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Do you believe in tarot cards from the store?

tarot cards

Do you believe in tarot cards from the store?
I did a tarot card reading on myself and its all negative comments, feedback.
Well how come when it did my past it ment nothing that was accurate of anyone I knew from my past life. lol. I think the cards are a bunch of bullshit.

Suggestion by Epic Link
I don’t believe in the validity of tarot cards, period.

Do I believe in them? I know they EXIST.

Suggestion by Oasis_Spurs
Tarot cards make the bible look believable

Suggestion by cork
fools do.. just fools

tarot cards

What do the Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards look like?
Is there a website/link where I can look at a few of the cards in the Angel Tarot Cards deck by Doreen Virtue?

-Thanks =)

Suggestion by Michael
They look like this:

tarot cards

How do I get rid of Tarot cards?
My friend got me a pack of tarot cards off ebay about 2 years ago. when I was going through them I noticed a few cards were missing and I never wanted to use them because I had a bad feeling. I want to get rid of them but I don’t know if I should give them to a friend, or burn them…. I don’t want to sell them on ebay just because its not guaranteed someone will buy them.

Suggestion by TJ

Suggestion by surojabu
Put them in recycle. If you’re concerned about the energy they contain, burning won’t necessarily destroy it. It’s more apt to just release it. If you believe in the magical or supernatural aspect, burning can release negative (or positive) energy into the air thru the smoke. Putting them in the recycle bin accomplishes two things, one it’s good for the environment. Two, the cards and their energy are going to a good place, the Earth (via the landfill) which can only be a good thing if they have negative energy attached to them. Recycling or composting is a good way to get rid of most magical tools.

Suggestion by duke_of_urls
They are made of paper.
Put them in a paper recycling bin.

Is it less expensive to buy tarot cards from Borders or from a specialty store?

Is it less expensive to buy tarot cards from Borders or from a specialty store?
I don’t want to order them online, I like to touch them before I buy them.
Plus, ebay is dumb. And I don’t feel like ordering them and going through shipping stuff.


Also, does anyone know of occult-ish stores in the Pittsburgh region that would sell tarot decks?

Suggestion by brianj1949
If you ask me, going to a specialty store for any kind of product is ALWAYS more expensive than going to a big-box satore or an on-line retailer like Amazon.
I have seen more than one kind of Tarot deck…a specialty shop would be more likely to have the different types and someone on hand to answer your questions.
I know one store of this type in your area. Here is the URL: www.hocuspocus13.net/store.html. Other Pennsylvania stores I found include Into the Light, 206 West Main Street, Bloomsburg, , 17815 and Mystical Treasures, (724)462-5809 C/o Jackson St., Rochester,

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are violent video games and tarot cards a sin?
ok i have 2 questions 1 is are tarot cards a sin? ive heard they are and they arent the only reason why im worried is that my mom does them and i dont want her sinning like twice a day. and also are violent video games a sin. please give me a good and right anser.

Suggestion by Total War Gamer
No they aren’t.

(the only sins are clearly stated in the OT)

Suggestion by pmjenn85
Sins have to hurt people. If it isn’t hurting you or hurting someone else, it can’t be a sin. A really strict moralist might claim that tarot cards or video games or rock & roll or the waltz or comic books or WHATEVER is a sin because it damages your own faith and encourages others to do the same. But that’s for you to decide in your own heart: is what I’m doing hurting me or hurting my faith? Is it hurting someone else? If not, it’s just plain NOT A SIN.

edit: to believe that Tarot cards are a sin, you almost have to believe that they actually work. Haven’t we, as a people, moved beyond that kind of superstition?

Suggestion by $ arah (account suspended)
No they are games and cards…who cares. I think you mom is old enough to decide what she wants to do, leave her alone.

A very unusual Tarot Deck drawn by Edward Gorey. Music by Nyman, ‘Delft Waltz’. THE HISTORY The Awful Vista of the Year. Now that you have learned of all the dreadful things that have overtaken your friends and relations during the past year as scribbled on the inside of their Chirstmas card, don’t you want to know what dreadful things lie in wait for you? To this end Madame Groeda Weyrd (a nom de gare; her true one is known to few this side of the grave) has consented to have the fantod deck printed here. Madame Weyrd, who is of mixed Finnish and Egyptian extraction has devoted her life to divination, and is the author of, among a shelf of other works, Floating Tambourines, a collection of esoteric verse, and The Future Speaks Through Entrails. Her Career as one of the most celebrated trace mediums came to a close when she lost two and a third fingers as a result of a contretemps during a ectoplasmic manifestation. She had long since been persona non grata to many of the rich and famous because of her fearless predictions of disaster. She know makes her home on Staten Island (the one that’s part of Tierra del Fuego) and is writing what is hoped may be the definitive treatise on the Mystic Bean. Of the Fantod Pack itself, Madame Weyrd will only say that its origin may not be divulged, but it is of incredible antiquity. Interpretation of the card must always depend on the character and circumstances of the person consulting the deck. What might portend a wipe out for a

I want to buy a deck of tarot cards but when I went to the store there was so many, which do I chose?

tarot cards

I want to buy a deck of tarot cards but when I went to the store there was so many, which do I chose?
I went to Barnes & Nobles the other day and in the spiritual section they had box cases of tarot card decks. There was many different varieties from the “A dummy’s guide to Tarot Cards” which included a deck of cards and a mat to other more generic ones. How can I decide which one will be the best buy? Will any be different from others?

Suggestion by Who aren’t you?
The art will be different. They all should be the same number and variety of cards. Though even Barnes & Nobles doesn’t have that great of a selection.

I’d suggest you look at them and find one that comes with some literature on it too, unless you want just to have a deck of cards and no more.

Suggestion by The irresistable Wonder Weirdo
It doesn’t matter, they don’t really do anything. But if you have your heart set on a deck, the the Rider Waite deck.

Suggestion by Dr. Todd
What exactly are you wanting to do? Have you considered praying? I have generally found that more productive and therapeutic than trying the mystical methods such as tarot cards

tarot cards

Tarot cards: What Card do you find expresses jail time?
Hello Tarot Readers:

I was wondering in your experience, what card implied jail time or what combination of cards imply this to you?

Blessed be.

Suggestion by cheir
The one headed ‘At Her Majesty’s Pleasure’.

Suggestion by Amy Geddon
Stolen credit card.

Suggestion by Upasakha Jason
It’s not a single card. But if there were, I would suggest 8 of Swords. For major arcana, I would look to the Hanged Man reverse, or the Devil with Justice.

tarot cards

How do u read playing cards like tarot cards?
Ever since i was little i always wanted to read tarot cards but i like to be different so imma read playing cards. How do i do it

Suggestion by Chipmunk
There are two main kinds of cartomancy – one is tarot, the other is gypsy and gypsy is often more associated with playing cards, however there is a few variations on how you can use for tarot. Personally, I prefer the simple, no fuss version.

Cups = hearts
Wands = diamonds
Swords = spades
Coins = clubs

(some variations will have coins and wands swapped over, I only visualise wands/cups as light and swords/coins as dark and more similar to each other – however it’s entirely up to you)

And from there your aces to kings are as always. Because it’s not the “natural” way to read tarot (aka not tarot cards) then more than ever, each card and suit can be designated as you feel the most comfortable with and can “tune” each suit to what you feel it most corresponds to.

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
Use This link for detailed instruction on doing readings with Tarot Cards