what is the best free tarot card online website?

free tarot

what is the best free tarot card online website?
im only 15 so i know most sites are +18 to get a reading .

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I personally like Facade.com.

Suggestion by Fly My Pretty

Members are always offering free readings so they can get some practice and what not, most just requiresome sort of feedback.

Also if your on Tumblr, search “tarot”, people advertise free readings on there too.

Where can i get a free tarot reading, by email? Thanks!!?
I wanted either a tarot reading or physic reading…that’s really accurate. Also i’m not 18 ( i don’t see why you have to be if its free but yah) so is there any sites that you can be a minor?
And i definently want it by email….nothing else thanks

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