what are some good tarot spreads to know if he is the one?

tarot spreads

what are some good tarot spreads to know if he is the one?
self explanatory I want to know if the guy I’m with is my soul mate, what are some good tarot spreads to answer this?

Suggestion by geessewereabove
The Bible says that any one using “tarot”s shall go to hell! Is that your aim?

Suggestion by jac the hat
any spread that you are comfortable with – I use the celtic cross but am learning the kaballah spread and that seems to offer more positions for questing http://www.abuddhistlibrary.com/Buddhism/F-%20Miscellaneous/General%20Miscellaneous/The%20Tarot/Spreads/Tarot%20Spreads.htm

tarot spreads

When picking cards for a tarot spread, for which spreads to you fan the deck and choose?
Usually, I just pick from the top of the deck. Are there specific spreads that you have to fan the deck and choose the cards? When do you know which way to use?

Suggestion by sk
Basically, how do you pick cards to put in a spread?
You can shuffle, mix them up, cut them however you want, throw them. You don’t have to do something different for each spread.
Try using a couple ways and seeing which you like best.

What is the best Tarot spread? We look at designing your own, the Celtic Cross, and one, three, five and seven card yes-no or past, present and future spreads.

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