What are the best free tarot sites on the web ?

What are the best free tarot sites on the web ?
What are the best and most accurate free tarot sites on the web? And in your opinion , do you think that computer generated readings hold any accuracy ? And Have the computer generated readings held any accuracy in your life ?

Suggestion by philebus
Well, let’s start with the accuracy of a computer generated tarot reading.

A computer will begin by generating a series of random numbers – though we say random, this is in fact a determined process and works independently of anything you may have asked. According to its program, it will assign the title of a tarot card to each of these numbers, then, following an algorithm, it will produce a ‘reading’ for you. Is there any point there in which the process is being caused by the future? I think you can rest assured that a computer generated ‘tarot reading’ will have no true predictive power. If such a ‘reading’ is going to feel accurate it will be because it makes statements that are sufficiently general that an enthusiastic believer can make them fit their experience.

As for free and accurate tarot sites:


Suggestion by lavonne_parker
www.facade.com is very accurate. Back in 1999 I received a tarot reading which resulted in telling me I was going to become pregnant. I thought, “no way”. A few weeks later I went back to Facade and received another tarot reading. Again, the reading said I was going to have another baby.

Well…she’s about 8 1/2 years old now. Need I say more?

I do not hesitate to recommend www.facade.com

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru
Hello Monique

You know that you can post with us after 10 posts, but have a good google, there are many out there.

If a reading is computer generated it is programmed to do what it does, therefore it is not a personal link to yourself. The cards themselves are not even real & it is the magic of the reader that gives the reading its value.


free tarot

Does anybody know where to get a free tarot love reading?
I just had a fight with my boyfriend and want to get a free or cheap tarot card reading. Can anybody make any suggestions? I’m not looking for obnoxious, backbiting answers, but want to hear from someone who actually cares. So if you have nothing constructive to say, then keep your nasty thoughts to yourself. Thoughtful answers welcome.


Suggestion by BB
You can do it online but I would recommend you to light a candle while you do it.
*Go to this website facade(dot)com and chose “Tarot”
*Look on the left and pick your preferences
*Chose “Relationship” under “Spread” and chose your Deck of choice after “Deck” – I usually chose “Colman Smith”
*Click on button “FREE Reading”

It’s all free and can be done several times

Suggestion by Pam Richards
Free readings

Suggestion by efren
I had a similar situation recently. I used this site to help me decide which online psychic services were most reputable. Check out the one I used. I talked to a guy named Shane. He was awesome. Good luck!

Is there any way to get free tarot cards?
I have no pocket money to speak of and would like a tarot card set. Is there a place I can go to find free ones online?

Suggestion by dead fundie
Make your own out of common household items.

Suggestion by Maurog III
You can print your own: http://www.thetarotdeck.com/how-can-i-make-my-own-tarot-cards/free-printable-tarot-decks/

Suggestion by Clark Kent
http://www.facade.com/tarot/ btw google is your friend

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