Types Of Tarot Card Decks

Types Of Tarot Card Decks

Tarot card readings are described as the funny hobby for both professionals and amateurs to practice and develop their intuitive abilities. The truth is that there are lots of the Tarot readers all over the world nowadays. Some of them take their knowledge from other card experts while others are likely to be self-taught. Since each reader will use different methods to interpret cards, the Tarot card decks are very varied and unique. These decks are pretty special to each reader, just like their personal weapons. As a result, different packs of Tarot cards will cater to the interests of Tarot readers.

Tarot cards readings and their meanings

Types Of Tarot Card Decks

Tarot card readings are believed to be similar to Cartomancy, yet not precisely the same. One of the reasons here is that Tarot cards display different pictures which can not be seen in Cartomancy. Understanding the cards is like learning an in-depth course about divination.

In the ancient times, Tarot cards were found in some kinds of relaxing games. Recently, they are supposed to serve as the exciting means of predicting one’s fortune. The images and symbols featured on the cards are normally associated with different significances. Of course, there will be a wide variety in the Tarot pack designs. Actually, the emergence of the cards as the way of divination was the result of humans’ curiosity to unearth the locked future. Their secretive popularity iterates the fact that we – seekers – are always in search of methods to unfold the mysteries.

Interestingly, as “Tarot is all about intuition”, this deck can be a powerful tool for us to enhance our intuitive capability. Don’t hesitate to practice Tarot cards more times until we can perceive their dormant meanings. If possible, don’t forget to consult the gifted readers for advice and guidance.

Some types of well-known and influential Tarot card decks

Want to learn to practice Tarot readings? Don’t know how to start? As the beginners, we are strongly advised to get a better understanding of Tarot packs and their types so that we can find it easy to know what types of card decks are ideally suited to our ability and method. The following is a list of Tarot card decks popularly applied by numerous Tarot readers:

  • The Benedetti tarot card deck
  • Mythic tarot card deck
  • The Lovecraft tarot card deck
  • Tree of Life tarot card deck
  • The Alchemical tarot card deck
  • Hermetic tarot card deck
  • The Cat People tarot card deck
  • Aquarian tarot card deck
  • The Golden Dawn tarot card deck
  • The Curious tarot

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