What is the compatibility between us and what do these tarot cards mean?

tarot cards

What is the compatibility between us and what do these tarot cards mean?
His placements:

My placements:
Sun:Gemini/Cancer cusp
Mars: Virgo

Everytime I do a tarot card reading on how we feel about eachother, these cards always comes up.

How he sees and feels about me:Empress
How I see and feel about him: page or knight of pentacles

And whenever I do a tarot card reading on how people see or feel about me, it’s usually always empress. What does this signify?

Suggestion by fa_2s2003
I can answer this question for you. I am not a crazy person. It is ok to call me.

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Suggestion by Tia
He sees you as the Empress…

meaning he sees you as a nurishing person, warm, tender, and also as someone he needs to cherish.

You see him as a hardworking and stubborn person, but yet he’s trust worthy to you.

I would be careful about the moon card, it shows fear, illusion and depression and anxiety

tarot cards

Would tossing your Tarot Cards all over make them work any better?
What other things can you do to your tarot cards to make them work better.

What about yelling at them, cussing at them.

Suggestion by kiyah
The only way I know is to shuffle!

Suggestion by People Walk Funny
masturbating on them

Suggestion by Kiss Me, You Old Fool!
Try concentrating in a quiet place. Meditation would also be helpful. The more calm you are inside, the better the cards can speak. Tumultuous emotions will be disruptive to the process.

tarot cards

How do you develope your psychic abilities to read people without tarot cards or any tools?
I have been reading the Tarot for about 7 years. I have for the past two years been working with reading auras and talking to spirits. When I read the tarot I only use the pictures as triggers to start the film reel in my head which gives me the information I need. I was trying to find a catalyst to receive the information without having to use any tools such as Tarot cards.

Suggestion by Jared
It’s a gift that is given. And if given its not something to use to make a profit its a gift given to those who will help

Suggestion by True evil
I Like Your question:

Have you considered meditation?

Suggestion by ?
Yes, meditation is a good way to strengthen your connection.

Sometimes you can hold something that belongs to the person. Sometimes you can just hold the person’s hand or give them a hug when you greet them. But what is best is to link with their spirit.

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  1. MissDementia says

    I find tossing my tarot cards in the air in a common area of the house and then walking away is an excellent way to make my housekeeper work better. Well, harder anyway. We call this game “Sig being in a foul mood” or “78 card pick up”. Which is obviously superior in every way to the standard game of “52 card pick up”. Usually prettier, too.

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  2. ChainLightninG⅜ says

    Tossing them in the garbage bin or burning them to ashes would work best. Learn to trust yourself instead of mass produced playing cards.

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  3. GenuineReader says

    There are more types of psychic abilities. We’re all psychics at a certain level, at least intuitive. Genuine clairvoyants can see the future as it would have been unless someone changed it. And it’s pretty much possible to be changed because of our free will. You can develop your psychic talent near a real master, but take care, along with it comes disadvantages too…You wouldn’t want to see and feel everything you have not asked for…Also, you need to know how to use that information for a good cause and sometimes it’s hard to determine what’s the real message behind an event….Good luck!

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  4. Rev. Lynn D. says

    My spiritual teacher has told me that the Tarot cards are a crutch. There is nothing wrong with using them, but she says that if you can read Tarot, you can read without using any tools. I would suggest starting a reading with no cards and see what comes. Then if the information stops, you can resume using the cards. Keep doing this and with practice, you will receive more and more information.

    I will give you an example: The Metaphysical College I attended required that the mediumship students give cold messages at the evening chapel services. Which means we would stand in front of the people in the chapel and wait for spirit to direct us to a particular person and give a message. I was terrified that without my Tarot, nothing would come. But that was not correct. I was able to give the messages and it was not at all a struggle. I told spirit that I would get out of the way and let them take over.

    That was a lesson to me that I was capable of much more than I was giving myself credit for. The same is true for you.

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