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Do you need some sort of degree before you start professionlly reading palms, tarot cards, etc?

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Do you need some sort of degree before you start professionlly reading palms, tarot cards, etc?
Just out of curiosity. Can people really just put a sign on their house and charge people for readings?

Suggestion by A Canadian Atheist
Sure, con artists have been doing it for a very long time.
And you don’t need a degree, just a totall lack of morals, scruples and a desire to bilk gullible people out of their cash by convincing them that printed cardstock, can somehow, tell the future.

Suggestion by Gary B
That is EXACLLTY what con artists, thieves, and crackpots do.

Maybe you should look into a degree in CARDiology???

The only thing you need is the proper Business License required by the state or city. Most location WILL NOT allow you to run a “walk-in” business from your house. That is, you can’t have a business where customers come into your house in a residential neighborhood (you CAN run something like a mail-order business out of your spare bedroom, though). You must obtain any special “Zoning Variations” as required by the city or state.

Suggestion by The Undying Atheist
Yes because those tricks aren’t real.
Its a play of the placebo effect

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What type of crystal must I use to cleanse my tarot cards?
I’ve read that you should use clear quartz or amethyst, but I was specifically wondering if I could use a small rose quartz as a substitute?

is Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot the best book to start with?

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is Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot the best book to start with?
Hey I’m just starting to learn how to read tarot cards and understand them. I found this book on a website “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot” and it got really good reviews on tarots, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a better book to start with.

Suggestion by Matt Sullivan
I would suggest the one you mentioned. It is really good for the basic foundation of knowledge we al need to then elaborate on. Later, I would suggest buying more advanced books.
But Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot is DEFINITELY a good start!

My only concern, if your brain is as fast-working as mine, you may ‘mentally outgrow’ it soon, meaning it will be too simple. but then, just buy a new book!

PS: I love how you are taking up tarot! All the best


Suggestion by LC
A much better choice is Paul Foster Case’ classic,
The Tarot:A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages
Also ‘google’ paul foster case the tarot and look at those results there are downloadable decks.
Get the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.)Deck along with the the book mentioned above.

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Can someone do a full scale reading on me?
I am a libra. Born 9-29-90.

ALOT has been going on in my life lately, lots of big changes and upheavals, I feel like my life is so bumpy. When will it ever calm down? I feel like it wont ever get better! Right now its at the absolutle worst. I was just wondering if anyone here would give me some kind of psychic reading, or tarot card reading, anything to just help me out, and figure out the path im on and what i need to do.

Suggestion by RAV3N
Dear Libra as you sit and ponder every move and are unwilling to take chances..you are the type that needs proof. RELAX. Think more positive and don’t be so pessimistic. That is the key…and don’t (what ever you do keep hanging around those that bum you out). You can change your path. Only you can change your path but it takes skill and courage. The knowledge to rid your life of the negative people..and you are surrounded..they drain you daily.

You will ultimately be fine. Things will work out..but you have to get the negativity out.

Suggestion by Liatris
In your Sign, you will either be needy or bold, and it is your choice now, to become one or the other.

Suggestion by flutter by
Whatever you do be very very careful about on-line psychics because many of them are just after your money and you never receive the reading ,ask the complaints board who is not honest.

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Seniors, when you were a kid did you ever use an ouja board or hold a seance?
We used to horse around. Of course we moved the little pointer thing around our self and got what answers we wanted. Some say occult brings trouble. We never held a seance. I had Tarot cards and played around with the cards and my grandpa was the only one to ever get the death card and he had a stroke and passed the next year. Of course this would of happened any way, but that ended any more craziness with that type stuff for me.

Suggestion by savannah
Some of my sorority sisters and I stayed up all night playing with a Ouija board. We had no idea what we were doing and I am sure we manipulated the board to give us scary answers.

I am not a believer in that stuff. I also don’t believe that it’s dangerous to use a ouija board.

There are enough real,concrete things to be afraid of without adding the supernatural to the mix.

Suggestion by NEVER SUBMIT
Yes….. and I will state that things can happen that are not “imaginary” while using a ouija board…… that is what brought about my first clearly real contact with the forces of evil…… not every use of, or every one who uses, an ouija board will bring out the evil forces…. but EVERY ouija board can be use to do that…. they are not “toys”…. even a homemade one can summon evil….

I do not have personal experience with Tarot cards…. but ones who have tell me that they too can bring out the forces of evil…..

any one who participates in any active endeavor like Ouija boards and/or seances is putting then selves in great danger….

Suggestion by spirit
i did and i opened the bible one day and a page jumped right out at me with some kind of verse that said do not call up the dead or something like that. i told my brother, no more of that. i would tell you strange stories but things happen and coincidence or not it sure seems like it is not at times. lol

how, should I start my story?

free angel card reading

how, should I start my story?
i have an idea for writing a book but i don’t know how to start it. can you guys give me a little help?

here’s my idea basically, it will be set in Detroit, MI which is the 4th most crime ridden city in the U.S. and i kinda like the idea of it being told through the main character’s perspective sort of like the show Dexter the main character starts out as like this really depressed cop who’s really devoted to his job and his wife whom he loved very much left him because he was getting high (i was thinking like cocaine and LSD or something like that) and drunk a lot and not the nice drunk. around the same time that his wife leaves him at work the department start tracking a serial killer who kills only criminals which he finds intriguing. as the story progresses the main character seems to be losing his grip on reality (paranoid thoughts about co-workers, delusions/hallucinations) this will be connected to his drug use and he will also be fired or suspended, or forced to take a leave of absence (haven’t decided yet) because of it but by this time he has become obsessed with the case so he steals the copy of the case files that were given to him before hand then starts working on it on his own. as the story progresses further he find that he and the killer have similar psychological patterns but refuses to believe that he is the killer but as the case unfolds more and more evidence points to him.

but I’m not exactly, sure if i want to pull something like the movie Angel Heart (Dr. Jakell and Mr Hyde complex) or if i want to pull something like were the killer is trying to use this unhinged cop as a get out of jail free card. but either why i want the audience too be unsure as well. if you guys can help me out on this as well then that would be great or if you guys come up with a different idea that you think will be better then please feel free to tell me.

looking forward to reading your guys responses

Suggestion by agilebrit
Start with his wife leaving. That’s where everything changes for him and throws us face-first into the conflict–especially if she reappears throughout the story. Either that, or open on a crime scene, maybe the second or third one, where they start thinking “Um. We may have a serial here.” It depends on how much of a part the wife has. If it’s big, start with her; if not, crime scene.

What would be fun would be to play with an “unreliable narrator” scenario, where it’s told in first person, and he’s doubting himself and starting to question his own sanity.

i really love her books but i cant find her books anywhere. i want her heart trilogy, the summit, natchez flame, creole fires, gypsy lord, sweet vengeance, Lover’s Gold ,Captain’s Bride ,Tin Angel,Dueling Hearts ,Magnificent Passage
I have these books left to read…any help?? any free online site to read her books….i dont have credit card to pay for these books online…

Suggestion by Ralph

Suggestion by LK
The link above by ‘Ralph,’ while showing extremely inexpensive prices for her books, is not “free.”

I tried a link to her http://www.katmartinbooks.com (without ‘books’ it was just a domain) and it lead only to Google and many more places to buy her books.

Any other links you may be given here are illegal, you know.
Her books are under copyright since she is a working author.

You would be much better off finding them at a library near you. Call ahead. Be smart.
Support your favorite author or/and at least use a library.

Suggestion by redunicorn
There is no free and legal place to read that online. Kat Martin isn’t giving it away for free. She writes to make a living.

Any site that has it for free is stealing. The person responsible for that web site could earn possible jail time and fines of up to $ 150,000.

Can someone suggest some Anime’s I can watch? Please?
I really like lots of Humor in it and Romance. I also like action and Adventure. I’ve been wanting to watch Anime lately, since I have really been only reading Manga, so can anyone suggest a really good anime that might be in one of those categories? Heres all the Anime’s i watched:

Yu Yu Hakusho
Death Note
Ouran High School Host Club
The Prince of Tennis
One Piece
Hayate the Combat Butler
Cowboy Bebop
Chibi Vampire
Card Captor Sakura
Shugo Chara
D N Angel
Case Closed
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Tokyo Mew Mew
Lucky Star
Child’s Play
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Project A-Ko
Law of Ueki
Howl’s Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Saint Seiya
Lupin III
Gakuen Alice
Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Sailor Moon

If you can think of any good Anime’s and where I canw atch them for free, please tell me!

Please and Thank you!

Suggestion by Ravi S
You could watch the show ruroni kenshin. It’s pretty good. i don’t know where you could watch it but I would try a google search. It would probably come up.

Suggestion by myluckyself

best romantic comedy EVER!!! <3 and others... - Skip Beat! - Beauty Pop - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - XXXholic - Goong (not sure about anime, but you should the Korean manhwa) - Ultra Maniac - Full Moon wo Sagashite hope this helps!

Suggestion by Manuel
You could try Kodomo No Jikan it is very cute and funny yet deep and intresting it is my personal favriote and i hope you give it a chance

You can watch the anime at ANIMESEASON.COM
You can read the manga at ONEMANGA.COM

Would it be a bad idea to start playing with an Ouija board or Tarot cards?

tarot cards

Would it be a bad idea to start playing with an Ouija board or Tarot cards?
My preoccupation with the future has led me to this question. Christians say those are tools of the devil. Is it evil to go searching for the future?

Suggestion by Saint Onle
In the sense that you are wasting your money on useless crap … yes.

Suggestion by Corey
No, it’s not evil. But if you’re trying to get predictions of the future, it will be a waste of time. Ouija board, at best, just let’s you find out what your subconscious mind is thinking, if you’re unable to figure it out on your own. Tarot, at best, is a catalyst to think about a question in a new way.

Suggestion by I’m on a mission from God
I wouldn’t only because you’ll be wasting time and money, and most likely feel pretty stupid afterwards.

Nothing will happen.

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What do these 3 tarot cards mean together?
I was doing a reading about a relationship regarding how someone feels about me, and it was supposed to be only one card but these 3 jumped out… The star, the empress, and then the five of wands. Thanks for your help 🙂

Suggestion by Tea
The Star card says that you probably already have a good idea about how this person feels about you…it’s staring you right in the face. Your gut feeling is right.

The Empress suggests that this person finds you very attractive and/or charming.

However, the 5 of Wands indicates that this person may think you can be a little difficult or confrontational sometimes.

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How to read tarot cards?
I’m learning how to read tarot cards. Tarot cards have different meanings if they’re placed right side up or reversed. If you’re giving a tarot reading to someone else, is the “reversed” card meaning it’s reversed for the person you’re reading it to, or is it reversed when you see it?

Suggestion by Liberal Asskickers Nightmare
Oh that’s a real toughy, that is.

Suggestion by CC
When the reader accepts the deck that has been shuffled by the questioner, the reader makes sure to maintain the correct orientation of the deck so as to properly read the “reversed” cards, as they would appear “reversed” to the questioner.

Suggestion by moddy almondy
Reversed = opposite meaning.

What is Tarot card reading?Do u believe in it? when we start should we invoke the Gods of Tarot?

tarot card reading

What is Tarot card reading?Do u believe in it? when we start should we invoke the Gods of Tarot?

Suggestion by Josh R
Your invoking the devil not the Gods. There is only on God, put your faith in him.

Suggestion by Pam R
Hello Amulet

There are no Gods of the tarot. Some of us have religious God, some of us have a personal God.

What you are talking about is ‘protection’, & you can ask God for it – if you wish.

Tarot are a tool, a stepping stone into the subconsious & to spirit. They are a tool for guidance, seeking answers & meditation.

In Peace

Suggestion by White teeth
Tarots don’t involve the believes in God la…

I had a dream about someone doing a tarot card reading for me?
the question was “how can I improve my life” and I can’t remember all the cards, but I know the last four were all Queen’s. What does this mean?

Suggestion by unoptrid1aq
Lay of the mushrooms,Nor co,Vic a den,Tylenol,weed,and Alcohol.

Suggestion by Anna B
that you need more sleep

Suggestion by rae61
Listen to the women in your life!

Can I have a Tarot card reading please?
I want to know if I need to move to another city to find a job and/or a relationship. Job is my primary concern right now.

Thank you.

Suggestion by lala
I do not do Tarot cards ; but if you want to give your DOB ; I try to help