Where and how much is a wifi card?

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Where and how much is a wifi card?
It wont give me the option to turn wifi on or off, I have to replace the wifi card, I read online, where can I buy it and how much does it cost? It’s for an iPod touch 32 GB

Suggestion by Lazdo Da Skillz
From maccas…

You need to give more detail, which generation itouch, if your close to mcdonalds, is the wifi currently on por off etc…

Suggestion by D
check it.


card reading online

where can i read card captor sakura manga online????
i want to read card captor sakura online for free but i dont know where (i need a website please) i also want to know where can i read kingdom hearts comics online for free

Suggestion by Red Velvet
Can’t find where you can read CCS online, but here is the Kingdom Hearts one


Suggestion by Jessica
www.mangavolume.com or www.mangarun.com

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