What type of tarot deck do you use/suggest?

tarot deck types

What type of tarot deck do you use/suggest?
I’m looking to replace my deck. I like to own decks that are unique and that I feel a connection with rather than the traditional Rider-Waite deck. Does anyone have a favorite unique deck they’d recommend?

Also, can anyone recommend a good tarot book that gives basic meanings, spreads, etc.

Suggestion by gwhiz1052
Try bicycle cards,Hoyles book.

Suggestion by ≈ Pangel ≈
I have many sets
but this one is my favourite

I dont reccomend using a book , but try and read from your intuition , say what you see and apply it to the person you are reading
good luck xx

Suggestion by Nandina
If you can find it, the Ancestral Path Tarot is interesting. Each of the suits is based on a different mythology:

Wands – Egyptian
Swords – Japanese
Cups – Arthurian
Pentacles – Native American

Beautiful artwork on the cards. Unfortunately I think the deck is out of print.

Also, check out http://www.aeclectic.net for lots of information on tarot decks and meanings.

tarot deck types

Which Tarot Deck Should I Buy?
I noticed on Tarot.com that there are about 30 types of Tarot Decks.

Also how much would a Deck cost?

Suggestion by Steve H
Traditionally for a Tarot deck to work it has to be gifted to you.

Suggestion by Not a meme
Don’t buy them online unless you get to see the images. It is a very personal process so you must agree with the aesthetic and find an intuitive link. Many people make their own and so the variety is limitless. In general, most people use Crowley’s Thoth deck.

Suggestion by Praire Crone
The RIder tarot deck, Waite Tarot deck and the Rider-Waite Tarot deck are all the same thing and are the best ones for basic tarot. Most others are based on this.

I have paid anywhere from 19.99 to 60.99 for a tarot deck depending on what artist did the art work. That is in US dollars.

Information on the cards in a Tarot Card deck, different types of spreads, and responsible use of Tarot Cards. For Beginners or those of Brief Experience. Song: Rasputina’s “Meant to be Dutch” Also, this video is to familiarize anyone who is wary of Tarot Cards with their use. For worried parents or friends. You can show them the different types of cards and how you have a responsibility to them. You can’t use them to put “curses” on people or to communicate with ghosts or anything like that. They are tools for seeing future situations and helping you prepare for them.

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