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Is there any association (or even many belifes) with reading Tarot cards and the devil?

Is there any association (or even many belifes) with reading Tarot cards and the devil?
My dad doesnt want me to read tarot cards because he says many people belive its associated with the devil.. is this true?


don’t worry.

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Suggestion by Cookie
The devil likes all card games. He’s a fan of Uno, so burn your Uno cards.

Have you ever had a tarot reading before?
I’m planning to get one done. Do you think it was worth it? Or Why didn’t you get it done, if you never?
Did it come true, your reading?

Suggestion by two eyes staring cold in silence
i have tarot cards…..i attempted to read them….with an instruction book….but i fail….

Suggestion by Alice
I have my own tarot cards, so I do my own readings. I’m not superstitious or anything, but I believe they help. They don’t tell me whats going to happen, they just make me more positive. For example, one card is called “Surrender and release” which basically means let go of grudges, or guilt.
They basically clear my mind. Might do one tonight actually 😀

Suggestion by LT
Some things they get right and some things they guess i suppose they r full of sh#t and get paid 4 it i guess like our priminister lol

tarot reading

can anyone offer a tarot reading on my current relationship?
am in a relationship with this amazing guy…but my parents are strict..too strict and dont really give me any freedom..we are ddating secretly and dont get to see each other much but he says he is willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. i’d like a tarot reading on this relationship..let me know if you need any details
we are both almost 17..he will be in april and i will be in july

Suggestion by Skittles
It’s best to get one in person. for me when i’ve given them I like people to touch the cards

Suggestion by Silver
The best thing would be to do it in person. Or, you can get a tarot deck and learn to do it yourself. I found this great website that has begginer’s decks. Check it out at http://www.silverwingtarot.com

Otherwise, if you’d rather, feel free to contact me and I can do a reading for you.

are there people who read the tarot for free?

are there people who read the tarot for free?
or just they need something? I have read people read the tarot but they charge and someone told me that’s wrong because if you the gift you should do it for free and helping others, where can I find someone who can read me tarot for free?

Suggestion by Ginny Jin
It depends. They may have a gift but still want to earn a living right. If something is that important to you why expect it for free.

Suggestion by yyyyzz (wise)
All proper physics, irrespective the medium, do not charge. But as they say, a man must eat. Thus some do…..if you think it is too much, don’t use them.

Suggestion by George
Yes and you can find some of them online.

The interactive online Tarot deck here has readers, some of which do their readings for free.
The advantage of using this site is that you aren’t passive and leaving a reader to draw your cards for you. You get the complete 78 Rider Waite card deck shuffled to pick your own cards from in a variety of spreads of your choosing. Once you have created a spread you can request a reader to interpret your spread for you. Some charge some do it for free. They will give you their interpretation typed up and appended to the spread for future reference.
Or you can have a go at reading the spread yourself using the interactive help and reference on each card or at any time hand the spread over to a reader who.
An immersive experience and lot more fun!

An other option is this web site. Biddy has a list of free tarot readers here:

Is it possible to get free online tarot reading?

Suggestion by Space Unicorn
nothing is free

Suggestion by Graybeard
Perhaps, but you shouldn’t waste your time on it. Tarot card reading, like all forms of fortunetelling, is a complete fraud. No one has any ability to predict your future. Anyone who claims to do so is either suffering from self-deception or trying to swindle you.

Suggestion by Cindy
I’ll do one for you. You can edit your question and tell me what you want to know about, or contact me by email via Yahoo Answers. Yes, it is free. I enjoy reading for people. There are also websites that you can go to and ask but I can’t think of any of the names at the moment. Maybe some others could post that information?

Bluewolfpsychic’s free tarot reading for Scorpio, April 2011

Is there an easy way to do tarot cards?

tarot cards

Is there an easy way to do tarot cards?
Is there an easy way to do tarots and remember the meanings and the sequences. I have dabbled a little. Is there an internet site to help or someone that has a pattern or a rhyme how they remember. I would be grateful of any help. Thankyou

Suggestion by Brad456
most tarot cards come with a small booklet that explains what each card means. just do readings and use the booklet.

with practice you will start to remember the meaning of each card.

or you can go here;

Suggestion by yardchicken2
There are several tihngs you can do to help.

Do a general reading for yourself everyday. This is the practice part.

I found that going through my deck at night before going to bed helped me relax and learn the cards better as well. I just paged through the deck, one at a time, as I came to one I was interested in or that I had trouble remembering – I’d stop and look it up. Then just keep going through them.

It also helps to sometimes have a different style deck than just the one you are using. By comparing the same card in two different decks, you will get a better feeling for what the card means.

There is a deck for beginers – it has key words on each card to help prompt your memory.

You can use a word programto make a set of your own — use the business card template and then insert a piece of clip art or even personal photos for each card.

Type in whatever text you want to prompt your memory. Print out onto paper that is already perferated for business cards.

I made a set this way just for playing gnostica with (A game that uses tarot cards) because I didn’t want to use my real tarot cards that I read with for the game.

If you go to about.com they have a print and colour your own tarot — a good way to use this is to print them out and then write on the back the meanings — you use them like flash cards.

Here’s an article about learning the tarot
its a bit short and has a link to follow to another article as well.

The aeclectic website is great for letting you see samples of cards from different decks and giving reviews. I collect tarot, so this is a fav site –It also will let you see images from different decks without having to buy a bunch of decks.


It will also help once you find a deck that just “makes sense” to you. Some decks really work for me – the imagery looks like what it means. Then other decks just make me go “Huh?”

Mostly just trust your intuition and practice. Over time the cards will become more personal and the you won’t need the textbook meanings so much.

Suggestion by keltillos
Use index cards to make your own cards–write the name of the card and its meaning on the index card, turn it upside down and write the reversed meaning.
You can use these to practice and to memorize the meanings.

tarot cards

What are the rarest and best types of tarot cards to buy and use?
I have greek tarot cards that are very simple to read…. but I feel as if they are losing my auras and can cause a mis interpretation. I feel as if it’s time to change cards so i would like to know if there are any specific cards that i should be interested in getting.

Suggestion by L.C.
Why don’t you just burn your money, then you wont have to worry about it and get the same results.

Suggestion by Brian M
Among the most used is the Rider Deck, but my personal favorite is the Egyptian Book of the Dead Deck. Recently I saw an Angel Deck that was absolutely gorgeous–I bought it for my wife to use.

Suggestion by Giovanni Geezus
I think the oversized Crowley Thoth deck is considered pretty rare (unless it’s been reprinted recently).

Has anyone had there fortune told?

free fortune telling

Has anyone had there fortune told?
and did it come true? or can your free will change it?

eg, you get told your partner isnt the one and someone else will come along but you dont want anyone else so you use your free will to make choices and decisions to keep him in your life .. ie, someone takes a interest in you who could potentially be the guy your ‘meant’ to be with but you tell him to get lost and stick with your man? then you later get married and have kids? where as if you hadnt told that other guy to get lost you’d have lost your man and ended up marrying the other guy?
and if its not what you want to happen, HOW can you change it?

Suggestion by naughtyspiders
You can change your future. The reading is the path at the current time.

Suggestion by Markus
I hold little faith in things like the Tarot. Even though they are old ..it is still just an old trick. It is randomized general human psychology that is used. In other words most of the cards if not all can be applied to anyone in different ways. It is not accurate. It is not a true Clairvoyance.

So, do not trust in your “fortune” that was told to you by Tarot. If it was a Tarot Card reading? Palmistry is much akin to Tarot in the psychological aspect. Psychics…Card readers…etc.. are very good at getting under the human psychological skin if you show any weakness or belief in them.
Trust what feels correct to your self not what was told to you was correct by something that is not by any means of imagination accurate. Never use it as an excuse to do something of the heart most especially.


Suggestion by Sine Amore Nihil Sum
You are free to chose. Every choice is open to you. Choose wisely.

What will be tomorrow to me ?
Lets play fortune telling and get free stars for your phrases..

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Your stars show you’ll eat, sleep and come on Yahoo! Answers tomorrow.

Suggestion by Jesus M
That is a question to yourself, you can answer it though and why ask it.

Right upon my mantle, their eyes of stone became eyes of fire – and I saw them both come alive. This mantle top production was inspired by the incredible ‘Raising Sand’ album by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant Hope you enjoy it.

how can one enter the online library for reading.if one doesnt have credit card facility,are there other ways?

card reading online

how can one enter the online library for reading.if one doesnt have credit card facility,are there other ways?
like to read a book online, but they ask for membership entry and payment by c.card. Is there any other way of payment and start reading books online.

Suggestion by OneCleverGuy
If they require a credit card… then get one.
You don’t have to be 18 if you front the funds for one. And it will boost your credit score.

card reading online

can i get a tarot card reading online? is it as good as in person?

Suggestion by Walter
Yes, an online reading would be just as affective.

That is, not at all. It’s all bunk!

Suggestion by Rex A
Tarrot Reading is real or online both are hidden from u , so both are okay .. but i dont belive in such stuff.

Suggestion by blueladyblue_r
Yes you can, you are best to ask around to see what others have to say about the person. I have been doing readings for 27 years. I tell the client either in person or on the phone if I am not accurate within the first ten minutes no charge. There are alot of phonies but there are alot of good ones too you have to ask around.

card reading online

Is there somewhere to get a free psychic reading online no credit card?

Suggestion by Midnyte
Plenty of free tarot reading web sites with computer-generated readings