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What do this card means in tarot card please help ?

tarot card meaning

What do this card means in tarot card please help ?
What do the nine of wands means in tarot card please help

Suggestion by The Sweetness
I don’t think your god would approve…

But if you must know, see the link below.

Suggestion by ~Secretrose~
Ah Molisha, aren’t you a Christian? Don’t even find out about it leave that mess alone…..

Suggestion by s hari
The Nine of Wands depicts a weary, injured man who holds a staff as though in a posture of final defense. He is protected by a number of wands propped up like a wall behind him. This card indicates struggle and the need to call up out of ourselves the strength needed to overcome a challenge which may seem insurmountable. The man in the card has survived many battles and even wears a bandage around his head. Yet in his eye is the determination to overcome this final challenge to his accomplishment and victory.

For details go to http://www.biddytarot.com/wands/ninewands.html

tarot card meaning

Tarot card meaning? help me figrue this out?
Here’s the deal, I asked the spirits to show me how someone really feels about me.

Here’s what i got
The devil
ten of swords (Ruins.)
seven of pentacles (Assessment.)
page of wands

More info: I have not been intressted in this person or his life in over a year…Then i get this strong engry pull (like a tug?war battle between us.) I don’t like whom he’s become so that’s why i had to let lose and cut ties..I also didn’t like how things where and how wasn’t being a good leader. So I walked away, I knew he was angry i could feel it but what do i care, After the fame and forture he forgot about his true face and to me has been blinded..

Now a few days ago i felt this enegry pull and i knew it was him, (So i summoned my spirital guide and asked him to aid me ones again.)

Acording to these cards you read above, how does he feel about me?

Suggestion by Sarah Palin
It means your are going to die.

Suggestion by Ray J
Tarot cards have no meaning what so ever.

Suggestion by sophieb
what, you didn’t buy the book that went with the tarot cards????

the page brings news, the devil means bondage or a person who is bad for you, the ten means a stab in the back, the seven is recover. So I’d say it means this guy is not good for you and will stab you in the back thru words but you will get over it.

So stop feeling the energy pull, it’s not him that’s pulling.

www.spiritreader.co.uk The Tower Tarot Card Meaning Video Meaning: Sudden change in status, an upheaval of the status quo, a shattering of illusions. Meditation: Sudden change is never comfortable, but often necessary. Give yourself time to absorb the inherent lesson in surprise transformations.

Can this actually happen with Tarot Cards ?

tarot cards

Can this actually happen with Tarot Cards ?
My friend had gotten tarot cards and used them to ask a question about her relationship with her boyfriend and how it would last.The last card was supposedly the outcome of their relationship which the card was Death. Later on he broke it off with her and she is wondering if that is the reason for him braking it off, or was that plain coincidence?

Suggestion by MJ Vashti

The thing with Tarot Cards is that they use the basic fundementals of life to brainwash people into thinking they work. Life…love…death..Scooby Doo…you know….life cycles that EVERYONE encounters.

Tarot Cards are bullshit and manmade, just like planes….people can predict of it will crash or not…because it’s manmade and because of gravity.

Suggestion by Lauz
coincidence, anything can be true. YOU make it

Suggestion by twiztid_thots
Is is probably coincidence. Tarot Cards are real! But only if the person reading your future is experienced. And it is linked to witch craft. God speaks through experiences, dreams, ect. The devil prays on those who want to see the future. It’s sinful to seek that information. We aren’t meant to know it for a reason.

tarot cards
tarot cards

What is the difference between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards?
As in, are they used in the same way? For example, could I use the Celtic Cross spread with my Goddess Oracle set? Also, someone told me that you cannot read yourself with the Tarot, but you can with the Oracle set. Is this correct? Thanks for the advice, please no negative comments.

Suggestion by Geezah
Yes, they’re both used in essentially the same way: divination, personal evaluation, etc.

Tarot decks though are always decks made of 78 specific cards: 14 cards of 4 different suits each (the “minor arcana”), then 22 unique cards (the “major arcana”). You’ll see some slight variations to these. For example, some decks call the “stones” suit what others call the “pentacles” suit, the Thoth deck calls the Justice card “Adjustment”, etc. But essentially, all Tarot decks follow this 78 card Tarot format.

There are other divination decks though that don’t use this format, and thus aren’t “Tarot cards”. These include “Oracle Cards”, the “Sacred Geometry” deck, and hundreds of others. I suppose nothing is really stopping you from using a Celtic Cross spread with these, but you may want to read the included LWB (“little white book”) with the deck and see.

As for the notion that “you cannot read yourself with the Tarot”, that’s not really true. You can read yourself. The worst that can happen is that you might not get an accurate reading because it’s very easy to be biased with yourself, and rationalize away problems you might be having. It’s good to get an on-lookers perspective sometimes.

Suggestion by LabGrrl
There are ‘rules’ about what make up a tarot deck, whereas a company can call anything an ‘oracle deck.’

Introspection is a major use of tarot, not sure why your source says otherwise.

Suggestion by Jermaine
Check this link out it will definitely help you to understand the difference better., Tarot is symbolically predicted. While Oracle has a further divine inclination. Both are influential and play a great role in forecasting, foretelling and predicting possibles events and opportunities arising in one’s life Check this out.



My tarot cards were burnt in a house fire on valentines day, what does this mean?

tarot cards

My tarot cards were burnt in a house fire on valentines day, what does this mean?
Last year we had a house fire on Feb 14th from an electrical fault and my tarot cards that I’d been given were destroyed in the fire.

They were the prettiest tarot cards I’d ever seen and they meant a lot to me. I’ve not seen any others that compare to those, and you aren’t supposed to buy them yourself anyway.

My point is, what does this all mean? Is it bad luck for me or what?

Suggestion by How would I Know
A blue car just drove down the road outside my window.. it has the exact same deep, spiritual meaning as your cards do. Nothing.

Suggestion by wiseass

Suggestion by LARA, age 82
It means that your tarot cards were burned up on February 14, 2011 Sorry about that !

tarot cards

What do these tarot cards mean when put together?
I recently did a 3-card reading focusing on the past, present, and future in regards to myself and a person whom I have deep romantic feelings for. This is what I got:

Past: Knight of Cups
Present: Two of Swords
Future: Ace of Cups

I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how to read them when put together? I’m still very much a beginner when it comes to tarot cards. Much appreciated to those who can help me!

Suggestion by Ann Coulter
They mean wahatever you want them to…

Suggestion by almeida
http://www.youtube.com/user/S1KRYD this

Suggestion by sketch_mylife
inside straight.

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what does this tarot card mean?

what does this tarot card mean?
I had a tarot card reading on my broken up relationship. i picked a few cards and the outcome card was nine of cups. is that a good card or not?

Suggestion by Rockadayjohnny
It’s the best.

Suggestion by Mister Hat
Oh Jesus, it means you’re going to die in a plane crash.

Suggestion by evirustheslaye
Tarot card is part luck part cold reading, theres no real information obtained from tarot card reading. in terms of what the card means think of something that you can relate to 9 cups, its all about making an association between whats on the card, and what you want the card to say.

frankly i think relationships are too important to be left up to pseudo science like tarot cards. why not just flip a coin?

3 playing card tarot spread meaning?
recently i found 3 playing cards around my house. After reading what they mean out of curiosity I really find it hard coming to a conclusion.

I found 5 clubs, Queen diamonds and 5 of hearts in that order.

My interpretation is there is going to be a lot more stress in my life. I don’t know how to deal with the stresses I’m dealt already let alone anymore?

Suggestion by thorndrose
First glance, things are rough right now, but will get better in short order and stay better. There is some new business about to happen that will relieve financial concerns. There is some major change just around the corner, and while this change will have a positive result it can be stressful if you’re not used to handling change.

It’s actually a very positive reading, indicating that things are getting better.

www.spiritreader.co.uk Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Video Meaning: Triumph, being recognized for your efforts, high self-esteem but with the potential for arrogance. Meditation: Accept positive recognition gracefully and with humility; avoid the trap of self-aggrandizing.

What does this tarot card spread mean regarding my period/fertility situation?

tarot card spreads

What does this tarot card spread mean regarding my period/fertility situation?
The emperor on the current situation position, knight of swords on the actions to take position, ten of cups on the expected outcome position.

Suggestion by Miss 6
10 of cups indicate family.
Knight of Swords means to be assertive in your situation
Emperor is says order is needed.

tarot card spreads

what cards do you use for the celtic cross card spread tarot game?
im just learning how to use tarot cards. i dont know which cards to use for the celtic cross card spread tarot game. okay there are cards in my deck with only pictures and no words. most of the pictures have swards. im not sure if i use these im the celtic cross game. does anyone know?

Suggestion by Cheryl E
You can use any deck for the celtic cross spread. The “classic” deck is the Rider-Waite, but there are hundreds of others. Get yourself a good book on tarot interpretation.

Suggestion by carmen c
There is a really good book called Tarot In 10 Minutes by R.T. Kasser. Get it its amazing and will answer all your tarot needs

Suggestion by Rachel_S165
IIRC, you use the entire deck. Choose one of the court cards (Page, Knight, Queen or King of one of the 4 suits — Pentacles, Cups, Swords, or Wands) as the significator to represent the person asking the question. then have the questioner shuffle the deck, and deal out the 10 cards for the Celtic Cross spread.

BTW, its not a “game”.

Learn the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread and a Relationship Spread. My links: Connectionsthroughspirit.jimdo.com www.facebook.com youtube.com/user/jeysics