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Where can I get a Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reading For Free?

free angel card reading

Where can I get a Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reading For Free?
Does anyone know?

Suggestion by Wanderer
Lifetimetv.com has a lot of tarot and oracle card readings, I’m not sure about Doreen Virtue though. I have a set of her angel cards 🙂

free angel card reading

Tarot Cards vs. What some consider “Demonic” or “Devil’s Work”. Why is a Tarot reading considered so bad?
There was a question on here before like this, but I wanted to see for myself what was up with it.

Why is Tarot so frowned upon in most religions? There’s nothing demonic about it. Sure, there is a card in the Major Arcana called “The Devil”, but it simply represents temptation or mistakes and fixing mistakes. Even the Death card actually represents new beginnings. Tarot is commonly used as a Spiritual Insight. Not a trick into luring people into some kind of cult or a way to disrespect whatever god you believe in.

Tarot cards are NOT demonic in any way. You may call them sorcery or witchcraft, but they’re nothing evil. They’re one way to channel your will into an object to receive an answer, so to speak. Whatever higher being out there, whether it be your god, or the universe itself, will bring an answer within this reading.

Tarot cards are good fun and give people something to think about. It helps answer little questions but isn’t always solid. I give tarot readings all the time to people for fun, and everyone I give them to enjoys learning what each card I draw for them means. If I was being demonic, I’d be telling to give themselves to Satan or something stupid like that, but I don’t. Tarot is for fun, or even seriously, and is used to provide answers for certain people. If you don’t like it, don’t get a tarot reading. Simple as that.

Who are YOU to say your god frowns upon this kind of thing? The true god or Savior would be merciful and understanding. He wouldn’t mind what anyone does, as long as it makes them comfortable or happy.

There’s even an alternative to Tarot cards: Angel Cards.

Angel cards always give a positive reading and are great for people who dislike Tarot, but like the idea of a card reading. Would you call these occult or demonic too? Even if the person who created it says the Angel Cards are used as messages from god’s messengers themselves? If so, why?

I saw someone answer “Tarot didn’t come around till the 15th century, long after the Bible was written.” and someone else say “no where in the bible, old or new Testament is anything said about Tarot readings, except in a very general way when God tells Solomon he should listen to the ‘witch of Endor’ who apparently did some divination readings for him.” (If you recognize this answer as your own, pardon me for using them as examples. If you’d like, I’ll give credit to you in the Additional Info)

Please feel free to give your insight. I’d love to see what Pagans and Wiccans have to say, too. Lay it on me. I’ll reply to individual answers though the additional info.

Nothing short and stupid please. I actually want to hear you answer each individual question and share your opinion in DETAIL.

It pisses me off when people just do something short and then retreat.

Can’t anyone just answer a question in it’s entirety anymore…?
To corinthians:

Naughty, naughty. Spam is a no-no.
To P!xii:

This is exactly what I believe. My cousin is a Wiccan and her ex used to call her a Devil Worshipper, and I’ve been called the same because of a pentacle necklace with a moonstone on it.

I think people fear and critisize that which they feel is too estranged from their own beleifs. Just because it is different doesn’t make it wrong.

Thank you for a lovely answer. 🙂
To Palindromic:

Oh so Satan came up to you one day and said “Hey. Divination is a tool of mine. Pass it on.”

Or your god speak to you saying “Dear Child of mine, divination is the tool of Satan. Pass it on.”

Maybe Jesus came up to you and said “Yo. Divination is the tool of Satan. Pass it on, bro.”

Unless you have something to back up WHY Divination is the tool of Satan, you’re just wasting your time here.
To birdsflies:

Please enlighten me! What is this crazy witch craft you speak of???

Oh please. You don’t know a thing about Wicca. If you did, you’d see it has nothing to do with demonic things. Do a little research on the matter. Jeez. I don’t see you reading a crap load of Wicca books and going “YUP ITZ DA WERK UV DA DAVEL. SATIN EEZ DEFFERS PREZINT OVER MYAH.”

Research eliminates ignorance.

Can you give me a reason WHY? Kthnx.

To Tapestry6:

Well, when does your god say it’s not work of his? Maybe god is trying to pass some kind of subliminal message through these readings? Also, tell me, who do you know that wished they had never touched those cards? Which cards do you mean?

Also how do you know it’s no work of your god? Did he tell you? Did you read it? Did you see a demon from the spirit world come and say… “WAZZAP?!?! I hear someone did a kind of reading that opened a portal into the realm of spirits! Were’s the party at bro???”
To The voice of semi-reason ™:

You make an interesting point. But when one prays, don’t we ask god out of out own selfishness for an answer? We do not get one this way. Tarot does.

How do you know what I am channeling? Tarot was made with the a purpose of seeking help, just like a prayer would. Unless some demon came up to you and said “Hey I heard someone did a Tarot reading.” then I’ll beleive its for the worst.

Most of the Tarot readings I do have a positive outcome for people. I did one for me once, and some was good, some was bad, but I took it in stride. The good stuff happened, the bad stuff happened, but it all happened for the better.

How do you know what I am doing opens a gate of things that are bad? Maybe they’re good. So far it seems like it. If you put enough emotion into it, it is. It’s called effort, and it even counts in little things.

Listen, you do a little more research into what Wicca, Paganism, Magick and The Craft are, and then get back to me.
To Cherokee:

How can I believe that if you don’t even tell me about that experience??? I’ve never had one like that was negative. All of mine have been positive. Maybe you were just doing it wrong, although everyone has their own way for going about things. Perhaps something you did gave you that negative experience? If there was one in the first place.

Also, naw I’m pretty sure it was the Big Bang and Evolution that did all that… Yay Science!

Suggestion by Masca
They are fake, period

Suggestion by azn m0n
pagans rituals were heavily frowned upon by major religions and Anything they did they were deemed satanic or demonic. it still goes on today and it’s not backed up by anything so it’s a social activity in the same range as the Ouija board

Suggestion by you just been clowned
Just another porthole to the spirit world, where you invite demons…and demons aren’t too nice, even to unbelievers (why? Because humans remind then of Jesus).

free angel card reading

What is a good website where you can get or learn magic tricks for free?
Some good magic trick sites to learn them for FREE. Illusions, card tricks, etc.

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Suggestion by bob s
meta cafe it rocks

Suggestion by church boy
here are some


Magic Trick

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