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Getting a true tarot reading online?

card reading online

Getting a true tarot reading online?
Can you really get a true reading of your tarot cards online? If so is anyone out there willing to try my reading?

Suggestion by Winter Thea Bear
NO. That is jibberish and a joke. NO ONE can tell you anything about nothing concerning what will happen to you or when. You are playing with Black Majick and could open very dangerous Spirit Doors that you cannot close. . .

Suggestion by Questioner
I don’t know a good site, however the first comment/answer I saw on here was talking about black magic, tarot readings are not black magic,it doesn’t open any doors. It is simply the reading of the tarot based on certain things.

Suggestion by branbran
your supposed to shuffel the cards while thinking of a question so i dont see how ur going to get a reading online or the phone

card reading online

Where can I get a free psychic reading online?
I have a specific question I want to ask a psychic and I’ve done all of the tarot card stuff online. Do any of you know a good website where I can talk for 100% free (without having to give a credit card number) to a psychic?

Suggestion by Jfig
It will be fake if its online.

Suggestion by Insight
Try here you more likely to get good practical advice.

Suggestion by {{Ɛɱɜɾɑɭɗ Ϙʋɛɛɳ}}
obviously it would be fake. who would even fall for that? ah hah

card reading online

the online mind reading card tricks!?

like the example above, it will know it every time. i have tried to trick it, moving my cursor not saying it outloud, changin my choice at the last min. i cant figure out how it knows. does anyone know the secret?

Suggestion by bethz-iz-ere
all the cards have changed write them all down ull see

Suggestion by SynYster
lol wtf!! thats the weirdest thing! i have no idea how it does that..

Edit: yup, first answer is right. lol thats cool though

Suggestion by Blachsheep249
It couldnt read my mind your too predictable

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How long does it take for a tarot reading to come true?

How long does it take for a tarot reading to come true?
Some say 3 months, some a year,some say it has no fixed time; is a 2 -3 years time span conceavable when one mantains the same behaviour over this long period?

Suggestion by interested1208
I really don’t even know where to start on this one….

Suggestion by Tom
Well, tarot readings are biased on the 100% probability that whatever they told you would happen in your lifetime, and probably sooner rather than later. So it doesn’t tell the future, it is the art of being abstract without you knowing it.

Suggestion by stu
It depends on the question and the reading and the spread. A celtic cross spread reveals past situations and future ones and and outcome.

tarot reading

What this four card tarot reading means?
I did a reading about the future of my current professional situation ( I’m very unhappy at my job) and got the folowing cards:
1 – Nine of Swords
2 – Tower
3 – Eight of Cups
4 (sumation) – Four of Wands

What could it mean?

Suggestion by Ding-Ding
Short, but maybe not so sweet.
Anxiety and stress over a situation.
A collapse of plans that happens suddenly. “Out of the blue.”
Walking away from a situation.
A “coming home” (finding the right place) and a celebration.

tarot reading

Anybody ever had a Tarot reading that came out to be true?

Anybody ever had a Tarot reading that came out to be true?
or vise versa…i had a reading today and im wondering are these tarot cards accurate? know that i got the reading im scared because i thought i was with the person im suppose to marry but the cards say otherwise…i also told my boyfriend and i wish i didnt..now im lost

Suggestion by If u understood scriptures u would not be Atheist
tarot is evil and will be punished by the forces of God on judgement day

Suggestion by The God Cupid
No. I don’t go in the tents on the sea front. They’re for idiot holiday makers who will cross the so called fortune tellers palm with silver, like £10 a throw.

It puts money in to the town anyway I suppose.

Suggestion by Pirate AM™
No, the few that I have had have been completely wrong. So far, the general M.O. of a psychic, astrologer, palmist, tarot reader, tea leaf reader, or anyone else seeking to take your money for telling your future relies on two things, they have a basic script that 60% or more applicable to most people (seriously, most people are worried about love, money and other common traits), the second is the huge amount of information that you are willing to offer up without thinking about what you are telling them.

Basically, they are all scams, period.

tarot reading

Have any of you had an accurate tarot reading?
Has anyone here ever had a tarot reading that actually came true or displayed some sort of relevance to your actual life?

Suggestion by slamman138
Yes it told me to come to YA to tell you that it was a fraud.

Suggestion by Dave P
Anyone who makes money giving readings of any sort learns to read clues from the client and respond to those with general enough statements (narrowed down based on the client’s responses) that the client goes away happy. As a parlor game, tarot readings can be fun. As a way to guide your life, no.

Reading for Lennie who is asking about job prospects in the near future, having been without for an extended time.

Are tarot card readings true?

tarot card readings

Are tarot card readings true?
I know it’s silly, but I was wondering if tarot card readings are true.
Well, not necessarily if they are true but if it has worked for you.
Please answer!much thanks and appreciation in advance:)

Suggestion by rainbows are yummy >:)
i stopped using mines cus they got to personal

Suggestion by Nik
no no no your boat

Suggestion by harque2001
As with most forms of divination, tarot readings are generally very broad and can be interpreted in many ways. If you wish to use them as guidelines, fine. I recommend, however, that you don’t base your life on them.

tarot card readings

Tarot card readings at Garage Sale.?
I’m having a garage sale in the next month or two with my family. Now I love doing Tarot card readings for people. So I was wondering if it was legal with a regular garage sale permit to do tarot readings?

Suggestion by lala
Yes its legal ; as far as I know there no law against any kind of paranormal activity

Suggestion by Maj Hewitt’s Equestrian Acad
At least they’ll be cheap.

tarot card readings

What does the tower card mean in tarot card readings?

Suggestion by Hope Mason
with mars as its ruling planet, the tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. this is a card about anything we believe to be true, but later learn is false. this realization usually comes as a shock, hence, the violent image. it is, quite simply, that moment in any story where someone finds out a shocking truth, one that shatters their perceptions and makes them reassess their beliefs.

Suggestion by Marusu
Disaster, ”shaken foundations”, sudden change ,chaos

but it depends on where the card is in the spread and what spread it’s in

and if the card reversed it can mean something completely different

also it depends if this card is representing a person or a situation
in someones life

if it is representing a person .then one is usually told to stay away from them as they tend to make mischief and love chaos ,cause arguments for example , or are manipulative.

it usually pops up in a spread to show at some point or at some time in someones life something has happened or will happen that will make that person your reading for experience something unpleasant that they didn’t see coming , something that will ”knock her off her feet” or ”stab her in the back ” something nasty that will creep up on the person and catch them by surprise..

it could also mean a rude awakening to the truth ”it could effect a persons employment, home, family, marriage or physical body, such as a nervous breakdown or sudden illness”

tower represents conflicts and disruptions but on a positive note it could mean that the truth will be revealed , it might be ugly but it will be the truth.
that person will be going through some rough changes but i’m sure it’s all for the better.

for me i feel that the tower in a spread most of the time means that somone is about to hit reality of a situation…but like i said it depends on where the card is placed and what spread your doing.

a person could be simply seeing things in a new way.

figure out a way to help this person your reading for go forward and help them accept change 🙂
try and make them see it as a good thing,something to learn from.
in positive way the tower card can be about” inspiration, freedom, reality and the release from bondage”

which one it will be in your spread? you will have to go with your gut feeling/intuition and figure out what way you see the tower card in by looking at how the other cards are placed..it should give you an idea on how the tower card connects to everything else..

i hope i was clear enough, if you have any questions ill come back and try to answer them. 🙂

Suggestion by Orlando Delacruz
it means a bunch of bull there crads thats all

Is it true that tarot cards are evil and that they give you bad luck if you use them?

tarot cards

Is it true that tarot cards are evil and that they give you bad luck if you use them?
I had a friend that she could see a little of my future and she did a little bit of magical things with eggs but its hard to explain here in yahoo answers..anyway..wel she told me not to get the cards read anymore because hey give you bad luck is that true..yes or no and why..thanks..
honest answers please.

Suggestion by Fireball
yes….its the occult….dont mess with it..

Suggestion by unix
yes… devil worship in disguise!

Suggestion by Silent
No, that is childish. There is nothing bad or evil about Tarot cards.

tarot cards

Why astrology make scorpio seem evil and demonic?
anytime I read something about them its always death,souls,vengeance,jealousy, manipulative. And its sick how people.could think sonething that sounds like a serial killer is super sexy. I dont know astrology make them seem like theyre everything bad in the dictionary. Think of anything bad,wrath,dark,evil, poison etc and its all pertaining to scorpios. there tarot card is also the grim ask vreaper.

Suggestion by ONe Of THe GrEATEST
its written in the bible the most vicious and dangerous person is the one that allures sexiness ..that means that the scorpio fits that description..so it should be known that the scorpio is a very dangerous person ..but they fear ME

Suggestion by ✿I’m Awesome✿
Because its true, everytime i see a scorpio they scare the shit outa me…..by their looks and mental craziness

Suggestion by cammyr12miller
It’s because Pluto is their ruling planet. And Pluto is the planet of everything strange and unheavenly.

It also gives Scorpios a unique edge.

It’s okay! There are some good qualities about Scorpios too!

tarot cards

Should all Ron Paul fan boys on a 24 hour suicide watch?
We knew they were mentally unstable to begin. Now that their Tarot card reading has come up as a waste of money (Ron Paul will win Florida) they might be dangerous to themselves.

Suggestion by The Gestapo
I’m as rabid an anti-Paul as the next guy, but this is just downright outrageous.

Suggestion by O’Ryan
They will be fine in the long run. Comic con is around the corner..

Suggestion by vrzz
Should all Y!A posters be required to comprehend grade school grammar before posting questions?

Not a Paul fan.

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