Want a free tarot card reading?

Want a free tarot card reading?
I am just learning my tarot cards and i need the practice. Email me with your question and i will do a reading for you.

Suggestion by samzprecious1
whats my future????? love wise and how about career wise

Suggestion by man
tell me when i am going to get pot of money

Suggestion by sweetfoxyroxie
i want one.. sweetfoxyroxie@excite.com
my question is:
should i continue to be patient or am i wasting my time? will this pay off in the long run?

I need a website where you can get FREE tarot card readings?

Suggestion by meli
um… those cards that tell u the future or what not? anais has some if thats what ur lookin for, she got it at borders, in those little boxes things. btw… sry about … u know what.

Suggestion by Lillith
Are you meaning computer generated readings or reading done by an actually person?
I am a reader of 16 years, and just for fun I have tried a few different sites with the computer generated ones to see what they where like.
They are not really worth much for they do not pick up on things like a genuine real reader would. There is no intuition involved with a computer.
What you get are book meanings for each card and NOTHING about how the cards tie in to each other, which is a BIG factor for an accurate reading.

visit my profile for a link to my website

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Pink



more excellent readings for more excellent viewers 🙂 www.keen.com www.liveperson.com www.nickdutch.co.uk

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