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Why do Christians feel they have to be offended by everything?

Why do Christians feel they have to be offended by everything?
Why is it Christians – who will plaster their religion all over cars, billboards, and just about every flat surface they can manage and then some – find that something even so small and personal as wearing a pentacle is offensive and outrageous? Pretty much every time I step out of my house there’s some Christian propaganda in my face, but the minute I pull our so much as a tarot card it’s all “This is a family establishment, you can’t do that here.”

Suggestion by Jesse
Because Christians feel that the world is Christian, and anything that isn’t Christian in any way, shape or form (or how they see it)
A) Is blasphemy
B) Should be illegal

Suggestion by Candy B
Ummmm….honey I don’t care what you wear or pull out. I see it on TV every day. I don’t get offended by everything, however, I do get annoyed when I can’t go anywhere w/ your dick ass mocking me over something that I’m rather quite about.

Suggestion by Shinji Ikari
It’s political correctness.

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How does numerology fall into place with the bible?
Also, what about other things in the occult. like white magic, telepathy, lucid dreaming, mystiques, tarot cards. I just don’t understand. If your intentions are good, then how can such things be condemned by the bible. If I was born under these cosmic forces (according to numerology) & that is what makes me who I am then how can the study of such be evil. Please give me any insight.
I want educated answers only!!

Suggestion by Linda Fallsrock
Chances are numerology is just a game, not having anything to do with God.

Suggestion by sibia t
it doesnt fall into the bible sorry, thats not what makes you who you are , God is

Suggestion by Silver
biblical numerology is the study of numbers in the bible. two of the most commonly repeated numbers in the bible are 7 and 40. the number 7 signifies completion or perfection, 40 is the number of probation or trial.

as far as tarot cards and the like, nothing connected to spiritism, witchcraft, astrology, etc. is God’s intention for us as a means to discover information

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They are free tarot and psychic readings online?

free tarot

They are free tarot and psychic readings online?
They are some stuff I want and need to know my life is ruined and empty and since my gf changed and left im alone too.
Any magick and paranormal forums I can get a free reading?
Are you there Summer?I have been needing you hanging on and wondering about you just to go you know?im tired

Suggestion by jasonicus
You need a hobby.

Suggestion by Bill C
I feel for ya, buddy. I know how it feels to lose someone you care about. It makes you feel worthless, and it makes you crave attention, and you want to feel special again.

But let me tell you, you’re asking to be scammed. There is no such thing as magic, or the paranormal, nor psychics. It may feel comforting, but so is Santa Claus.

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Any good Tarot free website that u can recommend for personal experience ?

Suggestion by Casu.
Sara Freider can help you.

Suggestion by Casandra X
Dara Freider can help with that. She charges less.

Suggestion by Люцифер зомби Dämonen
spellspace.com Darkane66~~~➤

Should i get tarot cards? what kind and how much do they cost?

Should i get tarot cards? what kind and how much do they cost?
my mom was really good at tarot cards, but when she was in the middle of a reading she broke down crying and asked the person she was reading if they had been abused as a child and they got all offended and called her a witch for knowing that and so she never did it again… but i’m not afraid of the super natural and i think she had a gift. and i have intuitive dreams just like her, so i think i might be good at them =) how much do they cost and what should beginners get?

Suggestion by JON
You can get quite a few different sets. However I reccommend the Aliester Crowley set. you can get a set that you colour yourself, and a book that tells you what colour to use and what it all means.

Suggestion by pogle
Many years ago I bought a pack of TAROT cards which I felt at home with. It was the Ryder pack by A.E.Waite. In some packs the cards are too big to handle easily but this pack is just the right size. The pictures on the cards drawn by Pamela Coleman draw you into them as the story of each cards meaning is told very sucsinctly in the artwork. Although I could never find enough time to meditate on the cards they are easy to commit to memory and so they can work on a superficial level in the hands of an amateur, given time and patience used as a key to unlock your inner gift I am sure they will be a very useful tool for you. Although there is an instruction booklet with them I would get a book or two from the library. I would however stay away from the Crowley stuff he was a dangerous practical joker and very clever.

Suggestion by Dajjal Alhazred
you can get Crowley Tarot, Lovecraftian Tarot or just normal Tarot or even something more Sinister if your into the Darkness.

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Is there any truth to the Tarot cards?
I’ve often wonder if there was any truth to the tarot card readings. Is it a bunch of crap? How do you know if the person giving you the readings is telling the truth?

Suggestion by Harpo!

Suggestion by The_Messenger
They can work and tell you a lot of things. The problem is the power behind it. Stay far away from those things and trust in God.

~Ex Witch~

Suggestion by ToolGirl5-Rev.Morgen is watchin
That why i do my own readings…

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Are all Christians afraid of tarot cards?
Because I’m Christians and I use tarot cards. I really don’t think there anything wrong with that. And most christians said in the bible that cards will release evil spirits. That just crazy.

Suggestion by Booster
If you WERE a Believer, you WOULDN’T use them!

Better read this:

Revelation 21:8 (New International Version)
8But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Suggestion by Dionyus
What’s funny is the Torah which some of the old testament is based upon is based upon the Tarot… hehe

You won’t release evil spirits, that’s just a lie… besides an evil spirit would be something like the liquor everclear… The bible is also heavily based upon astrology and shamanism.. hehe

Suggestion by Lynnmarie
See Acts 19:19

Are tarot cards real do they really work?

tarot cards

Are tarot cards real do they really work?
i had tarrot cards read for me once and it predicted the past right about a ex relationship lost but can it really tell the future?

Suggestion by Fireball
no they dont…DANGER…it is the occult

Suggestion by FireFop
Fireball… my Tarot cards just told me that yer really a guy.

Suggestion by Pagan Chick With Guns
Yes, but it’s far more complicated than that. Email me sometime if you want to learn more about them. I could fill a book with all the information you would need to truly understand how tarot works.

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Can Tarot cards describe countries?
I often wonder if certain tarot cards describe certain countries. Does anyone know of a website where tarot cards are paired against countries? I have seen astrological matches before, but are there Tarot ones?

Suggestion by joe the man JPA
it’s not part of the classic way of reading the cards so you can use your intuition or randomality and assign countries to the different cards. your system will be as good as any other.

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How do you play tarot cards?
what’s the whole point of playing tarots do you get points or something?

Suggestion by SUB ZERO
You pretend to “read” them. Shuffle them, put some facedown in a random fashion, flip a few of them, pretend to know something and explain it. It helps be very imaginative and try to be consistent.

Suggestion by Lady Love Tarot
Tarot did begin as a card game played by the upper classes in Italy beginning in the 15th century. Starting in the 18th century and on into the present, it began to be used for divination, and is no long commonly used as a game (at least in the US). However, there are many sites on the web explaining the games that use Tarot cards. Cards can be easily found in most bookstores, both new and used. You can find links to the various game rules here : http://www.pagat.com/tarot/


Suggestion by IntuitiveImpressions
They are a divination tool, which means they help you understanding what is going on now or what will happen. Ask yourself a question, then pull one card as the answer, and three cards over it to explain the answer.

If my significant other goes to get his tarot cards read about me, can I do something so they cannot read me?

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If my significant other goes to get his tarot cards read about me, can I do something so they cannot read me?
I dunno how accurate they are or not but i would rather have my personal life not being read. Can i do something, wear something or say something?

Suggestion by Eiliat
If you continue living in reality instead of a movie they can’t read you with tarot cards or any other form of fortune telling.

Suggestion by vampire9545
just ignore it, it’s not real. how do i know? i have a tarot card set, book on how to and even a mini booklet came with it.

here’s how it works basically, there is a set map for cards, each spot on the map has a meaning in gen(life goal, where u r in life now, n other symbolism) when a card is placed on said spot, it is evaluated by the person drawing the cards.

the basically belief/idea behind tarot is, the cards randomly drawn, aren’t random but dealt in a way just for you and represent you. now sure the cards could be you, but the odds that each card delt is you is a mathematically improbable…..the link is how the card map works n each spots meaning.


Suggestion by Randy P
You don’t have to do anything. Tarot cards can’t “read you”.

However, successful “psychics” are very good at picking up nonverbal cues from the client, so they’ll be able to read a lot about how your significant other feels about you, just from his momentary reactions. Not much you can do to block that. This skill is called “cold reading”, and it basically involves throwing things out and seeing what sticks. There have been studies where as many as 20 wrong guesses were thrown out before a hit, but the people watching were convinced that the psychic had zeroed right in on the right guess.

Psychics are con artists who take advantage of our willingness to believe.

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Do you believe that Tarot Cards are more evil than a regular deck of playing cards or ?
Do you think that it depends on how they are used and by whom?

Suggestion by Jim
Stay away from the occult. It’s very dangerous to your soul.

Suggestion by Lipstick on a Pig
Tarot cards, like a Ouija Board are simply thing designed to amuse and entertain. Nothing evil about them.

Suggestion by Cradlε Før A Kiηg
I believe they’re as dangerous as UNO cards.

A guide to recognizing Zodiac correlations in Major Arcana and Court Cards. Music by: Stewart Copeland “Twilight Harbour” Spyro the Dragon Insomniac Games