the one?

tarot spreads

what are some good tarot spreads to know if he is the one?
self explanatory I want to know if the guy I’m with is my soul mate, what are some good tarot spreads to answer this?

Suggestion by geessewereabove
The Bible says that any one using “tarot”s shall go to hell! Is that your aim?

Suggestion by jac the hat
any spread that you are comfortable with – I use the celtic cross but am learning the kaballah spread and that seems to offer more positions for questing http://www.abuddhistlibrary.com/Buddhism/F-%20Miscellaneous/General%20Miscellaneous/The%20Tarot/Spreads/Tarot%20Spreads.htm

tarot spreads

When picking cards for a tarot spread, for which spreads to you fan the deck and choose?
Usually, I just pick from the top of the deck. Are there specific spreads that you have to fan the deck and choose the cards? When do you know which way to use?

Suggestion by sk
Basically, how do you pick cards to put in a spread?
You can shuffle, mix them up, cut them however you want, throw them. You don’t have to do something different for each spread.
Try using a couple ways and seeing which you like best.

What is the best Tarot spread? We look at designing your own, the Celtic Cross, and one, three, five and seven card yes-no or past, present and future spreads.

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Q&A: Interesting and different Tarot Card Spreads?

tarot card spreads

Interesting and different Tarot Card Spreads?
I want to do some different Tarot Card Readings.
Does anyone have any?
Something besides the basic stuff we all know.
I’ve looked on some websites and found some but I want more 🙂
Tarot Card Spreads…different ways to read the cards. Like
The Tree of life spread
or Happily Ever After Spread.

different spreads 🙂

Suggestion by Obscure
like are you looking for tarot reading websites???
go to www.superhoroscopes.com its a good one.

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru

Try us – http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=143 just one of our rooms, join if you wish x


tarot card spreads

Tarot Card Spreads for gaining Power?
im not sure how simple this is to answer but i need to know the tarot spread for an event leading to gaining influence/power. if more information is needed let me know and i will provide it the best i can.
to expand on the question as to stop people from making bad tarot card jokes. this is for a story, im doing research, my character gets a reading telling of them coming into power (the character will eventually be a leader)

Suggestion by T J
The only way a tarot card deal will help you is if you deal them straight into the dumpster. Then go get an education and work hard. That will gain you influence and power.

Suggestion by EAH
If you see cards like Strength, Chariot, Emperor, Justice, the Sun,
in the cards or in your daily life, that might indicate gaining power.

Try one of the many Tarot forums on the web if your really that interested in it.
You will get mostly grief from the fundies on R&S.

Suggestion by Heretical Gospel of BrokenEye
You must be able to triforce

tarot card spreads

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Can I use tarot spreads for cartomancy?

Can I use tarot spreads for cartomancy?
I want to learn cartomancy. i dont know how to do it. is there spreads like tarot? do you use tarot spreads? also can i have a link to a site with the meanings of the cards? or are the meanings the same as the tarot minor arcana, if so please tell me the corresponding suit.

Suggestion by lala
When you talk about cartomancy ; are talking about regular playing cards ? If so [ and it goes for tarot too ] go to a New Age book store ; and will have a great choice of books who are explaining the meaning of all the cards

Suggestion by Pamela
You can definitely use tarot spreads for readings with regular playing cards. But there are spreads that have been developed for cartomancy. There are different techniques. Some use all 52 cards, others, like the Lenormand system use only 36. I found Secondhand-Souls-4occult.com by just doing a search on cartomancy. It has some basic info using all 52 cards and spreads.

I like Mlle. Lenormand’s Fortune Telling site (see link below) for learning some basics about Lenormand Oracle cards and their meanings. Although you can buy a deck with special pictures on it to help you remember the meanings, you can just use a regular playing deck and just remove the cards that are not used.

I wasn’t able to learn all I wanted from the Internet so I got “Fortune-Telling with Playing Cards” by Jonathan Dee, from the library. It gave me enough info to figure out what kind of cartomancy I wanted to learn more about. Plus it has meanings for the cards and suits as well as different spreads used with different card reading systems.

The meanings of the suits are not exactly the same as tarot. You can just read them as the same (Clubs=Wands; Spades=Swords; Hearts=Cups; Diamond=Pentacles) as long as you are consistent. That way your subconscious (or whatever you believe you’re working with when reading cards) knows what the symbols mean to you.

tarot spreads

Anyone Know Any Good Career Tarot Spreads?
I don’t know what career to pursue…
Anyone know any good Tarot spreads to figure that out?

Suggestion by Dogmatically Demonic Dogstar
Have you considered “village idiot” as a career? Although you do seem to be over-qualified.

Suggestion by DaniNyko the Deinonychus ☭
Choose the one that you like the most. (wheter it be a tarot spread or The career itself)

Suggestion by Mr Edinburgh
Adult entertainment would be a good career

A 6-Card “Yes or No” Tarot Spread with an additional layout for more information. Music by Stewart Copeland “Haunted Towers” Spyro the Dragon Insomniac Games

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