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how can one enter the online library for reading.if one doesnt have credit card facility,are there other ways?

card reading online

how can one enter the online library for reading.if one doesnt have credit card facility,are there other ways?
like to read a book online, but they ask for membership entry and payment by c.card. Is there any other way of payment and start reading books online.

Suggestion by OneCleverGuy
If they require a credit card… then get one.
You don’t have to be 18 if you front the funds for one. And it will boost your credit score.

card reading online

can i get a tarot card reading online? is it as good as in person?

Suggestion by Walter
Yes, an online reading would be just as affective.

That is, not at all. It’s all bunk!

Suggestion by Rex A
Tarrot Reading is real or online both are hidden from u , so both are okay .. but i dont belive in such stuff.

Suggestion by blueladyblue_r
Yes you can, you are best to ask around to see what others have to say about the person. I have been doing readings for 27 years. I tell the client either in person or on the phone if I am not accurate within the first ten minutes no charge. There are alot of phonies but there are alot of good ones too you have to ask around.

card reading online

Is there somewhere to get a free psychic reading online no credit card?

Suggestion by Midnyte
Plenty of free tarot reading web sites with computer-generated readings

Are there any products related to tarot cards and pendulums?

tarot cards

Are there any products related to tarot cards and pendulums?
I’m really interested in pendulums and tarot cards, dream interpretations and tea reading. I was wondering if there are any other things of that sort.
Thankyou 🙂

Suggestion by Glass half full kitteh
I would suggest going to a new age bookstore in your area and asking the clerk to point you in the direction of the books on divination. There are many many ways to use divination. Some other tarot cards would perhaps be an animal or angel oracle. they are kind of like tarot but not quite. I can think of a ton more but it’s really fun to research and experiment yourself, see what grabs you when you read about it. Have fun!!

Suggestion by olympiasbc
There are well over 2,000 different methods of ‘divination’. Some of the more better known include augury (interpreting signs and omens), scrying (looking into fire, water, etc), astrology, and palmistry.

I listed a few sites below for you to check out.

Suggestion by Earthboundchild
yea totally, gem stones your missing. check out http://www.crystalinks.com/

you should also learn astral projection. Astral Dynamics is the best book to learn astral projection http://www.scribd.com/doc/6868354/Bruce-Robert-Astral-Dynamics

If your looking for something else that sort of gives you yes no answers, look into energy kinesiology , there’s things you can do with your hands, that’ll answer your question.

You should also be into healing, get into reiki healing, or some other form of holistic health

There’s also this one thing it’s a bunch of stones like beige stones, they each have different symbols on them, and you put them in a black bag, and you pick out so many stones to give you a reading. I can’t remember what it’s called though. I’ll figure it out and get back.

Is the use of tarot cards to help you better analyze a problem against God?
My friend uses tarot cards to help her look better at a problem or issue to help her see options and find a resolution. She doesnt use them to read the future, nor does she believe in contacting spirits or anything like that. She says it helps her, but I would like to know if this is against god like using tarot for divination.

Suggestion by Adan
yep its one of the many tools of the devil to quote Kathy Bates in the water boy, yes it leads to possession and mental illness

Suggestion by ???
Yes, partaking in such activities can open the door to demonic contact and possibly possession. Occult practices (tarot cards, palm readings, horoscopes, etc.) are gateways to imminent spiritual danger.

Suggestion by Jeff M
No doubt a big no-no. Why don’t you just read, and study The Bible? All the answers are answered in your “human” owners manual.

tarot cards

Where can I buy a deck of Tarot cards?
I live in North Carolina and I would like to buy a deck of tarot cards.

Suggestion by Moxie1313
I don’t know if you’re near Otto, NC but there’s a store I found through a google search…

Try them.

Suggestion by Jr
deck of tarot cards – http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords=deck%20tarot%20cards&tag=search0d8-20&index=toys-and-games&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325

Is there any free sites on palm reading on the web?

free palm reading

Is there any free sites on palm reading on the web?

Suggestion by TigerMan
There’s got to be man. Google it. That’s the way to go.

Suggestion by Angiebaby
I’m sure there are some that claim to be able to read your palm through your computer, but I’m pretty sure they’re all fake 🙂

Doesn’t a palm reader need to SEE your palm in order to read it? I’m just sayin…

Suggestion by ☺♪Maggie♫☺
This is a fairly useful website. There are a load of links off of it.

This is a good specific one.
I used the one above and it totalyl described me.

free palm reading

is there a site that offers free info on palm reading?

Suggestion by T T
Try http://www.ofesite.com/spirit/palm/lines/linelife.htm.

Suggestion by kayiyam
One basic site and a couple of books http://www.palmreading.info/ http://books.google.com/books?id=r8Q1dzJHKgkC&dq=palm+reading+info&pg=PP1&ots=_B92iOlzbn&source=citation&sig=eyoC4MDTYzXcejMb5-prI9KZZu8&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=12&ct=result#PPP1,M http://books.google.com/books?id=26y0RWm1by8C&dq=palm+reading+info&pg=PP1&ots=sj-FYpT6tF&source=citation&sig=SRKunEo9U-sA0TYlyi0pqXqQOiQ&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=11&ct=result#PPT9,M1

Suggestion by Kaitle L

free palm reading

Do you know of any good palm reading websites…?
I need information on how to do palm reading and perhaps a free palmistry course.
I’m very fascinated by the subject (especially if I can get to read my boyfriends palm) and would appreciate any info you can give, thanks.

Suggestion by happy d
I asked my wife for information as she had her palm read in Spain about 2 years back by a very good palm reader (so my wife says) she swears by her.
Anyway this is the lady’s actual palm reading website http://www.mrspalmreader.com , apparently it has plenty of information about palmistry courses etc. and she has her contact details there.
(Good luck to your boyfriend)

is there eny where i can print a tarot card deck for free?

tarot card decks

is there eny where i can print a tarot card deck for free?

Suggestion by jaqmarhouse

Suggestion by pumpkin kitty!
try google.

Suggestion by EndlessMountain


peace, love and light

tarot card decks

how to become an tarot card reader?
well more to the point how to make my own tarot card deck
I already know the basics but I was wondering if I could make my own deck

Suggestion by Jacob
google it

Suggestion by John
Make any deck you want, invent any “rules” you want, tell any stupid “readings” you want.
As long as you SOUND convincing and “mysterious,” some idiot will pay you for “reading.”

Suggestion by Terry
Though I have several hand made decks of thoth I yet to try making one on my own. I would suggest you decide on a theme such as an Aquarian, Nature, or Greek gods.Then use decks or books to make sure you have all the meanings you need in your illustrations. Most hand made decks take about a year to complete.

Learn all about the chakra cleaning card of theAngel Tarot Deck in this free tarot card reading and deck history video clip. Expert: Marybeth Murphy Bio: Marybeth has been intuitively reading people ever since she was very young. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Are there any places to take Tarot card courses in Las Vegas?

tarot card decks

Are there any places to take Tarot card courses in Las Vegas?
I wanted to see if anyone (locals) knew of any place I can learn the Tarot in Las Vegas. I’m not looking for the outrageously priced places on the Strip. Just a local place where I can take a course. I have my Tarot deck and have been trying to learn with books, but it’s not the same as one-on-one teaching.

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru
Hello Joe

I have a home study course http://www.tarotcourse.webs.com , there is also a forum with lots of tarot folk & 5 tarot rooms.


Suggestion by vid
You don’t need a class. There are many people that have taken classes for Tarot, but the classes didn’t really help them. You are best learning from your own intuition and from books. There are some terrible books out there, but there are some great ones as well.

I often suggest to people to get “Power Tarot” as it’s a book that really helps those that are just starting out. For instance, it gives many different areas for definitions (i.e. work, finances, romance, etc.). You’ll find over time that your meanings for the cards are expanded or are completely changed and that’s fine.

Most Tarot classes will have an instructor that comes in and tells you that the little white book that came with the deck is worthless. They’ll basically teach you how to “see” things from the cards, and this is something you can learn completely on your own for free! There are some classes that are different, but most are like this. Hope that helps…

tarot card decks

What Dpse each card in a celtic tarot Deck mean ?
I have a Clitict tarot deack and it came with a book with all the meaning sof the cards . But i cant seem to find it.. Can some one help?

Suggestion by Mackenzie
I don’t think anyone is going to sit here and rewrite all the info that was in a book.

What you should do is study the standard universal tarot, and look at how it relates to your Celtic cards (the suits, the numbers, etc.).

Or you can meditate for a few days on each card and consider it’s meaning to you and what it would mean… there’s more to reading tarot than just memorizing a brief blurb about each card, you really have to explore each one and then their relationships with each other.

Suggestion by Sanguine ☽O ☾ ȣ ☽O ☾
In addition to what “Mackenzie” said…

This website may be helpful for you: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/

Not only can you see tons of different decks from all over, but there is a lot of great information about individual cards and different spreads as well. Look over the general meanings and symbology of the cards, then spend time and work with your own deck. Get a personal feel for your cards!