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Buying tarot cards which and where ?

tarot cards

Buying tarot cards which and where ?
I’ve always wanted to learn about tarot cards and I would like to make a move and buy some.

Which brand should I buy ?
Where do I get them ?
Should I get a seperate book to learn how to use them ?

Suggestion by mouse14592000
Go to http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/ as it has a galore of various decks and previews with summaries and reviews. You can browse the decks to find one that feels right to you. You can connect through the colors or imagery of the cards.

This site also has links to where you can buy the deck you choose.

The rider waite version is one of the most common decks. However, it is better to use a deck that you feel personally drawn to in order to have a deeper connection and greater results.

Some people rely on the books, while others never look at them. It is your choice. I like to have the accompanying book available for my reference when dealing with a new deck, but that is my personal preference. Most decks if bought new will come with the book already.

Suggestion by eustacia
Find a bookshop or an on-line supplier, look at the pictures until you find one with to which you feel drawn and buy it. It should be fairly easy to get hold of some and more places sell them. Books are usually included, though sometimes they are sold separately. Books give you ideas on what spreads ( pattern of drawing and laying down the cards and what each one means in that position) to use. Check whether the cards you choose all have pictures as some packs have picture cards plus symbols as in playing cards, others are all pictorial. I think the latter give you more ideas as you are meant to use your own intuition and not simply rely on the meaning given by any accompanying book.

Just one point though, it is not easy to read for yourself and do not use them as a crutch for living your life. They are an aid, a tool, not designed to tell you what to do and take away your free will. Plus, if you read for others, make sure you tell them it is for entertainment only and that readings are a guide to the future, not a definite answer as to what will happen.

Suggestion by xxxx
If you are new to the Tarot you should start out with a good classic deck as a base in learning. The Rider-Waite deck is such a deck.

Never buy a deck you haven’t held in your hand–box and all is okay. You should feel that it is right for you. You can do this at many of the large book stores.

Take the deck home and begin, but if the instructions that come with the deck confuse you, don’t give up, return to the store and get a book that is specific to the classic meanings and layouts.

tarot cards

Does anyone know where I can get a bulk order of tarot cards cheap?
I need them as party favors. I would appreciate if I didn’t have to spend a fortune!
I am not a beginner. I have several decks of my own. My question is where I can get a large amount of decks cheap for a party i am throwing.

Suggestion by cooldog

Suggestion by mercury of love
if you are a beginner in tarot, better get a book on tarot with pictures of the tarot cards and the explanations.

mercury of love

Suggestion by Lato10
Borders book store.

tarot cards

What religion, or Where, Do Tarot Cards Stem From?
Does tarot stem from wicca? and if so, why is there a ‘devil’ card if wiccans do not believe
in satan? Also, an angel appears to be shown in the ‘Temperance’ card, and angels are beings that correspond with christianity.

Does anyone know symbolism of Tarot cards?

Does anyone know symbolism of Tarot cards?
Traditional art for the tarot cards are laden with symbolic imagery and I’m looking for in depth details. Tower with the lightning bolt for god’s wrath (Tower of Babel) is the sort of symbolism I’m looking for but with all the cards. Not the meaning of the cards but more along the lines of way the symbols and images are there. History of Tarot cards would be a plus. Any books or web sites?

Suggestion by halcon

Have a go on the forums, meander round the site.

Also worth having a good look at 78 Degrees of Wisdom, a classic tarot book that doesn’t over emphasise interpretations, it talks a lot about the cards, and encourages you to learn them and make your own connections.

The Tower isn’t about “God’s wrath”, it’s about sudden and dramatic change in the main. The thing about tarot is that it is extremely individual. One starts by looking at the cards, and seeing whether they mean anything to you. Books are good for beginners as they give basic interpretations, but there is so much more to it, that after a while you have to put the books away and go on instinct and intuition.


Suggestion by Elisheba
I can answer if you ask
email me privately graphael555@yahoo.com
out of the caves.

Suggestion by philebus
Well, the symbolism of tarot depends much upon which tarot cards.

Tarot cards were created in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court and consisted of two parts: a standard pack of Latin suited playing cards and a fifth suit of picture cards.

The Latin suited playing cards made their way into Europe from the Islamic Malmuks in the late 14th century. The Malmuk cards feature four suits of cups, coins, scimitars, and polo sticks. Polo was not played in Europe at that time, so this suit became batons.

The extra picture cards took as their theme a Christian triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. And this is what they were, a suit of fixed trump cards for use in card games – games that continue to be played to this day. It is quite possible that these cards tell a Christian allegory of some kind but we just don’t have enough information to be sure or to speculate as to what it might have been. However, if you want to understand the images it is best to look at them in the context of when and where they were created.

For example, the Hanged man is featured suspended by one foot, often holding money bags. It Italy, this card was called the Traitor – because that is how Italians executed traitors, suspended by one foot and left to die slowly and publicly. However, there was also the practice of shame pictures – an artist would be employed to draw the likeness of someone who had betrayed a trust suspended this way, the picture would then be displayed publicly to shame the betrayer. It is worth noting that the most common subjects for these pictures were bad debtors – hence the money bags!

You mention the Tower and this is an uncertain card. Many early ppacks did not feature a tower but a burning building – it was sometimes called the House of the Devil.

In the early 18th century, German card makers began to make French suited tarot cards, replacing the trump designs with a range of subjects such as regional costume, animals, or landmarks. These designs have gradually become the dominant ones used for game play.

At the end of the 18th century, French occultists began to adopt the cards, believing them to have come from Egypt and representing their ancient wisdom. Consequently, they bagan to modify the traditional designs to better reflect their ideas. In the early 20th century, British occultists, adopting and building upon the French beliefs, began to radically redesign the cards, packing them with occult symbolism. Most occult tarot packs made for English speakers are based upon the symbolism of the RWS or the Crowley Thoth packs of this time.

Tarot symbolism is a BIG subject.

tarot cards


Is there any sites that can teach me or show me how to draw tarot cards?

tarot cards

Is there any sites that can teach me or show me how to draw tarot cards?
Is there any sites that can teach me or show me how to draw tarot cards? I don’t want to buy anything though! I just want to DIY make my own. Help me please?!?

Suggestion by tattooartistpam
what a cool idea. well you may just want to bring them up individually say like the magician card, an draw it out adding your own touch. but dont change it very much unless you know what your doing because if you dont know how to read tarot cards you might mess it up, cause i know the cards are balenced a certain way design wise composition an everything to mean certain things. but anyway just research all the cards an bring them up individually an look at them an draw them, just take your time

Suggestion by Sam H-B
I agree with the previous person who answered. You need to do some research on them. I know on sites like Deviantart.com and Elfwood.com, many artists have made their own versions of these magical cards. Each one has special meaning within. I’d suggest researching the cards first, or even going out and buying your own deck with the instruction manual. It can be of immense help if you want to get a good size for them, and have the guide with you as you work on them.

Suggestion by WebWeaver
Here’s a couple I found via google:

Quick and easy:
Get 78 playing cards that are all the same size, and paste a bank piece of card stock or paper on the front, and begin.

tarot cards

How do “the clow” tarot cards work?
I got a set of “the clow” tarot cards and I want to know the meanings of the cards and how I use them. Any help???

Suggestion by Dave P
You can Google it if you want an official answer but that will not be any more valid than if you decided on your own what the cards “mean”. Tarot is just a way of tapping into your own subconscious, nothing more.

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
There are many books on meanings of cards. When I was learning, I used several different books and found that I got different insights from each one.

There are also books that you teach you how to do Tarot readings. Personally I suggest taking a class. Most New Age bookstores have them or know where to find one. They give you hands on experience and you can practice with other students.

Suggestion by Maralee Fox-Heins
I do not have this deck nor have I used it so try these sites:



Joy to you,
Maralee Fox-Heins

How to convince mom to let me buy tarot cards?
I REALLYYYYYYY HAVE been wanting tarot cards for a long time, but my mom says they would be a distraction and that I would scare the crap out of my self… I have the money i just need the permission…. HELLPPP!!!

Say pretty please?

Suggestion by Oracle
You could trying explaining to her that it’s a perfectly useless waste of money since tarot is just a bunch of woo-woo crap.

Suggestion by SPOTLIGHT
why do you need permission.. are you legal, if you are legal, you can freely to buy a tarot cards.

What’s the best set of tarot cards?

tarot cards

What’s the best set of tarot cards?
I’m looking for a book for beginners on tarot cards and for a set of tarot cards. Does anyone know where I could get something decent (preferably from the internet)?

Suggestion by geessewereabove
Ones that have burned up in a fire. For those that use them go to hell.

Suggestion by roy
I’d get rid of them my friend. It’s playing with demons.

Suggestion by Avery Blaise
Dude I would stop with tarot cards if I were you. There is no best set of cards that come from the devil. The best can only be worst. Stop while you can.

tarot cards

Can i use tarot cards that have been owned by someone else before me? (Secondhand from friend) Thanks!?
An older friend of the family used to read tarot cards but she doesn’t anymore, someone told me that tarot cards should be a gift but can i use her old ones to start reading with or do i need to purchance a new pack? Help please.

Suggestion by ptolomy
yes..some say the best cards are given to you, not bought. I bought mine and they are great…

Try them out for yourself and see.

Suggestion by biddix1
To play with the tarot cards there is no problem. If you are a believer, then there can be issues.

First, you must have permission of the person who used to use them. Without that, nothing will come from your readings but darkness. Second, you should cleanse & sanctify the cards. Salt, crystals, etc. See your local shop that would supply such things as the tarot cards & they will have what is needed on hand. Third, you need to orient the cards to yourself through meditation and request their help in divining the future. Without the decks’ assistance & willingness, again, nothing will come but darkness. Blessed be.

Suggestion by Lillith
Use them, enjoy them!
There are no ‘rules’ about having to only use a deck given to you. There are no ‘rules’ about letting someone else touch your cards.
There are no rules, what & how you do with tarot is of your own design. DO what you feel is right and good.
We all have our own way of handling and reading cards.

tarot cards

How to experience more with Tarot Cards since I’m a beginner?
I am not very experienced with each Tarot card since I have only read a Tarot Reading book for beginners. That’s why I feel a bit confused reading for anyone else.
How should I practice reading to understand a card’s meaning deeper for each situation? How did you start it?
Thanks everyone.
I’m 20 and very serious about exploring the mystic world, I don’t want to take Tarot reading as a job, I would only do the reading if someone really needs it and I would never charge so to collect their info and to pretend to understand the cards is not my reference. thanx LD anyways.

Suggestion by lithiumdeuteride
The art of Tarot reading involves the skill known as “cold-reading”. It involves fishing for information by paying close attention to everything the victim says, and asking vague questions to try to get the victim to reveal facts about their life. This can be done before or during the Tarot reading.

Once enough information is known, the Tarot practitioner simply invents meanings for each card that comes up, and tailors the meanings to the information they’ve gained from the victim. This is why you will see Tarot practitioners flipping over cards like Death and explaining that it does not mean the victim is going to die, but instead has more than one meaning. If you’re vague enough about what the cards are ‘predicting’, you can never be wrong.

In short, the victim gets what they wanted to hear, and the Tarot practitioner gets their money. It’s a simple con job.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s what Tarot cards are used for. You cannot tell the future with pieces of cardboard with ink on them. You can, however, trick people out of their money.

Suggestion by Eclectic_N
lithiumdeuteride (LD)’s answer has some merit, but may not be particularly helpful for a beginner like yourself.

Tarot cards are one of many non-chemical methods of altering the way we perceive reality and possibility. If a person needs to break free of limited perceptions and explore a greater range of internal and external options, these techniques can be useful.

Focusing on the ‘textbook’ meanings of cards, though (as LD suggests), is probably not as effective as attuning yourself to your own intuition around the images. A very skilled reader of my acquaintance will introduce a card by simply describing the image and their own personal interpretation of it, implicitly inviting the subject to explore its meaning for themselves.

You might try doing your own self-readings, as a way of ‘getting to know’ the cards (and your own feelings about them), then expand the scenario to include someone else almost as a ‘co-reader’. The reading is an intimate act and requires great sensitivity, if not extra-sensory perception, so it will stretch your abilities.

Many (if not most) people seeking tarot readings are not as naive as LD assumes, and they do not attribute mystical powers to the cards. The reader provides an opportunity to see the world through new eyes, emphasizing intuition and creativity. The process allows us to remove our hyper-rational blinders and see things we may be in the habit of avoiding.

Suggestion by sAmAnthA
since you’re a beginner, i have here questions for you.. why do you want to?will you use it just for fun or for serious stuffs?how old are you?are you sure your mom allows you to manage such cards?have you ever had a dream that you are sitting on a corner with a woman in your front, asking what you have seen in the cards in her situation?since when did you have interest?.. if you have positive answes to my question, well then, i recommend you to an expert.. remember `tarot cards is not a joke, beginner..

this is just an intro for your consciousness.. take note, you must positively answer these questions before undergoing
even small practices.. i hope this advice would help.. i won’t answer your questions to make sure..

Is anyone good with Tarot Cards?

tarot cards

Is anyone good with Tarot Cards?
I found a deck of french tarot cards but I don’t know what they say or mean. I’m guessing the meaning is the same regardless of the language but I’m wondering if anyone knows where I can find a good resource to use to look it up. Thanks!

Suggestion by Jenny
The card meanings are the same regardless of the language. Usually cards have a number on them to indicate which card it is so that should be able to help you decipher. Also, for the suit cards you’ll always find the “number” in the picture on the card – if it’s the 3 of cups there will be 3 cups in the picture.

For more detail you can visit tarotbyuri.com and that site might be able to help with card meanings.

tarot cards

Drew the death card what does it mean?
Found some tarot cards in my grandparents house and I don’t know much about them. I figured I would just ask a question in my mind, cut the deck and whatever card I got would be my answer. the problem is that I don’t know what the cards mean, and the death card keeps popping up. It doesn’t actually mean death does it?

Suggestion by LabGrrl
The historical meaning of the death card is change, or if you prefer, transition.

Suggestion by MSB
The death card means transition. Change.

Suggestion by Will D
They’re cards man. Whatever is going on in life or whatever you’re thinking or feeling doesn’t change the order of what you just stacked.

tarot cards

How can I find out about my past lives?
I am wanting to learn about who i was in another life. I keep having this nagging feeling that something i am going through now and strange fears could be explained by this. Also, is there any relation to “spirits” as in being a medium and talking to the dead, and tarot cards? thanks 🙂

Suggestion by Lance
waste of time. If you think about it, past lives are absurd and impossible. Reports of “proof” of past lives fall to pieces when the “reports” are carefully examined. Further, on what possible biological basis could one retain memory?

This is all more religious woo-woo.

PS: the post below about the Buddha is laughable BS. Don’t believe a word of it.

Suggestion by Atheism Fails Again
An old Brahman priest asked Buddha: “What should we do [to be saved]?

The Buddha answered, “….look for another Holy One who will come and help the world and all of you in the future.”

Then the Brahman priest asked, “What will the characteristics of the Holy One be like?”

The Buddha answered him, “The Holy one who will keep the world in the future will be like this: In the palm of his hands and in the flat of his feet will be the design of a disk, in his side will be a stab wound; and his forehead will have many marks like scars. The Holy One will be the golden boat who will carry you over the cycle of rebirths all the way to the highest heaven [Nirvana]. Do not look for salvation in the old way [trying to merit salvation]; there is no salvation in it for sure. Quit the old way, and there will be a new spirit like the light of a lightening bug which will come down from the sky above to live in all of your hearts, and you will be victorious over all of your enemies. Nobody will be able to destroy you. If you die, you will not come back to be born in this world again. You will go to the highest heaven [Nirvana].

Suggestion by Sacra Veritas
Write a book.