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If my significant other goes to get his tarot cards read about me, can I do something so they cannot read me?

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If my significant other goes to get his tarot cards read about me, can I do something so they cannot read me?
I dunno how accurate they are or not but i would rather have my personal life not being read. Can i do something, wear something or say something?

Suggestion by Eiliat
If you continue living in reality instead of a movie they can’t read you with tarot cards or any other form of fortune telling.

Suggestion by vampire9545
just ignore it, it’s not real. how do i know? i have a tarot card set, book on how to and even a mini booklet came with it.

here’s how it works basically, there is a set map for cards, each spot on the map has a meaning in gen(life goal, where u r in life now, n other symbolism) when a card is placed on said spot, it is evaluated by the person drawing the cards.

the basically belief/idea behind tarot is, the cards randomly drawn, aren’t random but dealt in a way just for you and represent you. now sure the cards could be you, but the odds that each card delt is you is a mathematically improbable…..the link is how the card map works n each spots meaning.


Suggestion by Randy P
You don’t have to do anything. Tarot cards can’t “read you”.

However, successful “psychics” are very good at picking up nonverbal cues from the client, so they’ll be able to read a lot about how your significant other feels about you, just from his momentary reactions. Not much you can do to block that. This skill is called “cold reading”, and it basically involves throwing things out and seeing what sticks. There have been studies where as many as 20 wrong guesses were thrown out before a hit, but the people watching were convinced that the psychic had zeroed right in on the right guess.

Psychics are con artists who take advantage of our willingness to believe.

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Do you believe that Tarot Cards are more evil than a regular deck of playing cards or ?
Do you think that it depends on how they are used and by whom?

Suggestion by Jim
Stay away from the occult. It’s very dangerous to your soul.

Suggestion by Lipstick on a Pig
Tarot cards, like a Ouija Board are simply thing designed to amuse and entertain. Nothing evil about them.

Suggestion by Cradlε Før A Kiηg
I believe they’re as dangerous as UNO cards.

A guide to recognizing Zodiac correlations in Major Arcana and Court Cards. Music by: Stewart Copeland “Twilight Harbour” Spyro the Dragon Insomniac Games

is it bad luck to write with permanant marker on the back of the tarot cards what they mean?

tarot cards

is it bad luck to write with permanant marker on the back of the tarot cards what they mean?
casuse i did that cause i hated looking at the minipaper that came with them to decifer the meanings so i wrote it on the back of each card. is it bad luck or something? anyone know anything about superstitions and tarot?

Suggestion by John F
No. Tarot is just a game, like any other so-called superstition.

Suggestion by Obey me or go to hell. Love, god
Yes, I think the magic tarot spirits will kill you with lasers from their eyes.

P.S. Tarot is definitely a superstition. You people are morons.

Suggestion by Helen
Superstitions are for the superstitious. Nevertheless, I have never heard of any such superstition, it will just spoil your cards but if you don’t mind that then there is no problem.

P.S. Tarot≠superstition.

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Are all tarot cards bad to mess with?
my niece wants to make some tarot-like cards to play harry potter with. would it be okay if shes just playing and pretending, and not actually reading them? we’re christian by the way!

Suggestion by Graybeard
Tarot-card reading is a complete fraud; they’re just pieces of paper with no magical powers and no special meaning. No one has any ability to predict the future with them, or anything else. So you can make up anything that you like.

Suggestion by Pam Richards

They are 78 pieces of laminated paper, so unless you get a paper cut they are of no harm. I have studied them for over 20 years. Evil lies within the hearts & minds of humans not within pictured cards.

Have fun with your niece & make precious memories.


Suggestion by lured
whether you are christian or something else, cards themselves will not put you in any danger. they do not have magical power or anything. cartomancy is done with playing cards. but dont we mess around with them by playing bridge and spades? tarot cards were made for playing games also. so it is really okay.

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They are free psychics and free tarot readings on the web?

They are free psychics and free tarot readings on the web?
They are free psychics and free tarot readings on the web?
Do you know any real witches,wizards,tarot readers and psychics?
november/14/1985 Ivan Delabra Mexico city

Suggestion by …

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
I do psychic readings by phone for people outside my area. See my website for details.

free tarot

Does anyone know a website where i can get a free tarot reading?
i really want to know about what will happen?

Suggestion by Minime

I think they have tarot reading too. The reason I use this site is that they hit bulls eye with my birth chart!

PS: I tried the second link posted here…it’s good!

Suggestion by mhiaa
www.lotustarot.com is a wonderful free site, and quite accurate.

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru

Not free but very reasonable > http://www.tarotcourse.webs.com


www.nickdutch.co.uk Taking time out of my busy day to do free tarot readings in the online youtube tarot show just for you Rate, Comment and SUBSCRIBE

Is there anyone know a website where they give out free tarot cards?

free tarot

Is there anyone know a website where they give out free tarot cards?
I always wanted tarot card without paying for them.

Suggestion by phaja1niner
Well you won’t get free actual cards here but you can get a free reading @ http://www.llewellyn.com/free/tarot.php. Lots of decks and spreads to choose from there.

Suggestion by Lillith
no free decks from anywhere that I have seen.
Make your own would be a fun way of having a deck and not paying for it

Suggestion by J G
You could try http://www.aeclectic.net. They have a forum there, where people trade tarot decks. You probably wont get a free deck (although, it’s been known to happen) but you could trade something you have for a deck. Some people trade for books, crystals, stones, and other stuff. It might be worth a try. Good luck.

How many of you go online looking for a free tarot reading?
I’m guilty of it!! Was hoping i wasnt the only one, lol. I myself am a novice tarot reader, i use playing cards instead of tarot and i practice on anybody i can find, lol. Anyways, do u know of any free tarot sites??

PS…i could use the practice, get ahold of me if your willing to let me practice on you!!

Suggestion by Tril
no not me..

ive never done anything of that sort..

but hey whatever rocks your boat right

Suggestion by thinkin’ out loud
Not hardly…

Suggestion by Janie S

im guilty its fun to read what it says so dont feel alone

free tarot

What site gives you free tarot and psychic reading or any other type of readings from real people ? thanks?
Different cultures do different types of reading for the future? I am curious of the different ones and how spot are they. Thanks

Suggestion by Alexia Riveria
the world.

Suggestion by Ask Me Your Name
If you have msn : astrobot@botmetro.net

Free tarrot reading and others everyday

Suggestion by Rose
google and the world!! haha thats a funny one!!

Why do Christians feel they have to be offended by everything?

Why do Christians feel they have to be offended by everything?
Why is it Christians – who will plaster their religion all over cars, billboards, and just about every flat surface they can manage and then some – find that something even so small and personal as wearing a pentacle is offensive and outrageous? Pretty much every time I step out of my house there’s some Christian propaganda in my face, but the minute I pull our so much as a tarot card it’s all “This is a family establishment, you can’t do that here.”

Suggestion by Jesse
Because Christians feel that the world is Christian, and anything that isn’t Christian in any way, shape or form (or how they see it)
A) Is blasphemy
B) Should be illegal

Suggestion by Candy B
Ummmm….honey I don’t care what you wear or pull out. I see it on TV every day. I don’t get offended by everything, however, I do get annoyed when I can’t go anywhere w/ your dick ass mocking me over something that I’m rather quite about.

Suggestion by Shinji Ikari
It’s political correctness.

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How does numerology fall into place with the bible?
Also, what about other things in the occult. like white magic, telepathy, lucid dreaming, mystiques, tarot cards. I just don’t understand. If your intentions are good, then how can such things be condemned by the bible. If I was born under these cosmic forces (according to numerology) & that is what makes me who I am then how can the study of such be evil. Please give me any insight.
I want educated answers only!!

Suggestion by Linda Fallsrock
Chances are numerology is just a game, not having anything to do with God.

Suggestion by sibia t
it doesnt fall into the bible sorry, thats not what makes you who you are , God is

Suggestion by Silver
biblical numerology is the study of numbers in the bible. two of the most commonly repeated numbers in the bible are 7 and 40. the number 7 signifies completion or perfection, 40 is the number of probation or trial.

as far as tarot cards and the like, nothing connected to spiritism, witchcraft, astrology, etc. is God’s intention for us as a means to discover information

tarot cards