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is there a site that i can put in the tarot cards to get a reading?

tarot cards

is there a site that i can put in the tarot cards to get a reading?
i have a set of tarot cards but i want to know if im reading the spread correctly.

Suggestion by Geezah
There’s no universally “correct” way to interpret how all the cards fit together in a reading. The same card can take on different specific meanings in different contexts. Learn the overall meanings of each individual card (your deck should have at least contained a little white book), and use your own mind to interpret what you see.

Suggestion by Cindy
Tell us what the spread is, and what the cards are. There are several tarot readers on this site that would be happy to give you an interpretation. The problem with the automated sites is that they don’t offer meanings that are in context to the reading. However if you want to, www.aeclectic.com gives you card meanings, as does www.learntarot.com.

Suggestion by BrianJ
Your cards should have come with a book… i always throw mine away but they do come in the box or they are at least supposed to.

tarot cards

What is the setup for tarot cards?
I own a pack of tarot cards titled “Tarot: The Complete Kit” from running press. It is by Dennis Fairchild. This kit comes with cards, a booklet, and a paper with instructions on how to set up the tarot cards in two different ways. I have lost the setup paper. If anyone has this same set and still has that paper it would be great if you could describe the set up to me. Please and thank you. ^-^

Suggestion by Crazy W
Write the people who make them and see if you can replace it. They are tarot cards so they should be used like any other deck.

Suggestion by Curiosity/Satisfaction


The best I could do & find
Good luck

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru

By set up do you mean layouts? Join our forum, it has a few!
Community Forum http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/forum


Are there any psychic or tarot card websites that actually work?

tarot cards

Are there any psychic or tarot card websites that actually work?
Do you of any FREE tarot or psychic websites with real psychics that actually work?
Theres a really important question I need to ask. Thanks!! x
Ok, will you please tell me what is going on with my love life as I am very confused at the moment! Thank you so much if you answer x

Suggestion by .
You should have asked it here. I read tarot cards all the time and have sent answers to people on YA.

Suggestion by CybX Systems
Tarot only works once for each question you ask in your one life.
Tarot is designed to be of a physical format, not digital, but sometimes it does actually work online, coincidentally of course, this is the same for Ouija Boards online.
So that’d be any.
I wouldn’t trust living human psychics, because most of them say they can communicate with intelligent beings of the ether (superhuman or not), when humans and other creatures’ link to the psychic world is actually distorted by imagination and science.

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru
Hello Elle

Not free, but here is a link http://tarotcourse.webs.com/tarotguidance.htm
You can also join the forum & post in the Problem Page.


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Can anyone tell me the tarot cards that represent each planet?
i’m learning the tarot and in this book i have it says that tarot can connect with astrology someway.
i am just wondering if anyone knows. thanks all answers appreciated.

Suggestion by Scorpio Wild Card
Sun- The Sun Card
Moon- The Moon Card
Mercury- The Chariot Card
Mars- Strength Card
Venus- The Lovers Card
Jupiter- The Tower Card
Saturn- The Hermit Card
Neptune- Wheel of Fortune Card
Uranus- The Star Card
Pluto- Death Card or (High Priestess Card)

They are all pretty much the Major Arcana Cards.

Edit* and if you want to throw in the Earth- The Empress*

tarot cards

where is there free lessons on zodiac signs tarot cards palm reading?

free palm reading

where is there free lessons on zodiac signs tarot cards palm reading?
i found a sight where they had zodiac pictures how to read palms numerology interpet dreams tarot cards it was in plain simple language and simple black and white pitctures showing how to do everything. now i cant find it. does anybody know of such a sight
I forgot to put the question mark. sorry!???????

Suggestion by freetarot
Don’t know about palms, numerology, and such — but Joan Bunning’s “Learning the Tarot” at http://www.learntarot.com is an excellent free on-line learning resource.

free palm reading

Does anyone know of any free Ebooks that teach you how to Palm Read? 🙂 Thanks?
I have been looking for any Free Ebooks or Websites that show you the art of Palm Reading. I have not found any yet so I wanted to ask. Thank You soooo much to anyone who answers 🙂

Suggestion by blindley
Palm reading is bull, just make crap up as you touch someones hand. Try to be really general and vague.

free palm reading

Which hand is more accurate when doing palm reading?
Im doing a free self-palm reading online.
My left and right hand are both quite different
from each other in lines.
Which hand is considered as usage for palm reading
or which hand is more accurate??

Suggestion by Jamie H
The one you right with is more accurate. However if you have ever broken, sprained or pulled something in that hand use the other as it constitues bad luck.

rate me !

Suggestion by luvpurplebrrs
its supposed to be the right hand but sometimes in a certain circumstance you might have to use your left.

Suggestion by applepie
You use the hand that you use to write with and do other activities with.

is there a tarot reader or fortune teller out there that can help me?

tarot cards

is there a tarot reader or fortune teller out there that can help me?
I just want to know if there is a fortune teller or tarot card out there who can give me some insight into my relationship. I need to know if i should move on with my life or continue trying what im doing. I dont have any money but i would really appreciate some help. I have an aim name i will give someone if they want to talk to me, yahoo messenger too, or you can email me. Please no smart comments or fakes………..

Suggestion by STONER
your looking in the wrong place. you should ask god to guide you in the correct direction

tarot is not from god. anything that is not from god could sway your decision and make u decide something that is not best for you. what if a fortune teller tells you the relationship your in is bad but in reality its the love of your life who you are meant to be with. this tarot card reader will change your whole life.

the answers will come if you ask god to guide you. dont go looking for black magic answers or you may be guided the wrong way.

Suggestion by Alan C
listen to your mind and thoughts! dont listen to your heart your heart only wants one this and your mind will go through the stages of
* will i get hurt
* do i want to get hurt
* this is the right thing!

Suggestion by maze_walker
Don’t listen to the head. It thinks too logically.
Don’t listen to the heart. It’s too full of emotion.
Don’t waste money asking anyone anything.
The answer is with IN you.
Go with your gut. It never lies.
Intuition is a wonderful gift.

How can I focus my tarot readings on a specific future outcome instead of my evolving feelings about it?
I have been reading tarot cards for a little over a year now. Right now I am involved in a highly selective admissions process, and I would like to focus my readings on the outcome of this process. I feel like many of my recent readings have only reflected my developing anxiety and dread over the process itself. My skill level is amateur at best, so I would really appreciate any suggestions that would help me focus my readings on long term outcomes.

Suggestion by Phoenix
You realize tarot is bullcrap, right?

Suggestion by iluv2worship1
Just don’t do that stuff..it’s bad..there is a higher power..Jesus..and He loves you more than anyone ever can.

Suggestion by Ptah
Never try to read yourself

www.learntarottoday.com Learn to Read The Tarot Cards and you will undoubtedly discover more about yourself. The Tarot Cards are often misunderstood by many and even feared by some. Infact there is a beautiful story, a journey within the cards – one that relates to us all. These 78 cards are really the pages of a book that creates an amazing story – the book of life. Every aspect of our human journey and experiences can be portrayed in the cards. When you learn to read the tarot cards you start to understand and appreciate that journey alittle more than you did before. To find out more you are welcome to join our Inner Circle.

Is there anyone know a website where they give out free tarot cards?

free tarot

Is there anyone know a website where they give out free tarot cards?
I always wanted tarot card without paying for them.

Suggestion by phaja1niner
Well you won’t get free actual cards here but you can get a free reading @ http://www.llewellyn.com/free/tarot.php. Lots of decks and spreads to choose from there.

Suggestion by Lillith
no free decks from anywhere that I have seen.
Make your own would be a fun way of having a deck and not paying for it

Suggestion by J G
You could try http://www.aeclectic.net. They have a forum there, where people trade tarot decks. You probably wont get a free deck (although, it’s been known to happen) but you could trade something you have for a deck. Some people trade for books, crystals, stones, and other stuff. It might be worth a try. Good luck.

How many of you go online looking for a free tarot reading?
I’m guilty of it!! Was hoping i wasnt the only one, lol. I myself am a novice tarot reader, i use playing cards instead of tarot and i practice on anybody i can find, lol. Anyways, do u know of any free tarot sites??

PS…i could use the practice, get ahold of me if your willing to let me practice on you!!

Suggestion by Tril
no not me..

ive never done anything of that sort..

but hey whatever rocks your boat right

Suggestion by thinkin’ out loud
Not hardly…

Suggestion by Janie S

im guilty its fun to read what it says so dont feel alone

free tarot

What site gives you free tarot and psychic reading or any other type of readings from real people ? thanks?
Different cultures do different types of reading for the future? I am curious of the different ones and how spot are they. Thanks

Suggestion by Alexia Riveria
the world.

Suggestion by Ask Me Your Name
If you have msn : astrobot@botmetro.net

Free tarrot reading and others everyday

Suggestion by Rose
google and the world!! haha thats a funny one!!