Tarot Card Symbolizing Creation

Tarot Card Symbolizing Creation

Get curious to know what Tarot card symbolizes creation? Simply spending a lot of time in searching and practicing the beauty of interpreting Tarot cards, and we’ll easily realize the fact that the Empress is truly the card we’re looking for. Apart from indicating creation, she’s also considered the Great Mother with the symbol of Venus.

What Can We Expect From The Empress Tarot Card?

Serenely, the image of The Empress is seated in a fertile and lush paradise – a place is clearly surrounded by beauty with promise and possibility. As mentioned above, this archetype is reportedly ruled by Venus – the planet of pleasure, love, fertility, sensuality, and harmony with nature. Look! Is she suffused with serenity, dignity, and beauty? She takes the seed, and then transforms it into nurturance that will cause the whole globe to be created by her love. Plus, her openness and sensuality always welcome us to consider the loving creative union as the road to spiritual growth.

Tarot Card Symbolizing Creation

The Empress in this Tarot card embodies the power to channel the intellectual energy into the specific forms of expression, particularly through combining energies of body, mind, and spirit. Believe it or not, her light is inspiring and birthing new experiences, forms, and ideas via a type of “the soul’s photosynthesis.” By transforming our impression of the outer situations, we’ll quickly have a good grasp of their meaning at a deeper level.

This great woman, in an overall view, wears a white luxurious outfit, indicating purity of spirit, decorated by ripe pomegranates of female fecundity and sexuality. Regardless of how often she is fertilized/gives birth or how many forms she can appear in, her basic substance and true nature still remain undefiled and pure forever. Around her neck, it’s simple to recognize 7 pearls of wisdom, which signify her role in awakening 7 energy centers or chakras of the body via her own loving creative expression. As an alternate birthing channel, the throat is truly a high-powered tool of creation. She is speaking with the wisdom of love for creating a world full of beauty, peace, and harmony.

Do we see the heart-shaped shield located at her side? Typically, it is said to be inscribed with the symbol of Venus. Sacred feminine wisdom and love are her protection, but defensiveness seems to be set aside since it is her nature to be generous, relaxed, trusting, and open!

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