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My tarot cards were burnt in a house fire on valentines day, what does this mean?

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My tarot cards were burnt in a house fire on valentines day, what does this mean?
Last year we had a house fire on Feb 14th from an electrical fault and my tarot cards that I’d been given were destroyed in the fire.

They were the prettiest tarot cards I’d ever seen and they meant a lot to me. I’ve not seen any others that compare to those, and you aren’t supposed to buy them yourself anyway.

My point is, what does this all mean? Is it bad luck for me or what?

Suggestion by How would I Know
A blue car just drove down the road outside my window.. it has the exact same deep, spiritual meaning as your cards do. Nothing.

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Suggestion by LARA, age 82
It means that your tarot cards were burned up on February 14, 2011 Sorry about that !

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What do these tarot cards mean when put together?
I recently did a 3-card reading focusing on the past, present, and future in regards to myself and a person whom I have deep romantic feelings for. This is what I got:

Past: Knight of Cups
Present: Two of Swords
Future: Ace of Cups

I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how to read them when put together? I’m still very much a beginner when it comes to tarot cards. Much appreciated to those who can help me!

Suggestion by Ann Coulter
They mean wahatever you want them to…

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http://www.youtube.com/user/S1KRYD this

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inside straight.

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what does this tarot card mean?

what does this tarot card mean?
I had a tarot card reading on my broken up relationship. i picked a few cards and the outcome card was nine of cups. is that a good card or not?

Suggestion by Rockadayjohnny
It’s the best.

Suggestion by Mister Hat
Oh Jesus, it means you’re going to die in a plane crash.

Suggestion by evirustheslaye
Tarot card is part luck part cold reading, theres no real information obtained from tarot card reading. in terms of what the card means think of something that you can relate to 9 cups, its all about making an association between whats on the card, and what you want the card to say.

frankly i think relationships are too important to be left up to pseudo science like tarot cards. why not just flip a coin?

3 playing card tarot spread meaning?
recently i found 3 playing cards around my house. After reading what they mean out of curiosity I really find it hard coming to a conclusion.

I found 5 clubs, Queen diamonds and 5 of hearts in that order.

My interpretation is there is going to be a lot more stress in my life. I don’t know how to deal with the stresses I’m dealt already let alone anymore?

Suggestion by thorndrose
First glance, things are rough right now, but will get better in short order and stay better. There is some new business about to happen that will relieve financial concerns. There is some major change just around the corner, and while this change will have a positive result it can be stressful if you’re not used to handling change.

It’s actually a very positive reading, indicating that things are getting better.

www.spiritreader.co.uk Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Video Meaning: Triumph, being recognized for your efforts, high self-esteem but with the potential for arrogance. Meditation: Accept positive recognition gracefully and with humility; avoid the trap of self-aggrandizing.

What does this tarot card spread mean regarding my period/fertility situation?

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What does this tarot card spread mean regarding my period/fertility situation?
The emperor on the current situation position, knight of swords on the actions to take position, ten of cups on the expected outcome position.

Suggestion by Miss 6
10 of cups indicate family.
Knight of Swords means to be assertive in your situation
Emperor is says order is needed.

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what cards do you use for the celtic cross card spread tarot game?
im just learning how to use tarot cards. i dont know which cards to use for the celtic cross card spread tarot game. okay there are cards in my deck with only pictures and no words. most of the pictures have swards. im not sure if i use these im the celtic cross game. does anyone know?

Suggestion by Cheryl E
You can use any deck for the celtic cross spread. The “classic” deck is the Rider-Waite, but there are hundreds of others. Get yourself a good book on tarot interpretation.

Suggestion by carmen c
There is a really good book called Tarot In 10 Minutes by R.T. Kasser. Get it its amazing and will answer all your tarot needs

Suggestion by Rachel_S165
IIRC, you use the entire deck. Choose one of the court cards (Page, Knight, Queen or King of one of the 4 suits — Pentacles, Cups, Swords, or Wands) as the significator to represent the person asking the question. then have the questioner shuffle the deck, and deal out the 10 cards for the Celtic Cross spread.

BTW, its not a “game”.

Learn the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread and a Relationship Spread. My links: Connectionsthroughspirit.jimdo.com www.facebook.com youtube.com/user/jeysics

Q&A: help to interprate this tarot card reading?

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help to interprate this tarot card reading?
i had a tarot card reading ( for past, present and future) it was a three card spread and the 1st card was two of swords, the second was the wheel of fortune and the last was the emperor.
The tarot card reader did interprate them very in depth, but what is the basic meaning/ interpretation of these cards.

Suggestion by Chipmunk
Without knowing the question it is absolutely impossible to know for sure where the cards were heading in point of meaning. Most likely scenario:-


being in a difficult spot, having to make choices which weigh in your favour at best to find a practical solution to the issue.

However, as I say, a question can change everything.

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Can someone point me in the right direction with tarot card reading…?
I just recently purchased a deck of tarot cards for myself, before I even did my first reading I looked at each card individually and really took time to see it. I then did the celtic cross layout. Everything seemed spot on but I was just wondering what website there are to explain each card a little more in depth then the little paper book that came with it. Other layouts and any other information would be greatly appreciated.

Suggestion by Dahlia A
I found these websites to be useful:
You can also join the forum at aeclectic.net to talk tarot with a number of people.

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
I would suggest several websites. Google ” Tarot Card Meanings” When I was learning, I had private lessons but I also bought several books and found that I got something a little different from each of the books. Meanings can vary.

Whatever meanings you decide on, spirit will work with what the card means to you, so you don’t have to be concerned that there is any right meaning for a card.

Remember that each card has multiple meanings and it is the psychic message that counts. If you aren’t getting that, your accuracy rate will be about 20%. To develop your psychic ability, meditate daily.

What does page of pentacles mean in a tarot card reading?
This continously appears in my reading.

Suggestion by Just Plain Bob
do you have a book on Tarot Cards? Look it up.

Suggestion by George
First of all look at the imagery and see if anything stands out.
Just say out aloud what you see in the picture of the page of pentacles card you have.
Often doing this can trigger something inside of you.

If that doesn’t work for you then you have to fall back on the learned meanings which can be ambiguous.

Page’s are messengers. You may be about to receive a communication regarding money or material wealth.

Page’s are the children in the Tarot court cards. A pentacles child would be a stubborn, studious and perhaps very computer literate child.

It could also be a childish material pursuit, something fun or frivolous. Spending money on a day out at a fair ground, on toys etc.

what does the meaning of the hanged Man tarot card mean in this reading.?

tarot card meaning

what does the meaning of the hanged Man tarot card mean in this reading.?
I did a Celtic cross spread. (I will make this short as possible) My present card is a Queen of pentacles, my past card is The Chariot. My sixth position (immediate situation card is Temperance. Lastly my final outcome card is the Hanged Man.

I had an argument with a Buddy’s of mines cousin whom I will honestly say, she was being very disrespectful and aggressive towards me. I was only defending myself when I had to stand my ground. I’m suppose to be at my Buddy’s baby shower Saturday and I did a reading to see if the air has cleared. This is a joyous event and I know the cousin will be there and I just don’t want anymore drama. The hanged Man kinda concerns me because i know it represent letting go but doesn’t it also represent a coming battle?

P.S I received two Aces. Ace of Swords in the fifth Position, Ace of Pentacles in what is crossing me, Two of Cups in my Seventh position. The rest I can’t remember. Any help would be appreciated.

Suggestion by the mad jock
it means that my full house beats you hands down ‘PS I cant believe people are taken in by this charade

Suggestion by Avraham
Nothing, the way cards fall have nothing to do with your fate. Unless of course you are gambling for money, then it could be good or bad depending on if you are winning or not.

Suggestion by maltesedingus
Take up contract bridge. At least it has some logic and reason to it.

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What does this tarot card mean?
I went to a new age/psychic store yesterday and the women that was serving me made me pick out a tarot card and I chose a card called ‘study’. What does this card mean?

Suggestion by John G
It means, “study this, someone is trying to take your money.”

Suggestion by Sparkley Shoes
o.O Did the psychic not tell you what it meant?

Suggestion by Leon
you picked it at random

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What does Justice Tarot Card Mean in Regards to Relationships?
Always get the Justice. Sometimes Death and Tower plus some positive cards (like the sun, nine of cups). Confusing.

Question is in regards to my marriage

Suggestion by George
Justice would suggest going to court and with Death and The Tower an unexpected ending.
An ending is also indicated by the 9 as in numerology 9 is the number of endings.
I suspect you posted this question hoping for a more up beat interpretation as you probably already know this. Sorry. The Sun is very good card but it’s all Fire, no Water (love & emotions).

Check your numerology for this year.
If your partner is having a 9 personal year (or you) this could also indicate an ending this year.
A 5 year for either of you is also a year of unexpected change.

Suggestion by Ray Samuel
when it comes to tarot card it’s always advisable to follow the information coming from authentic sources such as: