What kinds of questions can you ask in a tarot card reading?

tarot card reading

What kinds of questions can you ask in a tarot card reading?
I am going for a reading next week but I am not sure what I can ask or how to ask for information. What I really want to know is if I will become pregnant anytime in the near future but how do I ask this without it being a yes or no question?

Suggestion by lisa lee
I would not bother with tarot card readings. The way to get pregnant is by having unprotected sex not by having your cards read. Stay away from psychics and the like, its a wrong road to take in your life x

Suggestion by Z
Well, tarot cards are to be taken VERY seriously and to ask it in another way maybe “If I have unprotected sex soon will anything happen?” You have to act as if you plan to have unprotected sex and just go with it.

Suggestion by Galactic Emperor
The tarot (also known as tarocchi, tarock or similar names) is typically a set of seventy-eight cards, composed of twenty-one trump cards, one Fool, and four suits of fourteen cards each—ten pip and four face cards (one more face card per suit than in Anglo-American playing cards).

Tarot cards are used throughout much of Europe to play Tarot card games such as Italian Tarocchini and French Tarot. In English-speaking countries, where the games are largely unknown, Tarot cards are utilized primarily for divinatory purposes, with the trump cards plus the Fool card making up the twenty-two major arcana cards and the pip and four face cards the fifty-six minor arcana. The terms Major Arcana and Minor Arcana are used in occult tarot and are seldom used by card players. The divinatory meanings of the cards are derived mostly from the Kabbalah of Jewish mysticism and from Medieval Alchemy.

tarot card reading

what is the difference between a physic reading and a tarot card reading?
what is the difference between a physic reading and a tarot card reading ? Which is better choice ?
or a palm reader ?

Suggestion by POONEY
A crystal ball and a deck of cards. Tarot cards seems better.

Suggestion by “A”
In one the extra sensory perception comes from a deck of cards, the other the perception comes from the person.

Both are a waste of time.

Suggestion by LiveReadings
Tarot readers rely on intuition, skill, experience and the symbols of the tarot cards. Psychic’s listen to voices and often can contact spirits from beyond.

Personally I have found tarot readings to me more accurate. I explain the difference here at these blog posts:

tarot card reading

Is it bad to get nothing but pentacles and swords in my tarot card reading?
I had more cards pop up like strength, the sun, Justice and I think I may have gotten the empress; however, every other card that popped up were pentacles and sword cards. Can someone tell me what this means?

Suggestion by DaniNyko the Deinonychus
That your deck is random and not Fixed/rigged

Suggestion by Larry G
Much depends on what question or issue the reading was for, AND what the layout was. Generally, swords refers to beliefs and opinions, while pentacles are for education, culture, and such.

Perhaps this means to quit offering unfounded opinions and get some real education to base your beliefs on. Or, it could mean that you are passionate about teaching, justice, or righteous living.

Suggestion by *SDA 4 CHRIST* Romans 10:9
Tarot is satanic. Trust God.

Romans 10:9,17

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  1. . says

    anything you want.
    please note, that it is fact, less than .1 percent of tarot readers in the world are legit.
    i hope you know its just entertainment, and are not paying more then 3-5 bucks.

    you can ask, …what do you see in my future. the trick is, the LESS you say , the better.
    when you go in, they ask your name and age, usually.
    ..and then pretty much bullsh(t their way from there,..asking YOU the questions, then play on your very own answers.
    so just go in and say,
    Please tell me whats in store for me, without asking me questions.
    and see what they say.

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  2. Silver says

    Of course you will get pregnant in the future if that is what you want.
    I am a reader or Tarot and if you where sitting with me, I would ask you if you really wanted to waste both of our time on a question like that.
    I would go for something more personally enriching.
    Like- ‘how can I prepare myself for creating a loving family?’

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  3. vid says

    Generally, Tarot card readings work best with a timeframe. Also you could ask questions like what do I need to know about___? Or what will be the outcome of my chance of getting pregnant in the next (state timeframe). Generally, a good Tarot reader can spot if you’re going to become pregnant by a couple of cards being close together in certain spreads. However, not all Tarot readers are good ones, but there are many good readers out there. Generally, what you should go about doing is an all around area of your life reading–some readers do these–and they can give you information within the timeframe that you ask. I’ve been doing Tarot readings for more than half my life, and I know they work. For instance, if a certain card pops up in a certain position I know that I’ll be getting a check in the mail–since it’s always right on the target with that, it can’t be pure coincidence can it. However, know that Tarot allows you to see life like it will be if you continue doing what you’re doing, and if you get something in your reading that you don’t like, know that it is not set in stone and that you can change things you don’t like. Hope that helps…

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