Where can I physically buy tarot cards is Sydney?

tarot cards

Where can I physically buy tarot cards is Sydney?
I live on the northern beaches area and want to know where I can go buy tarot cards(not online coz I’m kinda young for that)

Does anyone know if angus and Robertson sell them at warringah mall?

Suggestion by Merry
You might be able to get the Rider-Waite (older style cards) tarot cards at Angus and Robertson/Dymocks – larger size book stores – no harm in asking 🙂

Other options – New Age type shops such as :~

Heavenly Energies
499 Willoughby Road, Willoughby
(02) 9967 9415

New Moon
Shop 206
Castle Mall Centre
Castle Hill 2154, Sydney

Argyle Oracle
41 George Street, The Rocks
(02) 9247 4982

Eastern Flair Newtown
319-321 King street, Newtown
Tel. :(02) 9565 1499

tarot cards

What tarot cards would best represent these catigories?
I need tarot cards that would best represent the following:
thanks for the help and blessed be

Suggestion by Richard Moore
None are related specifically to Beauty in traditional Tarot. The Ace of Pentacles, however, is sometimes connected to the rose, a symbol of purity, promise, and beauty.

Loss: The Chariot, reversed; sometimes the Wheel of Fortune; Death; The Tower; Judgement, reversed; Five of Cups; Ten of Cups, reversed; Three of Swords, upright or reversed; Nine of Swords; Five of Pentacles; Nine of Pentacles, reversed. Closest is Death.

Remembrance/Past: Six of Cups; The Tower, reversed. Closest is Six of Cups.

Relationships: This one actually has too many to name. Nearly all Tarot cards can have some connection to relationships. Your biggest one, though, is The Lovers (obviously).

And don’t let all the naysayers discourage you. You are, by all rights, in the correct Answers section, and should get real answers to your question. You would, however, get more consistently useful answers in Mythology & Folklore, as Christians have driven everything else out of the Religion & Spirituality section, forcing us to relocate. We really should take our place here again, though. They have no right to say that they are the only real religion.

Suggestion by Pamela
Beauty: The Queen of Wands – her attributes include beauty and attractiveness.

Loss: 5 of Cups; definitely a card of loss & grief. Remembrance: 6 of Cups. The 6 of Cups can reflect a feeling of nostalgia so you could say its loss & remembrance since you can’t be nostalgic for something you still have!

Relationships: 2 of Cups; love & partnerships

tarot cards

How can i learn how to read Tarot Cards?
First off: if your going to bash me, just don’t bother answering!

Anyways, i have decided to learn how to read tarot cards. Can anybody tell me any good websites, books, etc. that would help me. Also, can i use a regular deck of playing cards, or do they have to be tarot?

include anything else you think is useful please.
Thank you!

Suggestion by Splash Frog
Like any other toy, they come with instructions..

Suggestion by Bearbones
Most decks have instructions with them.

Suggestion by James Parell
buy a book or look for tutor on youtube. 🙂

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