Tarot Cards Spreads

Tarot Cards Spreads

Tarot Cards is considered as the most magical and powerful cards which might reveal lots of events-to-be as well as useful guidance to deal with them. And to increase the energy and power, the Tarot readers usually avail thousands of Tarot cards spreads layouts to give a clear outlook, astrological prospects or whatever. In addition, some spreads just answer for a particular query.

Remember that the way to spread the Tarot cards is very critical. Each position will represent for each different meaning. Therefore, learning Tarot spreads is not a simple and easy task. You need to know each card’s energy to create the powerful spreads. Look at some popular spreads and study how to read Tarot cards spreads by yourself!

Tarot Cards Spreads

The Ellipse Spread permits us to deal with all the issues in any situation that we have to assist by ourselves.

  • Card 1: Past events which have an effect on the situation.
  • Card 2: The present – the effects around you at this time.
  • Card 3: Events-to-be
  • Card 4: What do you have to do now?
  • Card 5: Which outside effects that you need to bear?
  • Card 6: Desire and despair
  • Card 7: Ultimate outcome of the situation.

The Mandala Spread discloses your strong and weak points and desires which might instruct you to grow up your spiritual abilities.

  • Card 1: A synopsis of yourself
  • Card 2: Objectives and aspiration
  • Card 3: Hopes and thoughts
  • Card 4: True trophies at the moment
  • Card 5: Reliance and defective beliefs
  • Card 6: Your powers and positive characteristics
  • Card 7: Weak points and errors
  • Card 8: Self-understanding
  • Card 9: Craving and devotion

The Celtic Cross is the most familiar Tarot card spread which can point out the potential problems. Moreover, this layout is often used to clear up particular queries.

  • Card 1: Show up the present
  • Card 2: The instant challenge
  • Card 3: Remote past and foundation. Here is the root of matters of the query
  • Card 4: Demonstrate some events happening and not directly linked to the query.
  • Card 5: It illustrates the best outcome that we might get it.
  • Card 6: Talks about the instant future (next few days or weeks)
  • Card 7: Inner emotions or factors might affect the situation.
  • Card 8: Describes outside influences.
  • Card 9: Introduces desires and fears about the situation.
  • Card 10: Mention about the ultimate outcome.

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